Photo Credit: Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Flames defender Erik Gudbranson needed stitches after biting his tongue against Buffalo

The Calgary Flames were shorthanded for a big chunk of the second period in Friday night’s game against the Buffalo Sabres, with Erik Gudbranson absent until midway through the second period. Post-game, head coach Darryl Sutter remarked that it was because he was being stitched up, and he grumbled about how long the process took – he related that he could stitch up an animal in 10 minutes.

Well, it turns out the stitching was a bit more complex than many had thought, as Gudbranson explained to the media on Thursday afternoon: “I got high-sticked. Bit my tongue. Don’t do that. It sucks.”

Gudbranson added that eating has been a challenge with food getting caught in his stitches. “Baby food. Soup. Been using my kid’s blender quite a bit. Watching everybody enjoy dinner time. It’s been great.”

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He couldn’t recall how many stitches the wound required, but recalled that it was painful and required pulling his tongue out of his mouth for a half-hour in order to insert the stitches.

Gudbranson, his healed-up tongue, and the rest of the Flames are back in action on Friday night when they host the Arizona Coyotes.