What should the Flames do with their upcoming RFAs?

In the early stages of the 2019 offseason, the Flames’ roster looks to be mostly intact. A number of important players are already signed for a few years yet, but there are still a couple who will require new deals as restricted free agents. And while there’s one in particular who could dictate the future…


What should the Flames do with their upcoming UFAs?

The Flames’ season is over, and soon enough, some of the contracts of players on the team will officially expire as well. There aren’t too many of them at the NHL level – for the most part, this team’s roster makeup is set – but it still begs the question for some of these players:…


Some musings on the worst ways to lose in the playoffs

After watching the Sharks defeat the Golden Knights in Game 7 overtime – a game during which they were trailing 3-0 late in regulation – it just feels wrong to talk about how the Flames should proceed with their offseason. I mean, after a playoff classic like that? It’s hard to care about much else….


Reset your expectations: Five games does not a season make

The Flames finished the regular season at the top of the Western Conference: something probably very few people expected to happen. At times, they looked like they were worthy of that standing. At other times, they did not. It’s the latter that was easy to forget going into the playoffs, but that also proved the…


Avalanche 5, Flames 1 post-Game 5 embers: Outplayed

The Flames’ 2017-18 season ended unceremoniously because, in part, it seemed that every time the team encountered adversity, they’d immediately fold. In 2018-19, that aspect of their game appeared to be largely absent, but for a few moments at the start of the season – and for pretty much all five games of the playoffs….


Flames rookie playoff performances hinting at bright futures

The high-profile Flames skaters are having a miserable series: the top line is nowhere to be found, none of the high scorers through the regular season are actually scoring, the defence is a disaster and there’s only so much one goalie can do. Things do not look particularly hopeful for the Flames in the spring…


FlamesNation Mailbag: Playoff performances, good and bad

After waiting for what felt like forever for the postseason to start, we’re finally in the midst of things. The Flames have had an okay start to their playoffs: a convincing, but not top of their game, Game 1 win, followed up by a poorly played Game 2 loss. The constant? Great goaltending. Everything else?…


So the Flames won a game. Do it again

After Game 1, the Flames had a number of notable standouts: an old goalie, a rookie, a shutdown centre and his trouble-making winger. Possibly shutdown centre aside – because we’ve seen him at this before – everyone is still, to an extent, kind of an unknown. You praise the first game, while wondering if they…