Is Elias Lindholm worth a $5-million cap hit?

Elias Lindholm isn’t signed – yet. But the Flames are working towards locking down one of their biggest offseason acquisitions, with rumour having it he may get a five- or six-year deal, with an annual average value of around $5 million.


What expectations should we have for Austin Czarnik?

When the Flames signed Austin Czarnik, they reportedly beat out roughly two-thirds of the league in order to acquire his services. Signed for just two years with an annual average value of $1.25 million, it isn’t a particularly glamorous deal, and yet they got him.


Where did the Flames roster come from?

There are a lot of ways to turn a team into a Stanley Cup contender. The draft is a particularly important one, while adding through trades and free agency has both helped and hurt teams, depending on how smart they are with their acquisitions. With that in mind, let’s take a look at just where…


Flames unveil new acquisitions’ new jersey numbers

The Flames have done a serious overhaul so far this season. With so many new players added into the mix, there’s plenty of things to consider: who was given up, how everyone will mesh together, and, of course, the most important thing of all: what number everyone will wear.


Newly acquired Flames could make an impact on the powerplay

A main reason the Flames missed the playoffs in 2017-18 was their inability to score. A low shooting percentage played a part in that; so did a lacklustre forward lineup. In increasing both the overall quality and depth of their forward group, the Flames may be well on their way to rectifying that particular blight….


Flames’ roster already appears improved in early offseason overhaul

Standing idly by was not an option for the Flames this offseason; not after they set expectations for 2017-18 and failed spectacularly to meet them. The team’s faults became increasingly apparent as the season went on, leaving the Flames with really only one choice: big changes would have to come before October. Mere days into…


Flames free agent targets: James Neal

No matter how you slice it, the Flames still need scoring help. One way to acquire scoring is through free agency, especially when the Flames are projected to have a fair bit of cap space free to use come July 1. And James Neal scored 44 points this past season, which would have tied him…


Flames free agent targets: Tobias Rieder

One of the Flames’ problems throughout the 2017-18 season was a lack of adequate depth, particularly on the right side. Enter Tobias Rieder, who is approaching unrestricted free agency after the Kings elected not to qualify for him.