Community post: Almost playoff time

The Flames are in the playoffs. They play again in three days. And will play at least a minimum of three more times after that. And, in all likelihood, beyond that, too! What a world we live in.


Flames in 82 games: 50-25-7 in 2018-19 regular season

In Game 82, the Flames seemed to be focused only on getting Johnny Gaudreau to 100 points on the season. That, unfortunately, failed to happen; throw in a brutal injury to one of the game’s best players in Connor McDavid and there’s just nothing there. It was a meaningless game for both parties with any…


Flames 5, Sharks 3 post-game embers: First

Back on Dec. 8, the Flames took over the top spot in the Western Conference. It was a delight that they made it there at all, and that late in the season at that; a fun little blip as we got to look forward to the start of the Flames’ window opening. But then they…