Flames in seven games: 4-3-0 in season’s 11th segment

The Flames won some, and they lost some. But, as they’ve done throughout the season, they won more than they lost. In their¬†first seven-game segment, they were 4-3-0. In their second, they improved to 4-2-1. In their third, they were once again 4-3-0. In their fourth, they improved to 5-1-1. In their fifth, they kept…


Kings 3, Flames 0 post-game embers: Bland and boring

And, when you factor in context – the best team in the West against the worst, and when the best still has something to play for (first isn’t clinched yet) – it’d probably be fair to also say bad. The Flames have certainly looked better.


WWYDW: When is it time to rest players – if at all?

The Flames are in the playoffs. They have the edge for the Pacific Division title – and with it, presumably, an easier first round matchup – though by no means is it secured. They have a handful of players out due to various ailments and injuries, but they’re still winning games for the most part.


Community post: Gearing up for the playoffs

The Flames are all but officially in the playoffs, and it’s entirely possible they have a lengthy spring. I know some members of the community have started discussing ways to celebrate a playoff run, so let’s gather them in a post here!


Jets 2, Flames 1 post-game embers: Moral victories, in a good way

The Flames were down a top player, playing a rested playoff-bound team on the second of a back-to-back, and still the game was within reach the entire time. Moral victories don’t count in a tight division race, but the Flames are in the playoffs anyway – even if it isn’t official yet – and that…