Harley Norman Hotchkiss AKA Hero

    (This article originally appeared on Domebeers.com)   Harley Norman Hotchkiss died on Wednesday. It was a sad day for Calgary, Alberta, and Canada. Our nation lost a true Roman, if you will.



Calgary (Domebeers.com) – After weeks of speculation and tense negotiation, Darryl Sutter finally has his man. In a move that will both stun and surprise Flame fans, Ian White was signed to a long term contract today, avoiding a potentially messy arbitration hearing.


Oiler Observations

  Flames fans these days are a nervous bunch. With all the movement and shakeups that the organization has gone through in the recent months, it’s certainly an understandable mindset to have. They just don’t know what to expect out of their team. In this turbulent time of trouble, some Flame fans have even expressed…


Flames Assistant GM Job Posting

        For the Calgary Flames, the 09-10 season was akin to a ride on a rollercoaster. A season that started full of promise and hope ended as one mired in despair and regret. As one could reasonably expect after such a tumultuous ride, the fans of the team, lost and disheartened, sought…


Kotalik Kuestion

The recent decision by Flames management to put Ales Kotalik on waivers has sparked a debate among the fans of this franchise.


10 Things to Watch For at the Draft

  It’s quite an exciting time to be a fan of NHL hockey. The NHL  Awards were just handed out, incorrectly (boy, is Henrik’s face going to be red when Bettman tells him ‘horribly premature April fools!). There is the anticipatory excitement of the NHL free agency period opening July 1st can be felt in…


Milskey in the Jar

      (In response to our over-serious Ian White mock arbitration, the net’s most acerbic Flames fans over at Domebeers have presented Flamesnation with their version of a Sutter/White negotiation session – ed.) Ian White enters Darryl Sutter’s office. There is very little light in the room, as the curtains are pulled tightly shut….


Darryl Sutter, FJM

(Please welcome the Nation’s newest contributor, AZR from the snarkiest Flames-focused site on the web, Domebeers!) The article in question. Vicki Hall is normal, AZR from Domebeers.com is in italics. Darryl Sutter received a vote of confidence last week from his boss, Ken King. Not really. Mr. King didn’t want questions like “Why are the…