The final: Who to cheer for?

A quick and unscientific poll suggests that Flames fans, at least the ones who two months after their heroes’ elimination are still paying attention, don’t quite know what to make of the Stanley Cup final, which starts tonight in the House That Tony Amonte Built.


Status quo at the Saddledome

The big news is that there’s no news. After meeting with Flames president and CEO Ken King, George Johnson reports in the Calgary Herald that after the club’s self-imposed period of evaluation and contemplation, neither Darryl Sutter nor Jarome Iginla is going anywhere.


The Anti-Cammalleri

For years, the identity of the true culprit in the Boston Bruins’ too-many-men infraction against the Montreal Canadiens in the 1979 playoffs was somewhat of a mystery. Coach Don Cherry immediately took the blame for the screw-up, which probably cost the B’s a chance to advance to the Stanley Cup final.


The 21-million-dollar question

A significant portion of the Calgary fanbase can’t stomach the idea of the Flames parting ways with Jarome Iginla. Some think it would be a lousy idea to trade Iginla and others don’t get as far as the "think" stage, instead basing their feeling on sentiment and gut reaction. Considering how many of the franchise’s…


Are the playoffs over yet?

So, is it Next Year yet? It’s been a full 32 days since the Calgary Flames stopped playing hockey this season but it has seemed no longer than seven-and-a-half months.


First round second look

Now that 48 hours or so have passed since the conclusion of the first round, a few observations and remarks. • There has been much pleading for cooler heads to prevail in D.C. in the wake of the Washington Capitals’ collapse against the Montreal Canadiens in the Eastern Conference’s 1-8 matchup. On the other hand,…


Island of despair: Flames done

Six percent. That’s an outstanding figure if you’re talking about body-fat content and an annoying one if the subject is taxation rate, but as Calgary Flames fans will attest, it’s an absolutely depressing number if it’s the playoff chances for your favourite hockey club.


Time becoming a factor

Let the record show that Brent Sutter went to the backup goalie well once too often. Vesa Toskala had sparkling numbers in his first three appearances with the Calgary Flames but Sunday afternoon in Minnesota, he looked very much like the guy who was run out of Toronto.


“V” for victory and Vesa

In the hours leading up to Wednesday night’s Flames-Avalanche tussle in Denver, Brent Sutter’s choice of starting goaltender was either a hot topic of debate or, in the case of FlamesNation Game Day Fire Drill maestro TLP, the cue for a routine worthy of a Night at the Improv.


A dagger to the heart

We’ll never know for sure what effect it could have had on Monday’s game at the Saddledome, of course, but what if a team had the option of choosing that a minor penalty be assessed to the opposition instead of accepting a penalty shot? Maybe, just maybe, it would have been the difference between a…