Flames throw a block party

If you’re a big fan of broken Plexiglas and people throwing themselves in front of speeding rubber, then Thursday night’s all-Canadian contest between the Flames and the Senators at the Saddledome was for you.


The other guys

The Colorado Avalanche, losers of four of the past six games, are running the risk of falling back into the pack, but generally speaking the battle for the final two playoff spots in the Western Conference has been portrayed as a seven-way battle between clubs that are currently separated by nine points.


Staios era starts with a “W”

The Flames didn’t do so hot against Jacques Lemaire’s old squad earlier this week, but they took care of business against his current club on Friday night at the Saddledome.


The Vesa Toskala trade

The peerless Kent Wilson eloquently expressed his thoughts (and, as it turns out, the thoughts of many Flames fans) earlier today on the Steve Staios acquisition. The capper on that one is that it would not have been beyond belief had the Oilers been the club giving up the third-round draft choice for the privilege…


Live blog: Swap shop ’10

The Calgary Flames got the jump on the National Hockey League’s annual clearout sale by making a couple of major deals before the Olympic break. What will Darryl Sutter be up to today, if anything? Join us throughout the day for news and views (and perhaps the odd irreverent comment) about the 2010 trade deadline.


Kipper’s return

When it comes to sedatives, there’s diazepam, lorazepam, nitrazepam and oxazepam. Now, brand new and specially made for Flames fans, is bronzepam.


Bourque and the Chris Simon Factor

It’s been approximately a week since word cyber-leaked about Rene Bourque’s contract extension and 48 hours since the Flames officially announced the six-year deal that would theoretically keep the winger in Calgary colours through the 2015-16 season.


Stretch preview (Part I)

As quick as you can say Mats Zuccarello Aasen, the Olympics will be over and we will be returned to our regularly scheduled National Hockey League programming. In Calgary, that means the analysis of the Ales Kotalik Era at the Saddledome will begin anew and the fretting about the Flames’ fate will regain momentum.


Family Feud: Flames edition?

Thank goodness for the Olympic break as far as the Calgary Flames are concerned. If the chemistry-rattling trades with the Maple Leafs and Rangers weren’t enough to resolve the discord in the dressing room, then surely the two-week cooling-off period for the winter five-ring circus will bring relief to one of the National Hockey League’s…


Flames are eighth wonder

The word "big" is overused and abused in the world of sports. So much so that hardly anyone bats an eyelash when a TV talking head prefaces a largely consequence-less mid-November hockey contest by declaring: "This is a BIG game!"