Post-Game: Well I Mean That Could Have Been Worse Probably™

#456882722 / Well, hockey’s officially back. Someone obviously forgot to tell the Flames because they were clearly the second-best team in a game that might’ve been close, but never really was, I guess. At least it was entertaining. 


The 2014 Flames Fifteen – #1: Sean Monahan

Via the NHL – let’s hope we see this about, oh, 750 more times? I’m not sure how much to write about Sean Monahan because we all watched him the same amount last year. I, along with a couple of other mysterious figures at FlamesNation, have had the same sort of idea about Monahan since…


The 2014 Flames Fifteen – #3: Sven Baertschi

Via the NHL Did something happen to Sven Baertschi? The 21-year-old prospect – once the crown jewel of Calgary’s stable – has seen his stock drop considerably in the eyes of many since he was drafted 13th overall less than three full years ago. On the surface, it looks pretty cut and dry. Is there…


The 2014 Flames Fifteen – #5: Émile Poirier

Via the NHL Like a couple of other prospects in the Flames’ stable, QMJHL dynamo Émile Poirier’s biggest asset is his speed – and holy cow can this kid burn. Like Kenny Agostino, Poirier’s main draw is those fast feet. Unlike Kenny Agostino, though, Poirier’s offensive ceiling seems to be pretty freaking high. 2013’s second first…


Wanna go see the Stanley Cup in Person?

After an exciting game one, the Stanley Cup has sorta gone to crap. Oh well – next season will be here soon enough. In the meantime, read about how you can win stuff from Scotiabank below.


The 2014 Flames Fifteen – #8: Morgan Klimchuk

Via the NHL Morgan Klimchuk had two modes this year: the “dealing with a bum hip” mode and the “carrying the Regina Pats as far as he could” mode. Last year’s third first rounder (28th overall), Klimchuk was able to increase his NHLE year-over-year – convincing our panel of judges to rank the 19-year-old Calgary…


The 2014 Flames Fifteen – #10: Max Reinhart

Via the NHL Last year, Kent ended Max Reinhart’s NHLE analysis like this: Max Reinhart might get some leeway as a 20-year old pro rookie, but he’ll have to make huge strides as a sophomore to start looking like he’s worth a damn. Guess what? He did. The Flames’ first pick in the 2010 NHL Draft…


The 2014 Flames Fifteen – #13: Kenneth Agostino

Via the NHL Kenneth Agostino has performed well in the collegiate ranks, but most assume that his ceiling is likely that of a third-liner. Is that accurate? The contrast is stark when comparing a senior season in which he had next to no good luck – bad teammates and a low SH% – to a…


The 2014 Flames Fifteen – #14: Mark Jankowski

Via the NHL There’s two things about Mark Jankowski that cannot be argued: the first is that he’s shown improvement year-over-year. The second is that that improvement, at first glance, doesn’t mean as much because of where he was starting from. The former first-rounder comes in at #14 on our countdown.


What’s Your Hockey Adventure of a Lifetime?

We’re back with Scotiabank and their ScotiaHockey NHL Debit promotion. Last time I talked about the actual experience of getting the card and touched on the benefits of having and using the card itself. Well, today I’d like to focus on the three prizes I’m most excited to have the chance to win.

Scoring Chance Dump and Weekend Open Thread

#479325435 / Exams are over and chances are counted. Finally some time to settle into some playoff hockey! I went 6/8 in the opening round – too bad Fleury didn’t completely implode again and Steve Stamkos went down with a whimper. How did you do? Picks for this round? I have NYR, BOS, CHI and LA. These…


The 2014 Flames Fifteen – #15: Ryan Culkin

Via the NHL Ryan Culkin is now a professional hockey player – and he makes his first appearance in the ranks of Calgary’s top-15 prospects, coming in at 15. The defenseman impressed in his final season of QMJHL action, but how will he do in the pros?