Welcome back to the Flames Fifteen – this is our 3rd annual ranking of the Flames’ prospects.


Post-Game: Crowned

Via the NHL Goaltending was once again the only reason your Calgary Flames were able to hang around tonight. Jonathan Quick had a bad bad night, allowing 3 goals on his first 13 shots against. Karri Rämö, on the other hand, did not, making 41 saves to drag the Flames all the way to the shootout…


Spend Money, Win Stuff

So, I got an email from Kent the other day asking if I wanted to take part in a promotion for the Nations. The idea and execution were simple: I would go to a Scotiabank, and they would give me a piece of plastic about three inches by two inches.


Post-Game: First Blood, Part II

via loober The Calgary Flames were hoping to slow the playoff advance of the New York Rangers as they welcomed their Gotham contemporaries to the Saddledome tonight. In the end, the Flames would prevail 4-3 on the backs of Rämö (really good) and Lundqvist (not so good). There was a lot of early action tonight – pretty…


Updated Adjusted Corsi

Via Flickr Adjusted Corsi isn’t perfect, but it allows us to get a much clearer picture of what a player’s visualized Corsi actually means. There are some effects we won’t be able to completely correct for; teammates who are really good or are really bad can have a huge impact we can’t cut out all the way….


Updated Visualized Corsi

As we finish the season, I figured it was time for an update of our visualized Corsi charts. As a reminder, we look at the visualized Corsi charts for two reasons: to identify patterns and to determine if ice time is being distributed properly. The first time we looked at this, the Flames were struggling…



Via Flickr For a period of time in November, the Flames were awful. Like, just horrible and awful and garbage and every other word that you can think of that meant bad. Their record in October was a perfectly fine 5-5-2,  but the November record of 4-7-2 wasn’t. The question is: why did this happen?


Post-Game: Thirsty for a Win

Via the NHL The Flames were hoping for a second straight 2-goal comeback (and third straight win) tonight in Phoenix, and they almost had it. Unfortunately, a mess of penalties in the third would ultimately sink the Flames and allow the Coyotes to come away with a 3-2 win in regulation.


Flames February Prospect NHLE 2013-14

Via halifaxdrunk on Flickr Somehow, they’ve improved. Last month, I talked about the overall health of the prospect system, particularly at forward. Well, since then, we’ve seen an NHLE increase across the board (mean of 25.7 to mean of 26.6), the debut of a defenseman in the NHL and a couple of goalies step up…


Regarding TJ Galiardi

You can hardly go into a comments section nowadays without seeing some mention of TJ Galiardi – and most of them are, uh, not what one would call “positive”.


Getting Luckier

Lots of people might be worried about the Canadian men’s hockey team right now. My advice? You probably shouldn’t be. As much as people are focusing on the negative, there’s a lot of positive arrows – including their three wins.