Flames January Prospect NHLE 2013-14

  Via the WHL The health of Calgary’s prospect system is not to be questioned – with 12 prospects generating an NHLE of 25 or higher, things do look quite bright in terms of depth. Overall, the system still lacks an elite forward and an elite defensive prospect, but things are better than they have…


Scoring Chances: Games 52 to 55

Via NHL.com Thanks to Mr. Pike who helped to count some chances. I keep a running team total here. These are for the last four games; hit the jump for your data.


Scoring Chances: Games 31 to 44

Via NHL.com As you may have noticed, holiday time meant a little less scoring chance tracking than usual. I’ve gone back and tracked all the games we at FlamesNation have missed, including last night. If you don’t see a specific game below, assume that the chances for that game have already been counted and posted…


Fan Ask and Weekend Open Thread

Via NHL.com It’s a new round of Fan Ask. As always, submit your questions here to have them answered. Do you see Hartley getting a extension after next season? Honestly, no. Two main reasons: first, he hasn’t really done anything thus far that really demands the Org to extend him. He will have presided over…

Flames December Prospect NHLE 2013-14

A couple of standout performances have vaulted two players up the charts this month. We’ll review those players and more in our December NHLE update – hit the jump. For October’s update and an NHLE primer, click here. For November’s update, click here.


Burke On the Olympics

ESPN has a pretty enlightening story on how Brian Burke thinks a team – specifically, the US Olympic Team – should be built. Scott Burnside followed around the US Olympic Braintrust for a while and got a pretty compelling article out of it. The choice quote? Burke recalls fighting with his scouts in Anaheim over…


Visualizing Corsi and the Flames

Visualized Corsi provides us with an interesting method to evaluate players’ overall performance, relative to the league and each other. If you need a primer, go here, otherwise FlamesNation gets into the Corsi Visualization craze past the jump.


Post-Game: Zdeno’s World

    Via the NHL Tonight’s Flames-Bruins rematch in Boston went exactly the way you thought it would – the Flames lost to a vastly superior opponent again for the second time in a week, falling 2-0 in Beantown.


A Review of Jay Feaster’s Significant Moves

Via the NHL Feaster’s short tenure in Calgary is over. A commentere recently asked for an overview of Jay’s notable dealings during his time in the big chair. That struck me as a worthwhile endeavour, so here it is. I’m not going to bother including minor (i.e., things that include players who are replacement-level or worse)…


Flames November Prospect NHLE 2013-14

  – pic via Jason Kurylo Ah, November. The first month of regression. A lot of the Flames hopefuls got out to tremendous starts in October and although the numbers are still very healthy, many have come back down to earth a little. Except Johnny Gaudreau, of course. Go here for a primer on NHLE. Otherwise, hit…


FGD: Touchdown

Via Salvador Maniquiz The Flames will play their first game in Winnipeg in .78 Justins when they visit tonight to take on the Jets. It’s already been quite the day in the Saddlesphere.