FlamesNation player evaluation: Sean Monahan

It’s hard to believe that Sean Monahan has five years of NHL experience under his belt already. In that time he’s experienced regular season heartache, post-season heartache, and a litany of discussion about his credibility in the role he plays in. By the end of this past season and the miraculously disappointing playoff run, Monahan…


FlamesNation player evaluation: Derek Ryan

In what felt like a package deal with Bill Peters being hired and the Carolina – Calgary blockbuster trade at the draft, Derek Ryan was the fourth and final piece to come over in the Raleigh Invasion. The cap hit and term were questioned immediately after, but only a few weeks into the 2018-19 season,…


Flames 6, Coyotes 1 post-game embers: the goals don’t stop

Besides the shutout on Nov. 23 against the Vegas Golden Knights, this stretch of the last five games has been easily one of the most enjoyable in recent memory for Flames fans. It turns out that scoring goals outside of the third period is often a recipe for success and hopefully it’s a sign of…


Flames 4, Oilers 2 post-game embers: Battling the comeback

On Friday morning, Ari wrote, “The Flames can’t keep fighting Mike Smith in addition to another NHL team and expect to win,” and she was right. This time the Flames decided to fight another NHL team; themselves; and then, in the hour of twilight, they put it all together again, and came out with a…


Special Teams Science: Zone Entries Against at 4v5

A couple weeks back we took a very brief and high-level look at how the Calgary Flames approached entering the zone on the man advantage. There was no surprise at the time that, well, they were hot and cold. After all, that’s been the calling card of the Flames’ special teams for over a year…


Are the Flames struggling setting up on the power play?

On Saturday morning I touched on how the Calgary Flames have been entering the zone at 5v4, employing some variety of zone entry approaches to try and gain the zone. It should come as no surprise that despite generating entries, despite being given ample opportunities early on, and despite their actual roster talent they’ve already…


Half-season review: The Flames’ penalty kill (Part 2)

After yesterday’s foray into the neutral zone, with an emphasis on forechecking formations and zone entry tracking, we’re going to venture into the maws of hell: the defensive zone. For the Calgary Flames this year their rather quick demise and resurgence has seen more attention focused on their neutral zone woes rather than in their…


Half-season review: The Flames’ penalty kill (Part 1)

So we’ve finally crossed the halfway mark of the season and after much turmoil the Calgary Flames’ penalty kill appears to be trending back from the dead. Despite their early season success there were underlying signs that the whole thing was destined for an implosion (which happened, as predicted).