Flames at the Draft: Is a move out there?

                  Our indefatigble leader asked his vast array of Tweeps earlier today if there was a draft subject that might be of interest as we head into the last week before the annual cattle auction, and it appears people are wondering what it would take for the…


First Round Targets – Mark McNeill

              The Flames head to this month’s draft with a relatively barren prospect cupboard to fill, so decent players of any sort will do, but the primary deficiency the club faces at the developmental level is the absence of skilled forwards. The 13th pick in the draft represents an…


June 10 News and Notes

               The NHL season, which often has the aura of a forced march during the regular year, is a just a week away at most from being complete. Where the hell did the time go? It just seemed like yesterday when people were questioning Roberto Luongo and wondering if…


The New Jets: Team Overview

                       (Robert is a Winnipeg resident and a Jets fan in a past life. He will be covering the as-of-yet-unnamed club for us going forward, particularly when Jets Nation inevitably springs to life. This post is the first in a series looking at the erstwhile Thrashers…


Beyond the Boxcars – Jay Bouwmeester

                Jay Bouwmeester joined the Flames as the plum of the 2009 free agent class, as the Edmonton native returned to Alberta in order to complete the puzzle Darryl Sutter was constructing on the blueline. His arrival to work with Robyn Regher, Dion Phaneuf and Mark Giordano was…


May 27 News and Notes

               The playoffs are down to the short strokes now, with only a game and the finals left before we move into the summer. For those of us on the Prairies, of course, ”summer” might be a concept more in tune with the calendar than the actual conditions, so maybe the correct term should…


The Glencross contract: Comparables

              Curtis Glencross’ recent deal has been met, in large part, with acceptance amongst the fan base, NMC notwithstanding. The Provost native has been a consistent presence in the Flames’ top nine since his arrival from Shelbyville in the summer of 2008, regularly outshooting and outscoring his competition along…


Almost Home

             As a Winnipegger, I’ve spent the last couple of years watching the NHL’s endless machinations to keep a team in Phoenix with considerable amusement and maybe just a touch of anger. For all the talk of arenas and owners, or lack thereof, I’d be lying if I said that I ever felt as if…


May 13 News and Notes

      With the post-season at the midpoint, it’s time again for a review of matters around the league. In this installment, the Sharks finish the Wings, the Eastern Conference goes on vacation, and the league puts out a fire in the desert. Maybe.


Matt Stajan – A Closer Look

                I’m not sure there was a Flames’ player whose efforts attracted more negative attention in relative terms this past season than Matt Stajan. The ex-Leaf signed a 4 year, $14M extension shortly after he arrived via the Phaneuf trade, much to virtually everyone’s chagrin, and followed that…


Flames in review: The Big Guns

                   In our last installment, we perused the Flames’ outshooting  numbers as a team at even strength when the score was tied, as well as examining Miikka Kiprusoff’s work during that game state. Today, it’s time to look at the primary skaters on the club. 


Flames in review: EV tied performance

                  With another year complete, Flames Nation is in the midst of the post-mortems. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll look at some interesting EV data from timeonice that might shed a bit of light on why the season ended the way it did. First up, overall…