Slack Sundays: Eddie Lack, Glenn Gawdin and Gaudreau scoring a lot

The Calgary Flames bounced back from their 8-2 loss in Detroit on Wednesday with a 5-4 overtime win over the Philadelphia Flyers. In the afterglow of that victory, we assembled the crew for our weekly chat to discuss the perception that Eddie Lack isn’t a good fit as backup (and other things).


Post-Game: Comeback kids win brunch game

The Calgary Flames continued their lengthy six-game road trip today in Philadelphia. They had a matinee against the Flyers, scheduled as such because the National Basketball Association needed the building for their traveling dribbling-and-dunking road show in the evening. Despite a slow start, the Flames managed to find their stride and overcome some self-imposed obstacles…


FGD 19: Taking a mulligan in Philadelphia (11am MT, SN One)

The Calgary Flames played a game on Wednesday night in Detroit. That is to say, they intended to. Unfortunately, virtually every aspect of their game was lousy: their defense was shoddy, Eddie Lack didn’t make it to the halfway point of the game, they couldn’t muster more than two goals (one at even strength) and…


NHL gets it wrong with Tkachuk suspension

Only Matthew Tkachuk could get suspended for being Matthew Tkachuk. Seriously, that’s what the long-awaited video from the NHL’s Department of Player Safety essentially admitted with one of its most anticipated releases in recent memory. We got it just before the stroke of midnight at NHL headquarters, eight hours after a phone hearing with Tkachuk…


Matthew Tkachuk suspended one game for Detroit melee

The Calgary Flames will be without one of the most valuable players for a game. The National Hockey League’s Department of Player Safety has suspended Matthew Tkachuk for one game for his part in setting off a melee in the third period of Wednesday’s 8-2 Flames loss to the Detroit Red Wings. The suspension will…


The More You Inferknow: Jacquie Pierri

The Inferno keep on rolling. It’s pretty crazy really, just how consistently awesome they are. This past weekend, the Inferno earned three out of a possible four points during a road trip to Toronto. Currently, having yet to lose in regulation this season, the Inferno sit atop of the CWHL, four points up on the…


Amidst tight standings, Flames in a good position

As the NHL approaches the quartermark of the 2017-18 season, it’s probably worth noting that the standings are still rather packed. The Flames, for example, currently have a 10-8-0 record – just barely above .500, but also, in a playoff spot. Their 20 points match four other teams in the Western Conference – San Jose,…


Friday Fights: A journey back to old school hockey

Hello out there, I’m on the air, it’s Hockey Fights today. This is a weekly feature where we will take a look back at the best tilts of the week that was, a fond look back at the fights that were, and a strong finger wag at the worst fight of the week. I’m Nation…


The Roundup

Toronto needs to move a forward; managing cap and roster space in Vancouver; breaking down the Camalleri trade in Edmonton; no panic in Calgary; the eye test versus stats battle rages on; Dale Hawerchuk and more in this week’s Nation Roundup brought to you by the DailyFaceOff.


Flames sign Glenn Gawdin to ELC

Usually if news comes out around 5 p.m, it’s bad news they want to slip under the radar. In this case, it is the opposite. The Flames have signed training camp standout Glenn Gawdin to a three-year ELC.