Pick your 09-10 Scapegoat

Hockey fans are great at creating idols out of their favored players. I’m certain that Jarome Iginla could announce his intentions to run for mayor of the city tomorrow and win the next election in a landslide. Robyn Regehr could body-check strangers on the street, scream “you just got Kotalik’d!” and the victim’s buddies would…

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Baptism By Fire and the Pittsburgh Penguins

The 2003-04 Pittsburgh Penguins were a miserable team – the worst in the NHL in fact. They went 23-47-8-4, and were led in scoring by defenseman Dick Tarnstrom (52 points) and had ten different players who recorded a -20 rating or worse. The team also featured 17 players aged 25 or younger, including many high…

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Y’all wouldn’t understand

The retirement of Jeremy Roenick probably means very little to you Canadians, except that the odd-looking loudmouth guy is finally gone. But I can honestly say that, as far as American hockey goes, there might not have been a more important player in the last two decades.

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It’s early August… do you know where your Alex Tanguay is?

Flames general manager Darryl Sutter, as is his usual practice, has wrapped up his summer business very early, which has opened the door for idle speculation about Tanguay’s possible return to the Flames. Nothing concrete, you understand, or even oatmealish in terms of substance. But there’s just enough gossiping and just enough fans with nothing…

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Best of The Rest: Free Agent Goaltenders

It’s early August, and the NHL is about as far off of the radar as it could possibly be. Free agency has cooled down, the draft is far in the rear-view mirror and the fact of the matter is that there aren’t a lot of stories to cover (side point: how stupid is it that…

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Yep, it’s the dog days

First, a quick rebuttal to a recent reader comment at FlamesNation. The comment reads as follows: “That’s actually the most terrible article I’ve ever read. I come for news and analysis, not this BS.” Let me just say that I resent that and I believe the criticism is uncalled for. Furthermore, I’d like to make…

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Darryl Sutter created a monster

Yesterday, the NHL said it would be investigating the contract signed between Marian Hossa and the Chicago Blackhawks on the ground that the two parties may have colluded to circumvent the salary cap allowed by the current collective bargaining agreement. Similarly, the league revealed today it will also have a peek at the Chris Pronger…

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Hindsight is a wonderful thing and many of us would look a hell of a lot smarter if we were able to go back in time and change some of our more dubious decisions. Remember that high school picture that you hoped would be quickly forgotten? Remember how you used to dress in those days? Did you think your favorite…

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Jersey advertising coming to the NHL?

The NHL is always looking at ways to generate more money, and don’t be surprised if you see you see a NHL jerseys sporting a “Wanye’s Rehab Clinic” logo in the near future. USA Today had an interesting article describing that ads on practice and game jerseys will be reality very soon.

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