In Defense of David Moss

     In the wake of a disappointing season, a lot of Flames players have become targets for fan angst – some deservedly, others not-so-much. David Moss has become one such target for a variety of reasons. Perhaps primary amongst them is the fact that he just isn’t all that compelling a player upon inital inspection. A…

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Flames Scoring Chances – Jay Bouwmeester

                                   Last time around, I had a look at Robyn Regher’s 09/10 by 5v5 scoring chances. Today, Jay Bouwmeester gets his turn under the lens. It was a difficult first season in the Red and Black for the Flames’…

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Flames Scoring Chances 2009-10 – Broad Strokes

  Both Pat Steinberg and Robert Cleave have made reference to Flames scoring chances recently. For those unaware, I took it upon myself to count scoring chances* last season and managed to tally 72 of Calgary’s 82 games, with the results of each individual contest documented here. My efforts were part of a larger project…

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Flames Scoring Chances – Robyn Regehr

                                   As part of FN’s review of the scoring chance data from last season, I’ll be taking a look at the Flames’ two top defenders this week. An examination of Robyn Regehr’s 5v5 results by that metric will be…

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Dynamic Duos

  Last season was an offensive nightmare for the Calgary Flames, we all know that.  Now that we look back on the season that was and get set for the upcoming campaign, we can delve a little further into who made eachother tick (and who didn’t).  When doing some number crunching, two specific forward duo’s…

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August 23 News and Notes

                                     Summer is nearly done, and the doldrums around the NHL that come with August are almost at an end. Almost, of course, being the operative phrase, so the round-up is mostly bereft of serious news, but we…

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Bright Spots – Rene Bourque

With all this not-so-positive talk over the last few days surrounding names like Tim Jackman and Alex Tanguay, it’s probably time to look at something definitevely positive from last season.  Kent already put together a great analysis of Mark Giordano’s breakout season, and now I’ll look at the career season for Flames forward Rene Bourque.

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Alex Tanguay – A Closer Look at EV

                                              One of the most interesting moves of this off-season was the return of Alex Tanguay to Calgary. The 30 year old winger left Cowtown after an unhappy 07/08 campaign, with the player and…

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Investigating Tim Jackman

  Spurred by this conversation at M&G, I decided to take a deeper look at one of the clubs more uninteresting acquisitions this summer: tough guy Tim Jackman. The 29 year old has scored all of 28 points in 191 career games and is known far more as a tough guy than a capable NHL player as…

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The Utility of Craig Conroy

  While the reaction to the Conroy signing was mostly positive, there were a few voices raised in protest when the old man’s deal was announced. I’m sympathetic to the argument that the Flames seem to be once again squeezing the kids out of the equation this year (having made similar protestations in the past),…

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Flames Hire Michel Goulet as Wetsern Pro Scout

  Calgary continued to remake their organization beneath the surface today, naming former NHL star Michel Goulet as the club’s western pro scout. Outside of serving as the director of player personnel in Colorado for several years (and playing in the NHL), I’m not sure what other credentials or experience Goulet has. The move, while…

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