Enough of Phaneuf … after this

One supposes that the Dion Phaneuf obliteration of Kyle Okposo and its fallout would be a good topic for this space but a mere half-week after the mayhem, the topic seems so tiresome. Besides, much has already been written about the affair, like here, and here and — yep, here too. But having said that…

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Howe about that Fleury?

Even if Theoren Fleury’s comeback bid winds up going nowhere, the little runt has managed to write himself a neat little bonus chapter if his conveniently soon-to-be released autobiography has a second printing. If nothing else, Fleury coaxed a few more of the undecideds into his corner on Thursday night by dramatically scoring the shootout…

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PFD No. Not-2: Theeeeeooooooooooo

Welcome to the Preseason Fire Drill, for this,  Calgary’s second warmup-season game on September 17, 2009. We all know that tonight is the first night we’ll see a largely NHL-laden Flames roster, including the debuts of several new additions, but we also know that none of that matters, because none of them won a Stanley…

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Flames invest in Prust fund

The 2009 Flames training camp is rather short on drama beyond the short drama that is Theoren Fleury’s comeback attempt. One interesting question though is the place scrappy winger Brandon Prust has on the club. First of all, let’s emphasize the point that to many Calgary fans, Prust has already performed an extremely valuable service…

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Kiprusoff: Can less be more?

Considering how much was made of the relationship between Miikka Kiprusoff and Mike Keenan (and frankly, the fuss was completely out of proportion with reality) Brent Sutter’s dealings with the veteran Calgary netminder will be under scrutiny. It was notable then that, on the eve of main camp, the new skipper made this declaration: “It’s…

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Is it “Go Theo” or “Go away Fleury”?

No matter what side of the fence you’re on when it comes to Theoren Fleury’s improbable comeback attempt, the NHL czars’ decision to reinstate the pocket-sized winger after his lengthy exile is good news for Flames fans. If you actually want the little runt to come back and play, and especially if you want him…

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The trying task of liking hockey

“Hey,” my friend asked me the other day, “do you wanna come over and watch some football tonight?” The idea was laughable. A mixture of college football and an NFL preseason game? Didn’t he realize what tonight was? Didn’t he realize to whom he was talking? “No,” I said, trying to hide my incredulity at…

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  We have a buddy who has convinced himself for some reason that today – 09-09-09 – is a day of of magic and wonder because of the fact the date can be summarized with the same number thrice. We wonder if everyone has a buddy like this, who looks at the calendar several times…

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Evaluating the usefulness of Brian McGrattan

It’s no secret that I’m personally not a fan of the “enforcer” in the modern NHL. As such, I consider the one-way contract handed out to Brian McGrattan to be Sutter’s lone misstep this off-season. Here, I’ll look at the various ways McGrattan’s presence may (or may not) effect the Flames – There are a…

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Warm-up act takes Saddledome ice

They call it prospects camp and they call it rookie camp, neither of which is completely accurate. Prospect has that element of speculation, of potential, of possibility, as in “He sure as heck isn’t an NHLer now but we believe that with time and some physical maturity, he’ll become one.” Mikael Backlund, a physically immature…

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