Financial Shiteroo Continues

Once upon a time some turd burglar over at suggested that it was very possible this economic downturn could lead to non-screwed teams being put up on the block for sale. Not because they suck, but because the owners would tire of funding their burn in a downturn. Well Nation, it’s starting to happen.

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Pardy vs. Vandermeer

A lot of issues afflict the Flames currently: the goaltending, the penalty killing, the injuries. Another (admittedly minor) point of contention is Jim Vandermeer playing instead of rookie Adam Pardy. The former is older, more battle tested and more expensive, but there’s a growing perception that Pardy might actually be the better player.

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The Bounces

Alexander Ovechkin is probably the most popular player with the fans in the National Hockey League. He’s certainly it’s most electrifying figure — for all of the league’s efforts to put forward Sidney Crosby as the face of the game it is Ovechkin, a flashier, more physically imposing player with some genuine charisma who has…

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Pick your Poison

With 13 games left in the stretch drive, it’s about time to start sizing up the Flames potentional first round opponents, yes? Some folks in town are anxiously eying the NW Div standings after the 3-4 road trip, but the truth of the matter is the Flames will likely finish first in the NW and…

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