Betway Bets of the Day: Around the NHL December 10

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Ryan Pike
6 months ago
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Welcome to the Betway Bets of the Day! Every single game day we are going to provide you with some recommended bets while also showing the value behind placing said bets.
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Get informed

The National Hockey League has an eight game schedule on Sunday, with starts running from 11 a.m. MT all the way through to 8 p.m. MT. It’s literally an all-day thing.
The schedule’s pretty varied in terms of rested teams and teams playing back-to-backs.
  • Two games (Florida/Columbus and Winnipeg/Anaheim) feature pairs of teams that didn’t play on Saturday.
  • Three games are scheduled wins, featuring rested teams facing teams that played Saturday: rested Edmonton vs. New Jersey, rested Minnesota vs. Seattle, and rested San Jose vs. Vegas.
  • And three games feature pairs of teams that both played on Saturday: Chicago/Washington, Nashville/Montreal and Los Angeles/NY Rangers.

Primary Bet – Florida Panthers puckline (-2.5) (+155)

A $1 bet pays out $2.55 – The Panthers head into Columbus on a pretty good run, with wins in three of their last four games. They face a Columbus team that’s significantly below .500. Yeah, the Blue Jackets just beat the Blues on Friday, but that was their first win in four outings. With a decent payout if Florida covers the puckline (e.g., beats Columbus by more than 2.5 goals), it’s probably worth the risk given the teams involved.

Secondary Bet – Connor Bedard anytime goalscorer (+140)

A $1 bet pays out $2.40 – This game features two teams that played on Saturday, so perhaps fatigue will set in and make this a bit of a run-and-gun game. Either way, of all the players on both teams, Bedard seems the closest to a goal factory: he enters the afternoon with 11 goals in 26 games while playing on a team that loses fairly often. Until he cools off, there’s value there. (If you’re wondering “What about Alex Ovechkin?,” he’s got five goals in 24 games this season, yet his odds are a bit better than Bedard’s at +130. That’s what reputation gets you.)

Tertiary Bet – San Jose/Vegas over 6.5 total goals (+110)

A $1 bet pays out $2.10 – San Jose’s last four games have seen the following goal totals: 11, 9, 11 and 9. This is a team with some defensive challenges that plays high-event hockey, and they’re playing a high-powered Vegas team that tends to score goals in bunches. We’re not confident in projecting who wins this game, especially with Vegas on a back-to-back, but this could be an eventful 60+ minutes of hockey.

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