FlamesNation prospect update: a quiet week

Daniil Chechelev
Photo credit:courtesy VHL
Ryan Pike
1 year ago
The Calgary Flames had many prospects in game action this past week. Unfortunately, precious few of them racked up points or wins.
Let’s check in on the youngsters.

In case you missed it:

Jake Boltmann- D, Lincoln Stars, USHL / University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish, NCAA

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
USHL up to date60000000.00
Change from last weekn/a
NCAA up to date60000000.00
Change from last week2000000n/a
Boltmann remains consistent on Notre Dame’s blueline: zero points, but he hasn’t been lit up yet either. For a true freshman, that’s not a bad way to start in the NCAA.

Lucas Feuk- LW, AIK, Allsvenskan/J20 Nationell / Kalix HC, HockeyEttan

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Allsvenskan up to date141011112.33
Change from last weekn/a
HockeyEttan up to date5325343n/a
Change from last week3314333n/a
J20 up to date8281066319.78
Change from last weekn/a
Feuk had a productive week. He had two goals in one game, including an overtime winner. But that was only win Kalix got this week in three outings.

Ryan Francis- C, Cape Breton Eagles/Saint John Sea Dogs, QMJHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date15615211015832.60
Change from last weekn/a
Good news: the QMJHL chatted with the Atlantic provinces and Nova Scotia and PEI are allowing games. Bad news: New Brunswick is still in rough shape COVID-wise, so they’re going to be delayed a bit. They may get games played in February, but the next game currently on Saint John’s schedule is Mar. 3.

Johannes Kinnvall- D, HV71, SHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date2871421811536.65
Change from last week3101111-2.45
Kinnvall keeps hitting the scoresheet for HV71. He had a goal, even strength this time, in a busy week for his club. On a per-game basis, he remains one of the most productive offensive blueliners in the SHL.

Demetrios Koumontzis- LW, Arizona State University Sun Devils, NCAA

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date1636967615.36
Change from last week2000000-2.19
Koumontzis played twice and had no points. He’s quieted down offensively quite a bit.

Yan Kuznetsov- D, University of Connecticut Huskies, NCAA / Team Russia, WJC

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date612332216.11
Change from last week2101111n/a
Kuznetsov had his first goal of the season (and third in his college career) this weekend. He maintains his 0.5 points-per-game pace from the Huskies blueline.

Mitchell Mattson- C, Michigan State University Spartans, NCAA

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date162244446.83
Change from last week2000000-0.97
MSU’s fourth line centre, Mattson hasn’t hit the scoresheet in several weeks.

Ilya Nikolayev- C, Buran Voronezh, VHL / Loko Yaroslavl, MHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
VHL up to date326511510511.02
Change from last week1000000-0.36
MHL up to date16681413131018.66
Change from last weekn/a
Buran had a quiet week, only playing once. Nikolayev didn’t get any points.

Josh Nodler- C, Michigan State University Spartans, NCAA

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date1627988715.36
Change from last week2000000-2.19
After a few productive weeks, Nodler was held off the scoresheet this past week. He’s settled in as a top six centre for the Spartans.

Jakob Pelletier- LW, Val-d’Or Foreurs, QMJHL / Team Canada, WJC

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date931013611633.64
Change from last weekn/a
Pelletier missed Val-d’Or’s games this week as he was completing his quarantine period. The team’s next game is scheduled for Jan. 30.

Jeremie Poirier- D, Saint John Sea Dogs, QMJHL

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date15511161112824.84
Change from last weekn/a
As noted elsewhere, Saint John doesn’t have a game scheduled until Mar. 3 due to COVID challenges in New Brunswick.

Ilya Solovyov- D, Dynamo Minsk, KHL / Dinamo Molodechno, Belarus

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
KHL up to date3515653311.27
Change from last week1000000-0.34
Belarus up to date1101111n/a
Change from last weekn/a
Bad news, gang: Solovyov suffered an injury on Jan. 19 against HC Sochi and may be out for a little while.

Filip Sveningsson- LW, MODO Hockey, Allsvenskan

GPGAP5v5 PP15v5 P1NHLe
Up to date312577447.35
Change from last week2000000-1.63
Sveningsson (a) had no points in two games this week and (b) lost a prior point due to a stat correction. Neither are great signs for his NHL aspirations.

Daniil Chechelev- G, Russkie Vityazi Chekhov, MHL / HC Ryazan, VHL / HC Vityaz Podolsk, KHL

MHL up to date148080.932
Change from last weekn/a
VHL up to date2010510.914
Change from last week3176+0.004
Chechelev started all three of Ryazan’s games this past week. He allowed six goals across three games and nudged his save percentage up a tad. Unfortunately, Ryazan’s skaters scored just once and that run support wasn’t enough; Chechelev was tagged with three losses.

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