First round predictions?

Flames in 4 or 5
39%, 339 votes
Flames in 6 or 7
46%, 404 votes
Avalanche in 4 or 5
5%, 43 votes
Avalanche in 6 or 7
11%, 93 votes
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  • checkmeup

    Great regular season Flames, and hoping for a long run in the play offs. But, if I was coaching against the flames I would do the following:
    1- have my tuff guy beat up MK in the first 5 minutes of game 1
    2- hit them hard and do not worry about penalties. PP 1 in there last 35
    3- take away JG time and space
    4- cover Mony in front of the net
    5- soft dump ins to Brodie’s side and solid fore checking. He will give the puck away 30 to 40 percent of the time.

    My team would win in 6, hopefully Colorado will do something different an lose in 6.