Should the Flames try to acquire a 2018 first round pick?

21%, 323 votes
Maybe, depends on the price.
41%, 633 votes
26%, 396 votes
I'll get back to you when we find out if the Flames traded away a lottery pick or not.
13%, 200 votes
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  • I don’t know what is going on but I will tell you this,we need to get something straight with players and how they act to comments from coaches or from other guys on the team PRIDE is a big problem with this team. I think this team has players that don’t want to play a part or roll and I blame the coach and BT for not making this a point, now they need to make changes to save team. Also team is lazy back checking in the corners no fight and passing,shooting at the net come on, I love this team but most teams are laughing at us.we are weak and pathetic with no PRIDE.