What should the Flames do at the trade deadline?

Go big: top six forward, insurance defenceman, new goalie
16%, 171 votes
Just add a top six forward, but only if it's affordable
21%, 216 votes
Add a middle six forward for relatively cheap
11%, 115 votes
Only get another defenceman, for insurance purposes (injuries/rookies getting overwhelmed)
7%, 70 votes
Just get a new goalie
8%, 86 votes
Get two of a new forward, defenceman, and goalie
9%, 92 votes
Stand pat; Flames don't need anything/can't afford to give up picks and prospects
28%, 289 votes
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  • Jamo43

    If Treliving could somehow convince the Hurricanes to trade Neal to Carolina and get Ferland back on the flames roster then this team would be in a much better place. Neal was brought in for his playoff prowess but I’d take Ferland’s playoff presence over that anyday.