When everyone’s healthy, should Valimaki and Andersson be regulars?

82%, 234 votes
Just Valimaki.
9%, 25 votes
Just Andersson.
5%, 15 votes
No, they both need time in the AHL.
4%, 12 votes
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  • quinneroma

    I’m hoping Stone is the 7th Dman. I’d love to see Valimaki-Hamonic, Hanifin-Andersson or Hanifin-Hamonic, keep the rookies together. I just think Stone is slow, doesn’t often make a good first pass, and offers very little upside/offence. I think Valimaki and Andersson are already better than Stone RIGHT NOW, and will only get better with playing time and more confidence. And I think by the halfway point of this season, Valimaki and Andersson will be better than Hamonic and Brodie overall.