Who do you want to win the Cup?

Anaheim Ducks
3%, 18 votes
Nashville Predators
42%, 255 votes
Ottawa Senators
33%, 204 votes
Pittsburgh Penguins
7%, 43 votes
I don't care
15%, 89 votes
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  • Garry T

    I want Calgary to win the cup. But there’s not a snowballs chance in hell that,that is going to happen unless they do something very radical to get some new players in. The problems are ….
    1 we are taped out on draft picks.
    2 we have nothing and I mean absolutely nothing that anybody wants. Brouwer, Bouma, Hamilton and Stajan and this is with respect to Stajan, but who would trade a good player for these fifth liners?

    So say Hayes is available. That player is going to cost us at least Chiasson, plus either Andersson or Chillington or both.

    Hayes fills the void on the first line.
    3 M line is good.
    Bennett, Jankowski and Ferland are good.
    So your 4 line might have to look like this.
    Pribyl,Poirier and Klimchuk
    Spares… Lazar and Stajan. Try and get something for Bouma, Brouwer, Chiasson and Hamilton.

    Your goalies Rittich and Johnson
    Your D could look like

    Giordano and Hamilton
    Brodie and Stone
    Kulak and Wotherspoon
    Kenny Morrisson