McKenzie: Kris Russell will look for 'at least' 5-years, $27.5 million on next contract

Ari Yanover
February 10 2016 04:00PM

February is behind only July when it comes to the best months to follow free agents. July, of course, is when unrestricted free agents get signed, but February is the last month before the trade deadline: a time most prime to trade those expiring contracts, whether you're trying to acquire assets for the future or build up for a playoff run.

In lieu of the impending frenzy of trades hopefully coming our way, Bob McKenzie has chimed in with some thoughts on a couple of impending UFA defencemen, including the Flames' very own Kris Russell.

The main takeaway? Russell is going to cash in. Big.

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Hartley was damned if he did, damned if he didn't

Ryan Pike
February 10 2016 02:00PM

On Tuesday night, Calgary Flames head coach Bob Hartley ignited a proverbial firestorm when he scratched Johnny Gaudreau, Sean Monahan and Lance Bouma for disciplinary reasons. The reigning Jack Adams winner has drawn both praise and criticism for the move, which we all first learned about mid-afternoon on Tuesday and which became official shortly before the team took the ice for the pre-game warm-up.

Praise Hartley for his gumption or criticize him for a potentially rash move, but keep one thing in mind: once it was reported that those players had been late for practice on Monday morning, he was basically painted into a corner.

He was damned if he did, and damned if he didn't.

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Bloggers Fight Cancer

February 10 2016 12:00PM


Hey guys, it me, your community manager here. And above is Ari's hair. There's a good reason for this, promise.

Let's take a quick breather of debating voraciously in the comments, writing questionably sound trade proposals, and trying to find a way to dispose of Dennis Wideman to talk about something important: spearing cancer in the junk. I'm talking a Milan Lucic-level spear in the junk.

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Flames 4, Maple Leafs 3 post-game embers: Jakub Nakladal edition

Ari Yanover
February 10 2016 08:00AM

You remember Game 82 against Winnipeg last season? Both the Flames and the Jets had just clinched a playoff spot, and so, the game was totally meaningless. Healthy scratches abounded, guys who weren't really getting the chance to play in the NHL got huge minutes, and the Flames got smoked 5-1 - but nobody cared, because the standings were set and the goal was more not to get hurt than anything else.

The Flames' game against the Leafs was in a similar vein. It wasn't meaningless, but it did provide serious roster deficiencies unlikely to repeat themselves. The Leafs were depleted from untimely injuries and a Dion Phaneuf trade, while the Flames laid down team law and scratched two big names (and, evidently, struggled at least in part for it).

In short, it wasn't really a normal game for either side; and for the Flames, at least, it's a situation unlikely to occur again. Two or three players from last night's lineup will likely end up scratched next game, so there's not really a ton to look at here.

Except for, well, one guy in particular.

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Bob Hartley talked scratches post-game

Ryan Pike
February 09 2016 11:00PM

Aside from the Dion Phaneuf trade to Ottawa, all the hockey world wanted to talk about today was the Calgary Flames' decision to scratch Sean Monahan, Johnny Gaudreau and Lance Bouma from tonight's game with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

And of course, it was the topic du jour at Flames head coach Bob Hartley's post-game press conference. For your reading pleasure, here's a rundown of the relevant questions (and answers) from this evening's pow-wow with the reigning Jack Adams winner.

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