Hartley Talks Goaltending, Says Very Little

Ryan Pike
October 03 2015 11:32PM

Bob Hartley's post-game press conference was pretty interesting tonight.

Not in the sense that he broke any news - Jiri Hudler's just fine, by the way - but he had a really interesting series of exchanges with Sportsnet's Roger Millions regarding the team's goaltending situation.

Quotes after the jump.

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Pre-Season Post-Game: The Final Challenge

Ryan Pike
October 03 2015 09:58PM

The good news? The pre-season is over! The bad news? The Flames ended it with an uneven 3-2 loss to the visiting Winnipeg Jets at the Scotiabank Saddledome.

The Flames finish the pre-season with a 4-4-0 record, for whatever that's worth. (Spoiler: very little.)

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FN Mailbag - October 3, 2015

Kent Wilson
October 03 2015 05:38PM


Preseason is almost over for the Flames but there are still a lot of lingering roster questions. There is a traffic jam at the bottom end of Calgary's roster at every position you can name and the exhibition round didn't bring much clarity to the situation. 

Let's look at some of the hard decisions facing the club with some questions on goalies, waivers, grit and line combinations. 

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Pre-Season FGD: One Last Chance (7pm MT)

Ryan Pike
October 03 2015 12:30PM

The pre-season schedule for the Calgary Flames finally ends with a second game with the Winnipeg Jets tonight at the Saddledome.

The Flames sat their big guns on Thursday and lost 3-1. They played decently, but weren't amazing in the second and third periods. Tonight, the Flames dress what's basically their opening night roster against what's basically the same Jets roster from Thursday. Want to see a reasonable facsimile of what the Flames are going to be? Tune in tonight.

It's a 7pm MT start - a rarity for a Saturday game - on TSN3's Centre Ice feed (Shaw channel 351 and check your local listings for Shaw) and Sportsnet 960 The Fan.

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Who might regression strike?

October 03 2015 10:02AM

We've danced around the R-word all of last season, and then all of this offseason: regression. In 2014-15, the Flames carried what many viewed to be an unsustainable shooting percentage. After all, they were shooting at 10.5% last season, when in 2013-14, they only shot at 9.2% - a difference of about 30 goals.

It's substantial. And if the Flames' possession woes continue, and their shooting percentage drops - after all, the league average has been 8.9% the past few seasons - then we may see a drop in goal scoring, and with that, probably wins.

However, just because team regression is expected doesn't mean it's going to affect everyone. 

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