Montreal Claims Byron

Kent Wilson
October 06 2015 11:05AM

Word came down this morning that the Montreal Canadiens have claimed forward Paul Byron from waivers. The 26 year old RW/C was set to earn just $900k this season.

It's a minor blow to the Flames depth to lose Byron. Though he's well known for getting - and missing - break aways, Byron was the ideal bottom-six player in many ways: he could play multiple positions, he was an excellent penalty killer and he could drive possession, even bad circumstances. 

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What is a successful season for the Flames?

October 06 2015 09:00AM

Not much was expected out of the 2014-15 season. It was the second year of a much overdue rebuild, and really, just about anything that came out of it would have been great. A high draft pick? Awesome, that would help the Flames' rebuild. A challenge for a playoff spot? Not bad, give the kids some confidence.

... An actual playoff spot? Winning a round? You really couldn't have asked more of the team. That wasn't just success, that was pure majesty.

Did it raise the stakes for this season, though? Or are the expectations for the still-rebuilding team the same as before?

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The 2015-16 FlamesNation Season Preview Roundtable

Ryan Pike
October 05 2015 03:30PM

Ladies and gentleman, children of all ages, the 2015-16 National Hockey League season is almost upon us. Roughly 30 months ago, the Calgary Flames were adrift in a sea of uncertainty. The team had no direction. Then-general manager Jay Feaster pulled the ripcord on the long-overdue rebuild.

And here we are today, as the team has a well-defined culture, a sense of an upward trajectory and organizational momentum, and they're coming off a trip to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs - fueled in large part by a willingness to rely on young players to drive the team forward. Life's strange sometimes.

To help preview the 2015-16 campaign, may we present the best and brightest of Flames writers to share their thoughts on the upcoming season. For an added bonus, read last year's roundtable and laugh about how thoroughly wrong we were!

Our panel: Ryan Pike, Ari, Byron Bader, RexLibris, Mike Cadarette, Beloch, the Book of Loob and Kent Wilson.

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The Calgary Flames and fourth round picks

October 05 2015 01:15PM

Brett Kulak is a great story. This is a kid who spent the majority of his 2014-15 toiling away in the ECHL, the victim of a numbers game. But he got called up to play in the final, albeit meaningless, regular season NHL game of that year - and he kept it up, actually making the Flames' 2015-16 opening roster.

Maybe we shouldn't be surprised, though. After all, Kulak was a fourth round pick.

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Karri Ramo Starts Against Vancouver

Ryan Pike
October 05 2015 12:24PM

With the demotion of Markus Granlund and the waiving of Paul Byron and Mason Raymond earlier today, it's basically officially that the Calgary Flames will have a three-headed goaltending monster - or "Crease Kraken" - for the beginning of the 2015-16 season.

Flames head coach Bob Hartley shared some intel with the assembled media masses earlier today in regards to his starting netminder for Wednesday's opener against the Vancouver Canucks.

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