How much better should the Flames be?

Pat Steinberg
November 30 2015 10:16AM


The first two months of this season for the Calgary Flames have been absolutely dreadful. No one, not even the Edmonton Oilers, has a worse record than Calgary's 8-14-2 mark (both teams share the exact same record, in fact). After the excitement of last season, this year has been a disappointment at best, and one that has caught many Flames fans off guard. Most believe this team is capable of more than they've shown, but is that accurate?

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FN Mailbag - November 30, 2015

Kent Wilson
November 30 2015 08:00AM


It's end of November and the Flames are tied for last in the NHL with the Edmonton Oilers. They have just three regulation wins through more than a quarter of the season and they have the worst special teams and goaltending in the league. And the second worst score-corrected possession rate. Yuck. 

It's safe to say Calgary won't be visiting the playoffs again this year. While I don't think the current results accurately reflect the team's true talent (seriously bad goaltending will always salt in the field), the Flames haven't made enough real strides to turn the horse around in such a short period of time. Calgary's probably not this bad, but they aren't good either.

So the rebuild is back on. Start daydreaming about Auston Mattews, Matthew Tkachuk or one of the big Finnish kids everyone. 

In this edition of the FN Mailbag, we talk about the future of Bob Hartley, the club's untouchable players, trade deadline and what to do about the Flames goaltending. 

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Sharks 5, Flames 2 post-game embers: Welcome to last place

Ari Yanover
November 29 2015 08:00AM

my friend is a heat fan but she is also in sharks territory BUT she wanted to cheer for granlund when he scored and i think that is great
Photo Credit: Matt Tennyson/USA TODAY Sports

First, the Calgary Flames let the Sharks run over them in the first period. Then, they gifted them a five-on-three power play. And, finally, they lost.

I don't know what happened to that team that dominated the Chicago Blackhawks a week ago, but I think they were just a fun mirage.

Say hello to the last place team in the NHL. (Don't worry, they actually have the same record but one more ROW than the Edmonton Oilers, so technically, the Flames are 29th, not 30th. Still kinda tied though.)

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Post-Game: Tanked By Sharks

Ryan Pike
November 28 2015 11:07PM

The Calgary Flames began this road trip about a week ago. There was hope. They had played a bunch of good games in a row, and were coming off pretty strong home wins against New Jersey and Chicago. With three games ahead of them against Pacific Division opponents, the optimists were thinking "Hey, they might be able to close the gap between them and the playoff teams!"


The Flames closed out their road trip with a 5-2 loss to the San Jose Sharks tonight, concluding a road trip where they gave their opponents six of a possible six points and captured just one for themselves.

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What's going on with Sean Monahan?

Pat Steinberg
November 28 2015 02:33PM


We've used the word "money" in so many different ways over the last two years when it comes to Sean Monahan, and for good reason. For two straight seasons, Monahan has done nothing but exceed expectations all over the map. It's been a different story in year three, though. For the first time in his young NHL career, Monahan hasn't lived up to sky high expectations, at least not so far this season. I've got a few reasons as to why that is.

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