Report: Kylington Coming To North America

Ryan Pike
July 29 2015 09:51AM

If you believe either AIK Hockey's website or Swedish news outlet Expressen, Oliver Kylington is coming to North America next season regardless of whether he makes the Calgary Flames roster or not.

A Google translation of a pair of articles from Sweden seem to indicate that Kylington will be loaned to the Flames fully rather than having to balance his rights in North America with AIK's rights. This does presume that Google's translations are reasonably accurate, though.

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The risks of "show me" contracts

July 28 2015 01:00PM

Let's say you're a young hockey player, and you show some promise. Not just promise to play in the NHL, but to be an impactful regular. It's evident there's something special about you: nobody's just quite sure what that something is yet, or how it will turn out.

So when it's time for your new contract, your team isn't sure just what you're worth. Hell, you aren't even entirely sure what you're worth. So you agree to terms: a short, one or two-year deal at reduced pay, with the promise that if you perform well, you'll get more on your next deal.

It's good for NHL teams, because this way, they avoid potentially getting burned on what was really just a flash in the pan, and don't have to worry about a high cap hit.

It's also bad for NHL teams, because this way, they potentially get burned by what wasn't a flash in the pan at all, and they missed out on the chance to lock up what turned out to be an impactful player for much cheaper.

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Relive the 2001-02 Calgary Flames Season

Ryan Pike
July 28 2015 11:00AM

After a whirlwind first season under new general manager Craig Button, the Calgary Flames hoped for some normalcy and stability in 2001-02. The 2000-01 campaign saw them switch head coaches and team captains mid-season, but with new coach Greg Gilbert under a long-term contract and new captain Dave Lowry returning to the fold, the thought was that the streaky nature of the previous team could be avoided.

The good news is that it worked, and the team wasn't nearly as streaky. The bad news is that despite being much better in most ways, the 2001-02 Flames failed to make the post-season and finished a smidge below .500. The streak of playoff futility continued.

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Projecting Monahan and Gaudreau's Next Cap Hits

Kent Wilson
July 27 2015 03:00PM

With the summer signing's piling up and the Canadian dollar stagnating, a lot of eyes in Calgary are looking past next season to the summer of 2016, when Mark Giordano, Sean Monahan and Johnny Gaudreau will all need new contracts. Calgary has enough cap space to work with this year, but things get a lot more complicated next year thanks to some pretty big raises on the horizon.

We'll save the Captain for another discussion. For now, let's focus on what the kids may demand on their next deals. 

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Relive the 2000-01 Calgary Flames Season

Ryan Pike
July 27 2015 01:00PM

As we race head-long into the quieter parts of the summer months, we're kicking off a look-back at prior Calgary Flames seasons here at FlamesNation. That look back begins with 2000-01, the first campaign of the current century.

The NHL was a different place back in the fall of 2000. The league added a pair of teams to its ranks (the Minnesota Wild and Columbus Blue Jackets), swelling it to an unheard-of 30 teams amidst some hand-wringing over the size of the league and quality of play league-wide. The Flames? They hadn't won a playoff round since the 1989 Stanley Cup Final, and hadn't made a playoff appearance since 1996.

That streak of futility would, unfortunately, continue.

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