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March 27 2015 06:30AM


Playoff races down to the wire, Vancouver locks up blue line stud, Leafs joining McDavid watch, Steven Stamkos fights, Nikita Nikitin is not a good hockey player, who should play goal for the Flames and more in this week's Roundup brought to you by DraftKings.

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This Is Going Down To The Wire

Ryan Pike
March 26 2015 01:00PM

Last night, the Calgary Flames crept a bit closer to a playoff berth via a shootout loss to the Dallas Stars. Loss or not, they got a point, and points are what matter right now.

And make no mistake about it, we're headed into a final 17 days of the 2014-15 season that are all about numbers. The most important numbers are this: there are five teams fighting for four spots. Somebody is going home unhappy on April 11.

I personally think nothing will be settled until that final weekend. Here's why.

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Flames Sign Austin Carroll to ELC

Ryan Pike
March 26 2015 11:08AM

If I had told you that the second person signed from the 2014 NHL Draft class by the Calgary Flames would be the last guy chosen, you probably wouldn't have believed me.

But it's happened.

The Flames announced today the signing of 2014 seventh round pick Austin Carroll to an entry-level contract, presumably for three years. The deal begins next season. (The first player signed was Sam Bennett, by the way.)

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5 things: Getting tighter

Ryan Lambert
March 26 2015 09:49AM

1. The race

So that concern the Flames should have had about the Kings having a game in hand proved legitimate. Tuesday night Los Angeles made up that game and reveled in disemboweling a very strong Rangers team on the road. That brought the Kings into a nominal tie with Calgary for eighth in the West (the Flames hold the ROW tiebreaker, and likely will through the end of the season regardless of any reasonable combination of future results).

Obviously last night's game brought the Flames back to one extra game played and they needed two Deryk Engelland goals to even lose in a shootout; Los Angeles can make up the ground and then some tonight with a win. But the problem with relying upon the Kings to not-win remaining games is that they sure don't seem likely to make your wishes come true.

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Post Game: Lie Back and Think of Engelland

Taylor McKee
March 25 2015 11:32PM

Well, I bet you didn't expect that did ya? 

The Flames lost in a shootout tonight and Deryk Engelland scored a goal. Then another. I am not kidding. Beloved Flames Nation, I would kiss your loved ones and make peace with your God because I can pretty much guarantee that the end is nigh.

It is hard to be too upset about this loss, even though losing the point is certainly tough, especially in conjunction with the overtime loss to Columbus on this same home-stand. The Flames fought back and earned a point and I suppose that is still a positive, though it seems as though no one in the west will ever lose again. Did I mention that Deryk Engelland scored?!

Come read all about it after the jump!

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