Can Andrew Mangiapane make it at the next level?

Ryan Pike
February 14 2016 08:00AM

We've written a ton about Andrew Mangiapane around these parts this season, primarily because he's racked up a ton of points in the Ontario Hockey League as part of a very good Barrie Colts team. But one of the most frequent questions I get on Twitter is in regards to Mangiapane's chances at the next level.

The short answer to that question is "Well, how is he achieving OHL success?" I dug into his numbers from the last three seasons to figure out what he's good at.

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Performance Bonuses

Ryan Pike
February 13 2016 11:00AM

Obviously the current season's lack of high-level on-ice success for the Calgary Flames has dominated the headlines as of late, but one other aspect has flown under the radar. So let's talk about the salary cap and performance bonuses, folks.

We've written a bit about the upcoming new contracts for Sean Monahan and Johnny Gaudreau, but the implication of their high level of play on this season's (and next season's) salary cap hasn't really been explored.

In short? I'm a little bit worried for a few reasons.

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Coyotes 4, Flames 1 post-game embers: Penalties penalties penalties

Ari Yanover
February 13 2016 08:00AM

Some games, a team just doesn't seem fated to win. The Flames - already on their heels, as they have been from their season's poor start onwards - were in one of those situations last night. Playing a late game, then travelling to a different city for the second of a back-to-back? 

And when said prior late game saw you kill a ton of penalties - and then for your next game to have even more infractions called? That's hard to deal with.

So the Flames only had five shots on net throughout the entire third period, when they were down 3-0. It's not the mark of a great team, obviously, but there's an extent of forgiveness to be found, because they were, in all likelihood, pretty tired by that point.

It's not this game's fault all the preceding ones before it turned it into a must-win.

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Post-Game: Dogged In The Desert

Ryan Pike
February 12 2016 10:17PM

Last night, the Calgary Flames won an energetic, crazy, sloppy game.

Tonight? They were much less energetic and much more calm. They were almost as sloppy, and were never really in control in a 4-1 road loss to the Arizona Coyotes. Nothing about this game inspired confidence that this group can be a playoff team.

If you wanted an idea of just how inconsistent this group can be from game to game, the last 48 hours are a picture perfect example of that.

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FlamesNation Report Card: February 12, 2016

Ari Yanover
February 12 2016 02:00PM

It's Friday, so you know what that means nowadays: our weekly report card!

Last week, you guys, rather predictably, showed a ton of love for Johnny Gaudreau and T.J. Brodie. Dougie Hamilton, Sam Bennett, and Michael Frolik all garnered a lot of praise from you as well, which makes sense: they're all good players, and they're all expected to be with the Flames for a while yet.

Brandon Bollig, meanwhile, got very little love. Nor did Dennis Wideman, currently in the midst of appealing his 20-game suspension (of which he has thus far served five games of it), Joe Colborne, Jonas Hiller, nor Markus Granlund.

But it's a new week, and time for a new evaluation. Gaudreau, Sean Monahan, and Lance Bouma all got themselves in some hot water over the course of this past week. Also, considering Hiller's straight up heroics last night, at this point, giving him a thumbs down would be just plain mean of you.

But this is your guys' turn to judge, not mine. So go ahead, and vote away on who you liked, and who you didn't!

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