Sounds like someone got a case of the Mondays

A case of the mondays

And so ends the wonderful season series with the woeful Avalanche, who somehow managed to scrape out two straight home wins against a massively superior team. Ugh.

Indisputable fact states that, yes, the Flames are a much, much better team than the Avalanche. But in the last two games, both admittedly away from Calgary, it sure didn’t look it.

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The Good

  • Todd Bertuzzi must live to be booed. Every time he touched the puck, the Avalanche fans let him have it, but he responded with one of his better games of the season. He was a force all night and the Avs had little answer for him.
  • Jarome Iginla finally scored his 20th of the season. He, too, seemed determined to impose his will on the Avs in the attacking zone (in the others…? not so much). Eight shots on net isn’t a bad night at all.
  • Miikka Kiprusoff might’ve taken the loss and given up four goals, but it was a better performance than could reasonably have been expected given what was happening around him. He faced more shots than that Bruce Springsteen song and still have a save percentage over .900, so what more can you ask? He got hung out to dry.

The Bad

  • Since it’s no longer January, Mike Cammalleri’s point streak came to an end at eight games. Worse, he was pretty much invisible for the majority of the game. One shot on goal. During his streak he was averaging more than four. It was a performance so bad that, while not straight-up “crappy,” certainly bordered on it. Thus, logic dictates that Cammalleri had a very farty night.

The Ugly

  • All the minutes seem to be catching up with Dion Phaneuf. He isn’t as fleet of foot as he seemed to be at the beginning of the year and he got positively toasted by Marek Svatos on the game-winner because of a poor positioning decision. Memo to Dion: Get between the puck and the man.
  • Two straight losses to friggin’ Colorado? Christ. Colorado’s worse than Edmonton! How does Cody McLeod of all the people in the world dominate Calgary so thoroughly? He made a great play on the Svatos goal and three of his 15 points this year have been against the Flames.
  • At least they’re done playing the Avs. Any time you can take eight of 12 points from a team, you’re doing something right, but any time you took eight of eight and then crapped the bad in the final two games, you’ve done something horribly wrong. And with the second end of a road back-to-backer tonight, I don’t suppose things are going to be any easier.

  • RCN

    FlamesFanInETown wrote:

    Anyone know what happened on the last penalty? I think I saw “abuse of officials”; does that mean someone just spouting off after the other call?

    All it means is Bertuzzi was overly mouthy with the officials about that too many men call. That's literally it.

  • RCN

    Good call on Phaneuf on the Svatos goal. Man, he looked brutal. His lateral movement is falling to crap as the season goes on. It seems he is fine to line guys up in the proverbial train tracks but if you are coming in on him and try and go wide he can't track the play.

    @ FlamesFanInETown:

    I was wondering about that penalty too. Any ideas TLP??

  • RCN

    Anyone know what happened on the last penalty? I think I saw "abuse of officials"; does that mean someone just spouting off after the other call?

    It was nice seeing them try to attack with two players off the ice for the last minute or so… Thought there was good effort there. Too bad it worked out that way, though.