GDFD No. 63: Kick ’em when they’re down


Welcome to the 15th Game Day Fire Drill, for this, Calgary’s 63rd game of the season on March 3, 2009.

There’s just not much to say about the Senators.

They’re… well, they’re just not very good. Of course, we all said basically the same thing ahead of that game against Tampa on Sunday and how’d that work out?

So let us not take these Senators, who do have very talented players, for granted. It’s not like the Alfredsson-Spezza-Heatley combo can’t nail your ass to the wall with a power play or two, and the way the Flames played the other day, well, it’s probably not something that’s unlikely to happen.

The added twist, of course, is that Bertuzzi, Langkow and Bourque are all hurt. Which could mean big, big trouble.

On the other hand, it’s only Alex Auld.


The Calgary Flames (37-19-6 for 80 points. Third in the West, first in the Northwest) and the Ottawa Senators (23-28-10 for 56 points. Twelfth in the East, fifth in the Northeast)


5:30 p.m. Mountain time and 7 p.m. Eastern time. All other time zones should sleep a little farther from the wall.


Scotiabank Place, Cannata, Ontario.

Calgary is 15-11-7 on the road this year, and already beat the Senators 6-3 in Calgary earlier this year. The Sens are 13-11-6 at home and are 1-1-1 in the first three games of their current homestand.

What (to hate about the Lightning):

Dany AlfredssonBetter than Jarome Iginla? Okay, slick.

Dany Heatley — Not exactly the best driver in the world.

Dany Alfredsson and Dany Heatley — Too many guys misspelling “Danny.”

Jarkko Ruutu — Pain-in-the-ass skate-eating jerk.


Because it’s nice and early. Enjoy the game before you go to bed early and leave your mindless ramblings in the comments section.

  • RCN

    So with Bert bing out for the next few games there goes the entire 2nd line. Good thing its Ottawa tonight instead of some of the tougher competition they will face on this trip. It's time for younger players like Boyd, Glencross, Lundmark, etc. to play their best games for the next while. Defense is the mantra until some player return. Kipper needs to keep it going and everyone needs to back check.
    Berts numbers are decidedly poor in many regards (such as defense but he has been better of late). This is a relatively bigger blow now because Langkow and Bourque are out. How does it take so long to repair a bruised hand?