Looks like it’s suicide again for me!


With the acknowledgment that, yes, there was no fourth line tonight due to a myriad of problems, this was still an atrocious performance.


There are any number of reasons why this is a terrible, awful, no good, very bad result (cost Calgary the division, was an embarrassment at the hands of the lowly Oilers, etc. etc. etc.) as a result of any number of terrible, awful, no good, very bad causes (Sutter, Keenan, Kiprusoff, etc. etc. etc.) but the end result is this:

I hate this team now.

Hate them.

With every fiber of my being.

I hope Edmonton wins by 16 tonight. I hope Vancouver pummels their opponent so the Flames lose the division they led by 13 points seven weeks ago by four. I hope the Flames get the Blackhawks in the playoffs. I hope the Blackhawks beat them as badly in the postseason as they did in the regular season. I hope they’re done playing hockey in a week and a half.

This team sucks. Booooooooo.

(Ed. note: The previous post was written by the average Calgary fan.

Coming tonight in the Battle of Alberta pt. 3 post: A number of reasons why I still love the Flames! Hooray!)

The Good

Hey Mike Cammalleri scored! — Whoopie.

The Bad

So long, division title — Not that I expected it anyway, but to lose it like THAT, and to the OILERS. Ugh.

The Ugly

Everything else that transpired in the game — It was a pitiful performance and I’m embarrassed to be a Flames fan lately. They have been mismanaged at just about every level, right down to the players. Let’s break this down:

  • Darryl Sutter allowed the cap situation to become so untenable that this is actually a team he forced Mike Keenan to ice in a regular season NHL game:

Cammalleri – Jokinen – Iginla
Bertuzzi – Langkow – Lundmark
Nystrom – Conroy – Moss

Negrin – Leopold
Vandermeer – Pardy
Aucoin – Pelech

I understand that there were extenuating circumstances related to injuries to Regehr, Phaneuf, Sarich, Giordano, Bourque, Glencross, Primeau and Roy all being hurt and Dustin Boyd being stuck in the minors due to cap constraints. But you cannot allow a situation in which a 15-man lineup THAT bad is allowed to step on the ice. I’d rather the Flames forfeited.

  • Mike Keenan’s hands were tied by Sutter’s idiocy to a certain extent, but still, you cannot let Jordan Leopold play the second-most minutes on the team. You just can’t do it. He’s unbelievably bad.
  • A captain or some sort of veteran leader needs to tell everyone to pull their heads out of their asses and play like adult professional hockey players. Because even given all these terrible circumstances, the Flames still looked like garbage.
  • Wholesale changes need to be made this summer.

    Getting Moss signed was a great move, mind you the only good move done in weeks by management.

    This summer I propose this

    -Dont resign Bert, For the love of god no.
    -Resign Lundmark. Been an amazing player and should not have been down in the minors so long.
    -Keep Glencross
    -Let Warrner go…
    -Im on the fence as wether or not to resign Aucoin. I would say yes f he takes the same or more money for a year or so. Otherwise there will be plenty of younger, cheaper defensemen to choose from in free agency.
    -GET A BACKUP GOALIE! (or play Curtis and give him a chance to win a game to get his confidence up, man I feel bad for that guy)
    -unsure weather or not to sign Leopold. Maybe if he signs for the same money.
    -Given the choice, get rid of Oli for some draft picks and resign Cammy.
    -Resign Boyd
    -Bring up Baclund and see what this kid can do.
    -*warning my Fantasy move* Trade Phanuef and sign Bowmester. Phanuef has not been the player for the type of contract he was signed to. Lets all hope its the EA NHL curse…

    We have a capable team, we all know what they can do. Just some dumb moves have been made as of late.