Hey Alberta… Hop On In…


Well for the first time since 1994 the Vancouver Canucks are Canada’s last hope to bring a Stanley Cup back to the homeland. Now that the Flames have crashed and burned, Alberta is stuck in quite a quagmire. Cheer for the Canucks? But they hate the Canucks.As a Canucks fan to my brethren in Alberta, I openly invite you to join in on the party. There is no shame in jumping on the bandwagon, hell the bandwagon is already filled with posers and wannabes from Vancouver.

When the Flames defeated us in the first round in 2004, it took a series before we warmed up, but by the Conference Finals, the Flames had our official endorsement. We watched you guys all the way to game seven. We have to admit that the loss did not hit us nearly as hard.

We were quick to follow the Oilers in 2006, mainly because the Canucks, in traditional fashion, choked and did not make the playoffs. We don’t have the same aggression towards the Oilers as we do the Flames. This is because we traditionally have never done you any favors at the end of the season when trying to clinch. Yes we feel guilty. Much like highlanders, only one of us can make it to the post-season.

The message I am trying to convey is that you do not have to sit around and ponder what will happen next season, you can continue cheering on the Canucks while they are still in the playoffs. Don’t worry, the smell will wash off immediately following the playoffs.

Give us your support. You be Scott Neidermayer, we’ll be Rob. Hitch your post to us and help us get a taste of the glory.

I would have invited Eastern Canada, but they have never heard of these so called Canucks. They didn’t even know there was a Western Conference.

  • RCN

    Mike wrote:

    This isn’t Flames Nation.

    Except if you're reading the same post on FlamesNation. Seriously folks – can we get some way to visually identify posts that have been cross-posted to both sites? It's disconcerting.

  • RCN

    @ Brad:

    Disconcerting? Really? You find it unsettling?

    Seems a bit alarmist, but fair enough it's a good idea. We'll get the OilersNation Interwebs Sciencentitians™ working on it. Thanks Brad!

  • RCN

    I am a diehard oilers fan…living in vancouver. In fact, I go to school with hundreds of canuck "fan" dumbasses. Most of who, all think that their team has won at least cup… havent they..? Never in a million years would i be any where close to a Canucks bandwagon.
    I do like running over the stupid little canuck flags all over the place.

  • RCN

    Yeah same boat as Rider out here except a Flames fan. I live in Victoria and the there is no way I am jumping on board with all the dumb ass Canuck fans I have to deal with on a regular basis. Lets go Hawks