Has Chris Pronger Been Traded to L.A.?


Has Chris Pronger been traded to the Los Angeles Kings for Jack Johnson and the 5th overall draft pick?

I’ve been updating this situation since Andy Strickland first broke the story, and at this point it’s an awfully tangled web, so I thought that it might be a good idea to list the two sides (“yes, the trade happened/is going to happen” and “no trade has not happened/Hockeybuzz is stupid/The Score isn’t a real network”) of the story, and link to any analysis.

Pronger Has Been Traded

  • Andy Strickland believed that it happened, then his post was deleted, then a new post appeared that said something might happen but he doesn’t know what. I refuse to link to his current report for obvious reasons.
  • Steve Ludzik of The Score says it’s a done deal.

Pronger Has Not Been Traded

I Can Add

So, since I like reducing everything to math, here’s how I see it:

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Dean Lombardi + Bob Murray + Chris Pronger + Canwest + Sportsnet + TSN >>>>>>> an iffy Andy Strickland + The Score

Given the current situation (you know, the day the Stanley Cup gets awarded) I wouldn’t expect to see Murray and Lombardi acknowledging the deal. On the other hand, I’d expect some verbal dancing; not vehement denials.

In other words, while there is a slight possibility that this trade happens, logic overwhelmingly says that the backtracking reporter and Canada’s #3 sports network are wrong, and everybody involved is right.

  • RCN

    Ya, to think that Pronger guy just listened to his wife instead of worrying about what the millions… AND MILLIONS of Oilers fans would think. *whats that honey? Oh i gotta go, the ol' lady's calling me to do something. Does that make me a douche?*

  • RCN

    @ RossCreek:
    It does if worrying what your wife cared about things didnt matter before, and if you then proceed to lie about those fans "breaking into your house and burning your furniture, including your baby's crib" on a nationally syndicated uber popular radio show.

  • RCN

    ya i wasnt one of those people that demanded an answer to why he wanted out. i didnt buy into all the BS rumors. who are we to pry? its his personal life.

    but goddamn when i heard him lying on national radio i was PISSED! its one thing to be selfish and recind on a contract, its another thing to go and make it sound like the city rose up and burned his house to the ground.

    oh ya, back on topic: Prongers a douchebag! 😀

  • RCN

    I@ Dustin Penner's 2nd Chin:
    Dustin Penner's 2nd Chin wrote:

    Would be a great deal for the Ducks. With the emergence of Hiller and Bobby Ryan, talk about a successful mini-rebuild!

    I have heard that Johnson is a bit of a headcase but not from reliable/serious sources, but still another terrific move by Murray. Adds Whitney and Wisnieski so Pronger can be moved and then turns Pronger into the 5th pick in this draft year with Johnson as a bonus? Are you kidding me? Whether he keeps the 5th pick or parlays it ("Hello, Burkey?") he's got a young and solid D with (it appears)#27 as the anchor/mentor, what looks like a solid goalie in Hiller (with Giggy as trade bait — "Hello, Burkey?") and Perry-Getzlaf-Ryan for a #1 line/1st PP unit. Wow — not bad, not bad at all.