How’s the brother act playing in Newark?


Well, the expected has happened as Brent Sutter on Tuesday afternoon was officially introduced as head coach of the Flames. And, oh by the way, three semi-new assistants were also presented as ex-Flame Dave Lowry moves down the hall from the Hitmen offices, ex-Flame Jamie McLennan moves in from a scouting and advisory job with the Flames and Ryan McGill moves up from the farm club.

Showing a speed unseen since his playing days, and maybe not even then, general manager Darryl Sutter quickly swooped in when a reporter tried to play the brother card at the presser. Sutter gruffly pointed out that he had coached all four men at the table and that all of their first and last names were both interchangeable and meaningless in the grand scheme of things. So I guess we can say hello to Brent (Noodles) Lowry, Jamie (Pie) McGill, Dave Sutter and Ryan (Pup) McLennan.

The one newish wrinkle to today’s news comes from the Swamplands, where Brent Whateverhislastnameis was employed until a couple of weeks ago. The quotes from Devils GM Lou Lamoriello are tinged with bitterness about the process, although the writer implies far greater anger from Lamoriello than is evident from the words alone. There are also a couple of tepid quotes from players.

Judging from the tone of the story, two things are possible:

  1. Veteran writer Rich Chere has heard a lot of off-the-record bitterness from the Devils about Sutter’s defection but couldn’t get official quotes to unequivocally support that state of affairs. He was therefore left to drop comments between the quotes that indirectly conveyed the Devils organization’s true feelings.
  2. Chere himself is hacked off and is trying to torque the story in that direction as best he can.

My vote is for Option 1.

The real interesting stuff comes from some of the comments posted by fans including this doozy: “congratulations Calgary…. you just bought yourself early playoff exits and the most painful way to blow playoffs series!”

Of course, the Flames at this juncture are no strangers to early playoff exits, so those ill wishes may be lost on them.

  • RCN

    Brain will fit in perfect . Just like most of the Shames coaches great regular season coaches and first round losers in the playoffs. (LOL JUST JOKING )
    But I've been a Flmaes fan for four years and cant seem to see the reason they can't take that next step. Does Dion want out ? or are they shopping him ? I'm reading alot about a possible Dion trade at the draft . Any input

  • RCN

    I don't know what's holding back the Flames either, but if Brent can tighten up the defense (dmen and goalie) even a bit things could change very quickly. Last season the Flames were flirting with greatness for a pretty good stretch. They just need a little bit to get over that hump.

  • RCN

    What an exciting press conference! The enthusiasm exuded from Coach Sutter and the other newly named assistant coaches fits in well with the enthusiasm normally displayed from GM Sutter. It was like they were all watching paint dry – or pigs roll in mud at the Sutter's farm!