No vaseline

*explicit content*

Nine FREAKING one!? In a ‘measuring stick’ matchup against one of the premier teams in the league? With Kiprusoff in goal? Naw, not this defensive juggernaut. Not a chance!

Oh… that wasn’t pretty. Rather than sit here and analyze what happened, or try and suggest how they fix it, I’m going to do my best to distract you. That’s right, distraction-to-satisfaction.

For starters, we had that scathing diss Ice Cube sent to his ex-homies of N.W.A. titled "No Vaseline" It really has nothing to do with anything Flames… but I bet it distracted you for five minutes (or less). And plus, doesn’t losing 9-1 when you’re supposed to be a good team kind of feel like bending over and taking it dry… no vaseline style? I DON’T know.

Secondly, I had the above link to a rather large lady, who just so happens to be a singer. Well, she certainly sang a long and loud song last night.

Sometimes we forget that hockey is Just A Game. Certain things need to happen to us in order for us to put them in perspective. There’s a lot of weird things happening on a daily basis, but I chose to look at a hypothetical scenario. Afterall, things could always be worse. For instance, your son could get kidnapped…

Then again, some things are just plain entertaining. Or at least distracting.

*thanks to Jim Rome for embedding that soundbite into my brain forever*

And finally, we have this. Obviously in a state of shock, when asked for his thoughts on the Flames performance Roger Millions summed it up rather nicely. Take a look…


Rene Bourque v. Torrey Mitchell

Brandon Prust v. Brad Staubitz


  • Robyn Regher scored his first goal in 142 games. The guy who never scores, scored in a 9-1 loss. Why did he have to waste that goal in this game? Would a 9-0 loss really have been much worse. Ah well, see ya again in 140 games Robyn.
  • This matched the most lopsided win in this rivalry for the Sharks, who beat the Flames 8-0 on Dec. 4, 2000.
  • The Flames worst loss in franchise history came at the hands of those hippies out west. The Canucks lambasted the Flames 11-0 back in 1992.

Oh well, all is not lost…


Things don’t get any easier, as the Flames return home to a frantic fanbase Thursday (01/21/10) to face the 1st place Chicago Blackhawks. The same Blackhawks who earlier this season not only came back from 5-0 to beat the Flames 6-5, but also pounded the Flames 7-1 on "’Dome ice". Catch it live @ 7:30 on TSN, and as always, FAN960. Consider this your wake-up call, FLAMES!