Kent Wilson Goes Primetime: Part 2


Celebrity Engulfed by Fans on Red Carpet

It was a meeting of the ages, as for the second time, FlamesNation superstar Kent Wilson joined FlamesNation…guy…Pat Steinberg on Fan 960 airwaves.  It happened at the fateful time of 1:45 pm Thursday afternoon, and the gold standard of radio was set for years to come. 

None of that is true, other than Kent joining me Thursday, but it’s the second of many more radio hits to come.

We chatted Ian White and Matt Pelech, and you can listen to the interview here.

FlamesNation will be down at Calgary Flames development camp starting next week. Things start techincally Monday, but get going for real on Tuesday afternoon. 

We’ll have plenty of player profiles, interview transcripts, and takes from the prospects camp.

  • Oyo

    Questions for you boys. Let suppose White gets $3.5-$3.75 million. We figure Darryl has to bury a high salary in Abbotsford cause no one else is interested in taking any of them off our hands. If Pelech or some other prospect looks ready for the jump to the big leagues…do we dangle White out there as trade bait.

    If we’re so high on him you would have to figure there’s a GM or two also interested. We currently have no 2nd or 3rd round pick. Going on the assumption that White may wish to test free agency anyways, do you put his name out there and if you get a nibble do you try to package one of our unwanted salaries with him and see if we can’t get a 3rd round pick and a prospect? I know it’s all hypothetical, but I’ve been pondering this for a few days and I don’t think it would upset me if it happened. But I would want no lower than a 3rd round pick.

    Oh, and Luc. I don’t know if you’ve been on the radio before. Take it from me, waiting to go on is exciting, as I’ve been on open line with Pat a couple of times in the past. I thought I was ready, I thought I was prepared to come off as insightful with a dash of humour.

    I thought I sounded like a blathering idiot! That’s why I’m on here…the air waves are better for it.

  • @Bob – that’s also something I’ve considered and, as with all hypothetical trades, it really comes down to the return. For example, I wouldn’t consider moving White for anything below a mid-range first round choice. We also can’t really know what the trade market is like in the NHL right now. Given the general lack of real movement, I’d say it’s very poor, particularly for any guy making more than $3M.

    I would grade the chances of getting back good value for White right now to be poor. I’m not a GM or agent though, so I’m just reading tea leaves here.

    • Matty Franchise Jr

      @Bob and @Kent
      I would rather keep White and sell Sarich for some sort of picks/prospects (i.e.: no ’10-’11 salary).
      Staios and Kotalik must not be sunder the salary cap for this upcoming season. Both MUST GO.

      • In a perfect world we would see all 3 (sarich, Staios, Kotalik) traded away or buried in the AHL. We are not going to get anything for Sarich via trade. If Tampa got Gagne for a 4th round pick, what would we hope to get for any of the previously mentioned 3?

        If I was GM, I would be prefectly happy to trade away some guys for 6th or 7th round picks or late round prospects…if someone was willing to offer that (which I doubt…where’s Bobby Clarke when you need him). There lies another question,”Does Darryl place the value of Sarich, Staois &/or Kotalik that much higher than we do?” If so, that would also hamper any discussions pertaining to them. For the record, I imagine any talks for these guys start with Darryl going,” You know, we’ve got Sarich and Staios and…hello, anybody there, hello…I think we’ve been cut off, hello???”

        Also don’t forget that Kotalik has a No Trade Clause.

    • Graham

      I think we just look at what St. Louis gave up for Halak and what Tampa handed over to acquire Gagne…as with any type of assets it all comes down to supply and demand. Demand is pretty low, and while the supply is there, I think we can agree most of what is available is not top quality.

      As I wrote at a previous time, I think we may see more movement once the preseason kicks into gear. By then GM’s will have a chance to see if any prospects are ready or if any injuries occur or if a certain trial date has been rescheduled.

      That could change the demand for certain players/positions and if enough transactions get going, the rate of return could improve. If Darryl has not been able to do anything by that time, it could be the window of opportunity he needs. But I could just be spitting into the wind here!

  • Graham

    The reality is that the salary cap has risen from $39 million in 2005-2006, to $59.4 million
    this year, a 52% increase in around 6 years.

    If a team like Calgay uses the full $59.4 million and carries 23 players, the average salary per player works out to be $2.58 million.
    (In reality, the top guys make more, but this is averaged out by the lower guys on the 4th line, 5/6/7 d men)

    If you look at the Flames salary structure, we now have a bunch of guys in the $3 million range (Stajan, Hagman, Bourque, Kotalik, Sarich Jokinen etc)which is only slightly above the average.
    Hagman and Bourque appear to offer fairly good value (they produce at a level above average),
    Stajan / Jokinen to be determined (but appear to decent value if they can produce 20-25 goals), Sarich is an average / slightly above average dman (and is paid slightly above average), leaving Kotalik, who is the only one who stands out as being over paid.
    Staois at $2.5 million (ish) comes in at the average salary, he was an average type d man but has fallen off in the last few years. Still not grossly overpaid, if he can provide vetearn leadership in the room.

    The Flames problem is that they have to many of these average type guys, and not enough guys that can really impact the game. Kipper may be the only one, Iggy wasn’t Iggy last year, (not terrible but not great either) and Bouwmeester
    was disappointing.

    This year we are stuck with the legacy of two many average players contributing to max out our salary cap. Then again, so are many other teams, which makes moving these guys extremely difficult.

  • Matty Franchise Jr

    Staios for Huet is probably the only possible deal out there for Darryl to get rid of Ol’ Steve.
    They didn’t buy him out, he isn’t going to retire or go to the KHL. He’s either going to Abbotsford or he’s on the starting roster.

    One of the teams that is currently under the salary minimum may be interested in taking Sarich or Kotalik, in exchange for future or past mid-to-late-round picks.

    The Islanders, Thrashers, and maybe even the Avalanches are below the salary minimum judging by

    • I vividly recall when it was the Oil trying to get rid of Steady Steve. Luckily we found a trading partner.

      Great work Kent. That Steinberg is some dead weight to carry on the air, I thought you did a fine job.

      Note to Pat: Please don’t kill me.

  • If the rumors are true (and we all know that everything you read on the internet is true), then Vancouver was shopping Bieksa for weeks and hasn’t found a trade yet, so presumably there isn’t much of a market for him. Who would have a better trade value, Bieksa or White?

    It’s brutally clear now that Sutter really hamstrung himself on the Staotalik trade, no matter which angle you look at it. Only way out now is we either lose a valuable asset (like walking from the White ruling), or bury Staotalik in the minors for a paltry $5.2M. I’m very curious to see which way it goes. That and the Kovalchuk contract are the only things keeping me awake this summer.

    PS. Kent congrats on the radio spot, haven’t listened yet, but I’m sure it was brilliant! 🙂

  • Graham

    Bieksa is off the market, Salo is injured. Does that even count as news anymore?

    Salo has injured his achilles, either training, playing floor hockey or getting out of bed, whichever report you think is more accurate.

    And yes, Kent did an awesome job.

    • I thought you handled yourself quite well…especially when it’s the Famous Voice or the Calgary Roughnecks conducting the interview. (Just razzin’ you, Pat).

      I’ve been listening to Pat since when he began on the Fan960 and it’s remarkable how far he has come since then. I don’t know when he finds the time to sleep, he’s seems to be everywhere, doing everything…or it could be because of cost cutting from Rogers that he’s doing everything. It’s been a pleasure to listen to his progress.

      At least you avoided being interviewed by High Pitched Nervous Kid (ask Pat about that,lol).

  • The reality is that the Flames are going no where fast. Fans need to put personal sentiment aside and hope Jarome Iginla wins a Stanley Cup with another team.

    Target a team like St.Louis…

    They have cap space, need scoring & leadership, and draft picks.

    1st and 2 2nd’s should do it!

    • Heh. I don’t think the team is ready to do that just yet.

      Let’s just hope the Flames don’t slide down a hill this year, causing Sutter to temporarily lose sanity again and send Iginla out of town at the deadline in Ryan Smyth-esque fashion. That’d be ugly (and the return they got sucked).

  • This is coming from a Oil fan. Great work Kent and the rest. I check the flames nation every once and awhile to bust balls but you all do a great job. The guys that post on the flames nation are classy. Good stuff all round .Keep it up.

    See you on the ice, at the so called Battle of Alberta ( hasn’t been in years )

  • With so many having these bloated, crappy contracts, there needs to be a regulation in the new CBA where a team can buy one or two out without it counting against the cap say every two years. This year has been so anticlimactic because almost every team is in cap hell (or doesn’t want to spend).

    In a way the GMs are between a rock and hard place. Some other team will give your star a truck load of money so either you match or risk losing your guy even if he is overpaid by 1-2 million.

    I think there needs to be new arbitrators “set” salary structure. It can’t just go to what the others are making putting up similar numbers anymore. Look at MacArthur.

    Something needs to change or teams are going to be stuck and the only options will be trading my overpaid player for yours and pray the new environment creates a miracle.

    • I think what we’ve learned since the lock-out is that “cost certainty” does NOT equal = frugal or competent management. If the next CBA includes a clause for teams to buy out guys without worrying about cap constraints, you can be sure that within a couple of years some teams would be doing that AND brushing up against the cap anyways.

      It ultimately doesn’t matter how you jig the rules. Incompetent or spend happy managers will find ways to paint themselves into corners anyways.

      • I hear ya Kent. There will be problems with that too but what can you do? That’s the whole point of going to the table and trying to improve. Otherwise we could say why change any problems? There will just be new ones.

        At least in that scenario, you make a mistake and it doesn’t haunt you or your team for years. Sure being savvy is important and that’s why I think the way a lot of the GMs are going about building is bass akwards. BUT things are the way they are…