Stajan Out Indefinetely

SUNRISE, FL - FEBRUARY 5: Matt Stajan #18 of the Calgary Flames wiats for th epuck to be dropped by linesman Rody Vaughan #73 during the game against the Florida Panthers on February 5, 2010 at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida. The Flames defeated the Panthers 2-1. (Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)

The Calgary Flames announced today forward Matt Stajan will be out indefinetely after suffering a seperated shoulder in a preseason game in Vancouver Tuesday night.  Stajan joins Daymond Langkow on the shelf, and both players don’t have a set timetable to return at this time.

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Head Coach Brent Sutter says Mikael Backlund will move to Stajan’s spot centering the second line for the time being, so we should see that look for the first time Saturday night when the Flames host the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The other injury update came in the form of prospect forward John Armstrong, who was struck by a puck last night in Calgary.  He’s been evaluated and is now awaiting word from the Flames medical staff.  Forward Niklas Hagman along with defencemen John Negrin and Matt Pelech sat out practice today, for what the team is calling maintenance reasons.

  • Oyo

    i hate to say it but im really quite excited to see Backlund really get an opportunity to shine with Bourque.

    of course i wish stajan a speedy recovery but go backlund go. run with it!!

    im getting excited about our youngsters pushing for spots. im going to throw it out there and say there will be one surprise on the roster.

    • Agreed. Been there. Done that a couple of times on each shoulder. They take a long time to heal and get back to full strength. It is very easy to think that you are back and then re-injure the shoulder.

  • WOW! So Backlund is definitely starting the year in Calgary and Conroy can breathe a sigh of relief because no way he is going anywhere anymore either. Before yesterday we had pretty good depth at center and now we are left with:





    Not the best but not the worst either IMO. The way this year is already starting to turn out I’m thinking its going to lead to a rebuilding year next year. I’m thinking injuries will keep the team down now. I’m thinking Stone is the guy most likely to return first and hopefully its not too long so he can take conroys spot on the 4th, he can move up to the 3rd and Moss to the wing.

    • With the situation at center now, I think it places more importance on the role of Conroy. I don’t think he becomes the “second line” center, but I think the way he’s utilized is going to change a little.

      With no Langkow, he’s going to be the guy counted on for top matchup minutes.

  • Excited that Backlund is going to have a chance to step in and prove himself. I think we’re going to have an easier time than last year with the bad teams year but a tougher time with teams like Red Wings & Pens, etc.

    Will Stajan go to LTIR?

  • Michael

    Happy to see that Backlund will probably make the roster but I wish it didn’t come at the expense of Stajan or anyone else. What I worry about is faceoffs, as I believe our best faceoff men are out indefinitely.. Additionally, I felt that Stajan was ready to go.. New season, new contract, fresh start.. It’s a shame really.. Get well soon Staj!

    • What I worry about is faceoffs, as I believe our best faceoff men are out indefinitely

      Stajan was all right in his short time with the Flames last season winning faceoffs, while Langkow struggled all year long. At this point, Conroy is Calgary’s best guy on the draw.

  • Michael

    Maybe Sutter knew what he was doing when he resigned Jokinen… this team would be in serious trouble without him.
    We may be able to get by with Jokinen, Backlund and Conroy, but if Langkow / Stajan are gone longer term, do we need to sign another center?
    What about a vet like Brendan Morrision, he is desperate for work, and would sign real cheap?

  • dustin642

    So is it too late to invite a vet or 2 to camp? Ryan Johnson, given our situation would make a lot of sense. Especially on a 2 way deal, that guy would be great for all the kids in Abbotsford.

  • Once separated the shoulder will be much more likely to do it again. Those injuries suck. Remember Begin? I remember him coming back after separating his and checking someone LIGHTLY into the boards. He then went off holding his shoulder as it went out again.

    He did come back again though.

    Hopefully Stajan’s it is not a full separation and just a partial.

  • Greg

    Yuck. Wasn’t it a separated shoulder that took Tanguay from a top 10 LWer to a 2nd liner? Hope they don’t rush him back but let it heal properly.

    Backlund’s odds of making the team just went from 10% to 90%. Conroy’s went from 60 to 100. I think a likely scenario now is Conroy gets his silver stick, and then when Langkow and Stajan come back, either he or Backlund go down to the farm, depending on how Backlund does until then.

    Does this mean both Kotalik and Staois are safe from the cap cut for the time being?


    “Maybe Sutter knew what he was doing when he resigned Jokinen… this team would be in serious trouble without him.”

    That statement is so wrong on so many levels. True. But wrong. 🙂

  • Greg

    So I was pondering this last night and maybe someone can provide some insight on.

    Where the heck is Erixson? I have heard absolutely nothing about him at training camp, Red vs White game, Prospects team in Penticton, or any general news for the last year… What happened to him?

  • Greg

    I would imagine one or both is still going to find a place to live elsewhere (Staios in Abby if I were a betting man). Regardless of the cap crunch I still dont see where he fits on this team with 8 defensemen on one way deals and kids making a very strong push to make the team. Of course this is just coming from a cognitive hockey fan who can look at situations logically; Sutter likely wont see it the same way (he may sign him to an extension even *shudder*).

    I guess what my point is that regardless of the cap they can’t carry 9 defensemen into the season, what a waste, so they have to remove someone. Logical defensmen to go are Kronwall and Staios.

    • PrairieStew

      Brent – Tim Erixon is playing in the Swedish elite league this season. Probably the best place for him for now.

      The roster of 23 players that includes Stajan, Langkow, Kotalik, and 8 defensemen including Staios and Kronwall is 2.3 million over the cap. Removing Kronwall from that group makes no sense at all, he is at league minimum of $500k – and you’d have to replace him with someone else – Pelech at $600, Negrin at $790 or a forward – all of whom cost at least $500.

      You can be up to $4.5 over if Langkow is on LTIR – so adding Backlund to the roster would bring the team to $3.5 over. The problem with that scenario that when Langkow returns – it would take more than one move to get back under ( ie sending either Kotalik or Staios to the minors saves only $3 or $2.7)

      • PrairieStew

        The reason it makes sense to get rid of Kronwall goes beyond salary cap reasons. Hes a decent defender but it makes no sense to keep him on the roster when prospects in the system should have his place. Pelech is likely already better than him and has a high ceiling, although his cap hit is a little bit higher I would hope ahl-caliber Kronwall is not going to take his place because his salary is $300K less; peanuts in the grand scheme.

  • Kronwall won’t make the club. He’s going to be the vet in Abby for sure. I didn’t know why Sutter signed him to a one-way contract way back when and I’ve never figured it out, but it doesn’t really matter to anyone outside of Murray Edwards I guess.

    He’ll be an injury call-up, at best.

    • PrairieStew

      I agree with you Brent that Pelech probably has more upside than Kronwall. but if it is just about having that 23rd guy that is going to sit in the press box anyway – why not Kronwall rather than Pelech. In either case they are clearly #8D at best.

      I would rather see Pelech play 20 minutes in Abby, as he is still developing (?). Sending Kronwall down is OK by me if he doesn’t have to clear waivers. Losing him for nothing makes no sense at all, because at $500 K he is as good a value as you’ll get for roster spot 23.