Glencross and Langkow

A couple updates on two players of interest on the Calgary Flames, one playing right now and one not.  Acting GM Jay Feaster updated the contract situation on pending UFA Curtis Glencross on Monday afternoon while also shedding some positive light on the future of Daymond Langkow.

Glencross will see his contract expire on July 1, a contract which looks pretty darn reasonable in comparison to how he’s performed in a Flames uniform.  Glencross has been a consistent performer in terms of possession and driving the play, and has shown a real nice ability to elevate this season in a true shutdown role.  Regardless if he’s playing against top players on the other side, or being thrown out against depth opposition, Glencross has been pretty darn good this season, save a span of 40 days or so when he completely fell off a cliff.  At 28 years old, he’s set to hit it big on the free agent market, if that’s the route he chooses.

Feaster revealed talks have been held between the two sides over the last little while, with a bit of a chasm between player and team.  A Darren Dreger report suggested the difference between the camps came from the length of a potential contract, something Glencross was hoping to be a little longer than the Flames were offering.  So, while the two sides have had talks, there still seems to be a gap between them which needs to be made up.

It’s all good news when it comes to Langkow, though.  He’s been cleared to return to light workouts, and took an optional skate with the team on Sunday morning.  The update today was a whole lot more promising than even about a month ago, where it was still thought it was doubtful Langkow would ever return to NHL action.  Things are pointing more towards a when as opposed to an if, at least according to Feaster.

The damaged nerve that has affected Langkow for almost a calendar year continues to heal, and the Flames are hoping to get him on a 10 to 12 week fitness program in the near future to get him closer to game shape.  Feaster suggested a late playoff run may be the right tonic for Langkow to return this season, but pointed to training camp next year as a more realistic option.  A full off season of being able to work out may make all the difference.

There is still no guarantee Langkow will be able to resume his playing career, but the nature of Feaster’s comments today were markedly more positive than they’d been for months.  For all the fans of his on this site, we can only hope no setbacks are suffered, and that his progression will remain on track.

  • WOW! That’s huge. I had no idea that Lanks was actually improving. That is great news both hockey and family wise.

    Very cool.

    On Glencross: I really hope Feaster is smart and doesn’t sign this guys to a stupidly long term deal. 2-4 years seems about right.

  • 2 quick thoughts,

    Hope we get Scoreface under contract, I’d really like to see him stay on the team for quite a while.

    And I’m ecstatic about Langkow. He’s been one of my favorite players on our team if not my favorite and to lose out on a player like that from a freak accident would be horrible, for the Flames, its fans and Langks as well. Was proud to wear my #22 jersey at the Heritage Classic a couple weeks ago.

    I would be lying if I said I don’t want him to play this year and don’t care if he can make it on this team for the playoff run. In all honesty, I would love it, but he’s got to look out for himself. Good luck Langks, and hope you have a healthy recovery.

  • Good news on Langkow, but what could the Flames expect from him after being gone for almost a year and at 35(?) years old, he’s closer to retiring than looking forward to a long career. Don’t get me wrong, the Flames are definintely a better club with him in the lineup, but with him back next year, that’s another 4 (4.5?) million that could be spent on youth and moving this team in a new direction.

    • icedawg_42

      This is a good point – I’d still like to see him make a come back just for what he’s meant to the team and what it would mean to him and his family. Can’t argue your point about the money though. As for Scoreface, I’m glad Feaster says he has interest in re-signing him. So far Feaster has been true to his word as opposed to comletely 180 (unlike some *cough cough* recently departed Flames GM’s).
      At 28, I think 2.5M at 3 years would be reasonable, but on the open market that’s probably a lowball number and term – wondor how far apart the two camps really are. I take into account those of the opinion that the Flames have done wondors for his career, but I think the fact that this may be his only true chance to cash in weighs more heavily in this case (I fully believe it’s the opposite with Tanguay, and he’ll take a discount to stay here)

  • Vintage Flame

    First things first. I think it is absolutely outstanding that Langkow has shown this much improvement. To actually think he might make an appearance in 10-12 weeks is scary, especially when most [including myself] thought his career was over. I would love to see him back playing, and I had to laugh when otto asked if that meant we would get Bourque back as well. Classic!

    But it is also valid with the money concerns. It definitely gives Feaster and King something to think about. If there is no set plan, then it’s a no-brainer to bring Langkow back. If it means being able to sign GlenX, then, Houston, we have a problem. On the bright side, if the Flames make a run and Langks can play, then the Cap means squat in the playoff’s and it’s a good chance to see what he can do or still do.

    From what I’ve heard on GlenX, I don’t think they are too far off on the dollars, but Glennie was hoping for a 4-5 year deal. I don’t think Feaster wants to sign for that long. If the Flames are looking at, probably 3 and Scoreface wants 5, it seems that 4 is the compromise. That would put Curtis at 32.. at probably 3-3.5 Mil… Are those numbers that unreasonable??

    • Vintage Flame

      Yes. I’d like to see Glencross resigned, but not at more than 2.5 million for those 4 years. I think that’s a fair price based on the performance the Flames have gotten/will get from him overall as opposed to paying him off for one of his two really good years.

  • otto

    Here’s a math problem. Tanguay-1,700,000
    Morrison – 725,000
    Pardy – 700,000
    Karlsson – 500,000
    These guys currently make 8,925,000 but we only have 5,088,333 in projected cap space.I don’t envy Feaster.

    • Yeah, the summer is a tough go, particularly if Langkow gets healthy because then The LTIR cushion they used all this year goes away. On the other hand, maybe the club will find some method to get Hagman and Kotalik off the books.

      Flames lose two more value contracts this summer (Giordano and Glencross) in one way or the other. Moss and Jackman follow the summer after that. Backlund will have to be re-signed then too.

      Flames can only keep so many guys and hope to take a step forward.

    • Vintage Flame

      Here are my thoughts.. Some that have been kicked around here and with Pat on OT.

      Tanguay – Of course is getting a raise, but I don’t think it will be obscene. He left once before and has openly admitted it was the worst mistake of his career. I think as long as Iggy is here, Tangs takes the hometown discount.

      Staios – Gone after this season and his Cap hit will be put to better use.

      GlenX – The better use!

      Pardy & Karlsson – Don’t expect huge raises for these guys.. I’m thinking marginal at best. Karlsson hasn’t done anything to warrant the big signing.. He has played great, but has also played to his salary hit. If Pardy is expecting a big payday, he will probably be shown the door.

      Babchuk – Unusual situation. He has played very well for the Flames, but also keep in mind, it is sort of illusion. Doesn’t play against the top lines and is used in a niche role. While he plays that role well, does it garner a big raise. Probably not. He earns his paycheck, and for now, that’s all. If he is expecting the big raise, he might be holding the door open for Pardy.

      Also keep in mind the Cap is projected to go up to 60 Mil next year.. All in all, I think we sign Tangs and Scoreface, and move on from there.

      • On Karlsson…I don’t think he should be re-signed. He’s 27 and is still learning how to play. What’s the point?

        Leland Irving is second in the AHL with 24 wins, and is playing a lot of meaningful time on a…mediocre team. Let him be the full time backup next year.

        • Vintage Flame

          That’s a good point Pat.. Irving is shinning in the AHL.. Given Karlsson’s age and productivity, he may find himself on the outside.
          Maybe a one year deal, at most then?

  • That 5m projected cap space is if Langkow is back on the books. I see two possibilities: 1) Langkow ends up retiring, or 2) one of The Joker/Stajan is shipped out. Poor as his decision-making can be, I’d rather have Jokinen over Stajan at this point, but I would bet he holds significantly more value (read: some value) to other teams as well.

    I could see maaaaaaaaybe, maybe Langkow getting traded away, but that seems highly unlikely. Either way, the team is going to have a glut of centres, and Morrison will probably end up being cheaper than any of the three aforementioned fellows.

  • wattree

    If Langkow is healthy before the draft, my feeling is you move Glencross for a pick if you can. FA are pretty thin next year and he could be in line for a big raise with nothing else on the market. Somebody might be desperate enough to part with a 3rd to get bargaining rights (2nd if they’re really desperate and/or stupid).

    If we can somehow get out from under Stajan’s contract, that would be a serious boon. Maybe there is a way to parlay Glencross and Stajan into a youngish winger to learn the game alongside Backlund on the 3rd line next year.