Freddy Modin Retires

After playing just four games with the Calgary Flames, forward Freddy Modin has announced his retirement after 14 seasons in the NHL.  Acquired at the trade deadline from the Atlanta Thrashers, Modin contributed next to nothing in his short time.  I said at the time the deal was rather risk free, involving a seventh round selection, but even with the low price paid, the trade ends up not working out at all for the Flames.

I won’t back too far off my sentiments at the time, which were basically a "risk free depth move" for a team trying to continue a push and make the playoffs, rolling on from an incredible run started in January.  Sure, some seventh round picks turn into Joe Pavelski, but that would be very much the departure from the norm.  So, in theory, a player of Modin’s stature made sense…a veteran who had been to the playoffs and who could theoretically step in as a 13th forward and fill a small role if needed.

Now, that didn’t pan out, or anywhere close to it.  In the short amount of time Modin did see, he was ineffective at best and a detriment far too often.  He had played 36 games already that season, putting up 10 points with the Thrashers, so from a merit standpoint, it was a little shocking to see him struggle on the ice like he did.  Until you realized injury issues were part of the picture.

That’s where the criticism begins, as many wonder if Jay Feaster did proper due dilligence in fleshing out Modin’s injury past before giving up an asset, albeit a small one.  I, for one, take Feaster at face value and believe that proper channels were explored before finalizing this deal, and it just so happens the team ran into a little bit of bad luck with this specific player.  That said, the questions are fair ones to ask, because in hindsight, a seventh round pick for a guy who played four games is still poor return.

  • SuntanOil

    In recognition of his stellar tenure with the Flames, let’s hope they retire jersey number, um, what number did Freddy wear?

    I’d put this news up there with Kris Chucko progress reports.

    And I still say the annoying part of the Modin trade was that they pushed Conroy out just weeks before.

  • Bob Cobb

    Shouldnt have made this trade at all. Sure little risk, but why make a move with low risk? For the sake of making a move? So far Feaster has made the following:
    Forced Conroy into retirement – dont like the way he was treated and forced into it.
    Sent/brought up/sent down Kotalik – Uh? why? send him and keep him down.
    Picked Carson off waiver – could have had him for nothing too, again low risk, but nothing too bad, more of a minor leaguer.
    Traded for Modin – enough said
    Signed average player Glencross to long term deal with a NMC – Should have walked when Curtis demanded a NMC. No one deserves one, especially a 3rd liner with some 2nd line upside.