Regehr Trade Official



The Calgary Flames have officially traded defenceman Robyn Regehr to the Buffalo Sabres along with Ales Kotalik and a 2012 second round draft pick in exchange for defenceman Chris Butler and forward Paul Byron.  The deal included all the particulars we had heard last night, with the only difference being the second round pick heading Buffalo’s way instead of vice versa.

We will have a full write-up including cap implications and profiles of Butler and Byron later today.

  • I wonder how happy other team’s are knowing they will not face any physical punishment when they go into the corner vs the flames.

    If I am skilled forward on a opposing I would be licking my chop’s before games vs the flames now that Reg is gone.

  • coptin_

    i think if reg had waved his ntc earlier we would have done better,but he did hold out till after the first round. i think he did it on purpose as a f u to the org.we may have got buffalos 16 pick or possibly a deal with san jose or mini.i guess we will never know,i dont believe however that the flames are a playoff team this year,we are still getting older and slower while other teams get younger and faster.its gonna take 2 years to get out of dutters mess,who do we have JBO soft over rated and overpaid. lankow 4.5 mil for a guy you cant trade,hasnt played in a year and a half,and is 1 hit away from being on ir again.we have no young affensive talent and zero on the farm i think its time to pull an oiler and finish last for a couple years get some early picks and get rid of anyone over 32

  • coptin_


    • Unless your Hemsky! Then you get pounded into the ice.

      I’m not sure about that one Terry. However, I don’t obviously watch the Flames as much as you guy’s do but, I hated what Regehr did against Hemsky and the Oilers for years, Hemmer is as skilled as they come and he beat him into the ice more times them I’d like to admit

  • coptin_


  • Am I the only one who honestly thinks this was a good trade, yah we give up a second and a solid shut down Dman, but we also get rid of Kotalik, then we lockup an offensive stud for 5 years.

    Genius moves along with some good drafting today

  • everton fc

    Heard the Butler interview this morning. Wants a chance, but also admitted to inconsistent play w/the Sabres. Seems like a decent guy. I bet he pairs 5-6 with Carson. Sarich will work with Brodie, 3/4, me thinks.

    Unless they unload Sarich, which certainly isn’t out of the question…

    I appreciate our need for skill. But skill with SIZE is what we need. Our skill guys, those we drafted, all on the small side. Big forwards are what I was hoping for. Alas…

    Not sure how to feel, except underwhelmed. If we unload Sarich and Hagman, another chunk of cap free to sign the centre everyone says Iggy needs…

    The question is, who are they looking at? If it’s Lecavalier, or Richards, I’ll be choked.

    (As an aside, John Gaudreau is listed at 5’6″ 137lbs. He’s 18. He’ll need to gain 28 lbs to be at 165. Good grief!)

  • everton fc

    I don’t really think things are as bad as some of you are making out. Feaster just got rid of 7 million in salaries and even including the raise for Tanguay they still are about 5 million to the good that can be used for a couple of decent free agents. Also I think Feaster will still work to get some other idiot team (they are out there somewhere) to take Hagman and Stajan off of our hands. I think that there are a few teams that need to bring in enough salaries to get to the salary cap floor. Give the guy some time and then complain come September if he does not manage to do some more good things. And remember that Tanguay and Iginla are great together. I think that some of the newly available money will get us a decent defenseman or 2. The one other guy that I think needs to be traded while he has value is Kiprusoff, he has not really been consistently good for 3 years now and at his age will only slip more.

  • I’m just sick. I would have rather played that SOB Kotalik, kept Regehr, signed Tanguay to the contract we did and play kids at the 550-600K to get us to the 23 man roster. Then, trade deadline, you would have probably got at least a 2nd rounder(and wouldnt have had to give up one) for Robyn and we could have jettisoned other contracts as well, come this time next year, we have draft picks & cap space to have some fun. A shrewd GM & President would have had the patience to weather the last dark year of contracts and perhaps even got creative with trade options. We couldnt have given our 13th pick & Regehr to move up in the draft? So we gave a top 4 Dman & 2nd round pick for a return of prospects that we already have in Abbotsford. Is the Oil business that bad for our owners we couldnt have dealt with Kotalik the same way Edm has dealt with Souray? Is their vision that short of the longterm damage to save a couple of mill on a player because they let a GM(Sutter) run wild with the corp. cheque book. So now we are a team with a boat load of crummy contracts yet with just enough cap space to get into another crappy contract so management can try to save face for a disatrous year ahead of us. My confidence with KK & JF going forward has taken a hit. This had better be the last, one sided, Flames get kicked in the crotch, trade going forward. I just have no excitement going forward after this draft, how sad.

  • thymebalm

    Gut reaction: WTF! Where is our first round pick, or our NHL ready high ceiling prospect. Regehr is a top-2 defender who eats big minutes!

    logical/rational reaction: Regehr is a good checker, but he’s not even our best hitter. He’s one dimensional. His contract is very restricting in dollars and clauses and terms, he can’t be relied upon for a single meaningful goal in a season, and generally finishes with around 20 pts. He’s very out spoken, and seems to butt heads with people from time to time. Feaster seems to want to create this happy, inclusive, group think atmosphere, and Regehr doesn’t really fit that bill in my mind.

    We screamed and kicked to get younger and try something new. We got what we wanted, and I’m very pleased. There might be a slight growing pain, but I think we’ll find a players internally who will rise to the occasion and fill the hole his parting leaves behind.

  • Fire Power

    Two things that seem odd to me.
    One: Feaster has stated he wants the team identity to get back to hard to play against Flames hockey.
    Ok so why draft small players, trade for small players and trade away one of the toughest to play against on the team in Regehr?
    Two: He wants to free up cap space.
    Nice in theory but if you have to turn around and spend back to the cap to recover the holes you’ve just made by gaining it you’re back to square one.

    I like his draft pics, but trades are not Feaster’s forte.


  • Fire Power

    I agree with many of you. This trade is purely a salary dump. “Take our salary, we’ll take a couple pluggers.” They had to throw in a 2nd to take Kotalik. I’ve never been high on Regeher, thought he was overrated and had too much influence in the dressing room and management (see coach firings). Just know he is a good serviceable defenseman. Wish they would have gotten something, anything in return. As for the draft, meh. Nothing big, couldnt really do something. This was a draft about 5 players deep. Those after had potential. Would have been nice to have moved a 2nd this year and Regehr for one of those places in the top 5.

  • Matty Franchise Jr

    Reggie has always been one of my favourite Flames, and I hate to see him go. However, I think this was all for the best. We got rid of Kotalik and brought in some young guys, and we signed Tanguay to a good deal.

    The Feast actually has risen in my esteem this weekend.

    Sure, we could’ve buried Kotalik in the minors and had the same on ice product, but it’s not my $3M he’s being paid to play with teenagers. My guess is that Murray et al gave Jay a mandate to get rid of his salary, and he had to give up a 2nd round pick to do it. Oh well. The odds of a second rounder being an impact player are not great anyway.

    And sure, 5 years is a bit long for Tanguay, but the price is right in my mind. I assume that fewer years would have come at an increased salary.

  • Matty Franchise Jr

    Ummm…Does this mean we are in full rebuild mode now? Bit if so, where are the picks coming our way? Plus, why are we resigning 30 somethings?

    Me thinks Feaster is the instrument of Dutter’s revenge.