Matt Stajan Monday: A Lil Bit O’ Karma



It is today – in the middle of the dog days of summer, with just 58 days until the first pre-season game against the 2nd place, runner-up Vancouver Canucks – that I have decided to ask the hockey gods for a-lil-bit-o-karma.

So let me declare Monday July 25th as Matt Stajan Monday by asking all Flames fans to join in and watch this video in hopes that we can see some Vintage Matt Stajan this upcoming season.

And as an added debt payment to the hockey gods, may I suggest today’s reading:


So while we could use a first-line centre and all, it’d be nice if we could drum up #somekinda karma so that Matt Stajan can have a bounce-back season, and at the very least, be a second-line centre (or winger) for our beloved Flames.

What? It Could Happen


And By The Way!

While I didn’t share the venom some fans directed Peter Loubardias’ way, it’s nice to see Rob Kerr get the Sportsnet play-by-play gig. *Now if we can only find a way to ‘relieve’ Charlie Simmer of his ‘duties’ in favour of oh, I dunno… say Rhett Warrener, we’d be in business.

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**This ‘article’ has been inspired by several bookmarks I found saved on my computer tonight from not long after the Keith Aulie trade**

  • I enjoy how a bunch of those goals were against goalies such as DiPietro and Conklin… what a joke. Gives even more credence to the fact that the Western conference is probably a much harder conference to play in.

    We’ve seen this time and time again with Ian White, Jay Bouwmeester, and Olli Jokinen. Getting plowed repeatedly and unable to put the puck past high quality goalies such as Luongo, Nabokov, Osgood (ha…ha)/Howard, etc. etc.

    And @Kent, I didn’t know those guys were mostly RFA/UFA. That makes the fleecing all that much worse. It would’ve made sense if we hadn’t re-upped White/Stajan and tried to re-up Mayers, but, we tried and did.

  • RKD

    Nice compilation. I did the same thing with Jokinen. I watch old footage of him in Florida scoring all those goals.

    The much maligned players: Jokinen, Jay-Bo, Stajan and Hagman have come under much scrutiny and justly so.

    These guys were world beaters in the East but they came to Calgary in totally different capacities.

    Jokinen was the #1 guy in Florida scoring a ton in a weak SE division, now he’s asked to be like Thornton to feed Iggy the puck-epic fail. Now Jokinen is learning to play defence-way out of his element.

    Jay-Bo another star player, putting up back to back 15 goal seasons. Now comes to Calgary playing 30 minutes in the West, without hitting and is expected to produce 15 goals. Again, he’s converting from an offensive defenceman to a defensive defenceman.

    In order for Stajan to produce, he’s gotta to go hard to the front of the net or score on his off-wing. Hagman and Stajan aren’t really going to produce on line 4, or kill penalties, or be checkers so I’m not sure what their roles on this team are now.

    • everton fc

      Watching the “highlight” reel… I see many goals from takeaways or bad defencive plays… But I also see some goals where it seems Stajan does, indeed, go to the net.

      He shouldn’t be in the minors; he’s a NHL centre who simply had a bad year. You can either try to move him now, after he redeems himself (if he can redeem himself in the West; quite questionable, I think), or slot him on the fourth line… until you can figure out what to do with him…

      What if he does get back his form? What does that do to the Flames at centre? We’d certainly have a log-jam to deal with….

  • Subversive

    I’ve heard Rob Kerr call NLL and the fights during the games and by those indications I have no expectation other than that he will be f(%^ing terrible. He’s going to be the kind of hack like that dude who calls the Lightning games and goes into a falsetto every time (EVERY TIME!) they score a goal. He’s going to try and come up with a “trademark” call, like Peter Maher’s yeah baby, and it’s going to be TERRIBLE.

    On the plus side, I believe the Flames will make the playoffs this year.

  • fretsey

    Stajan Monday..I like it.I wanted to start a similar thing when we traded for Olli (the second time).I thought to promote a Provincial ‘Olli-Day….mostly because the hockey community needed a day off to try and figure out why he was coming back 😉