On a night where most Flames fans were going to be happy just to see Iginla get one or two goals closer to 500, something else happened. Call it part two of a three part Christmas wish for Calgary, but whatever it was, someone was listening. It wasn’t as a dominant night for the top line as the Wild game, but Curtis Glencross led the way with two tonight.


The Flames came out like world-beaters tonight, taking it to the Wings right off the get go. It was exactly what the Flames needed to do if they were going to see any margin of success tonight. Catching the Wings on the back end of the back-to-back helped, but everyone thought Detroit might come out a little nasty after losing last night. It took until the 16:10 mark of teh 1st period, but Curtis Glencross put a wrist shot passed Ty Conklin, on a nice pass from Olli Jokinen on the power play. Even though the score was 1-0, Calgary dominated the play with scoring chances favoring Calgary 6-2.

The second period was even a better one for the home squad, carrying forward the momentum they built in the first. Out shooting the wings 13-11 seems closer than it was. The Flames started early, at 1:30, Blake Comeau put home a soft pass that was served to him on a silver platter from Morrison. What didn’t go unnoticed was the sacrificial hit Tim Jackman took from Kronwall (that was reminiscent of the hit on Kesler last night)in order to get the puck up to Morrison. Not long after that, at the 5:47 mark, Curtis Glencross gets his second of the night on the feed from Jay Bouwmeester. Calgary out-shot Detroit 13-11, but hammered them in scoring chances 6-1.

The third period was more what we were accustomed to seeing in a game from these two teams. Detroit poured it on, as you can expect from an elite team that trails 3-0 after two. Jiri Hudler got the Wings on the board at 4:55 of the third and it was like a shark smelling blood in the water. From about the 12:00 minute mark on, the Flames were in full shell mode and just trying to hold on to the lead. At 15:48, Ian White scored on a flutter shot from the point that somehow handcuffed Kipper. It wasn’t a pretty one, but the Wings were within one. Panic subsided and it was one for the win column in the end. Detroit hammered fifteen shots to the Flames 5 and out-chanced them 8-5, but the Flames managed to hold them off with some key saves from Kiprusoff.


… why the Flames won? Because, for once, the Flames did it in the right order. They came out and severly dominated the first forty minutes instead of sitting back for the first forty and trying to play catch-up. Calgary controlled a superior team and foound a way to put them back on their heels right from puck drop. Did they have to hold on a little more than we liked at the end, yes. However, did they steal this game from the wings? Absolutely not. The Flames played with jump and speed and they did not let the Detroit thugs bully them around in their own barn.


I’m going with Jackman tonight. Tim was a +2 in scoring chances and is the reason  Morrison was able to make such a pretty play over to Comeau on the second goal. Jackman gives the Flames what they need night in and night out, an honest effort; it was nice to see him get rewarded. The line dominated when on the ice, and could have a few more chances with a bounce here or there.


The Flames played an overwhelming dominant game against a team that they needed to beat. There were no excuses for the Wings due to anyone missing from the line up. They had their guns, but Calgary still managed to have their game. They obviously went into this game with a specific game-plan and it was refreshing to not only see them stick to it, but excel at it. Can they again carry the momentum into tomorrow night against yet another important game, against a division rival? We’ll see, but one thing is for sure, the Flames seem to be finding a game they like and are comfortable with.

  • Truculence

    Detroit poured it on in the third, but that was partly facilitated by a weak and young defence corps (outside of Bouwmeester and Brodie, they all seemed lost). The loss of Gio really shows, even though he hasn’t been having a good year. Nevertheless, I thought they really limited quality chances, with some being generated by fortuitous bounces.
    We really need a physical, shutdown d-man a little more mobile and younger than Regher. Boychuck should definitely be a target as a fourth d-man in the off-season as he brings everything we’re lacking in the back-end: a booming shot, physical play, and a decent, if not overwhelming, defensive game. His game would definitely complement that of, say, a youngster like Brodie who relies on speed and finesse.

    Backlund also looked outright dominant at times. He’s really starting to come around, although it doesn’t show in counting stats.

    Smyth, imo, was awful in the third and should have been given an assist on the first Detroit goal. Why anyone would clear a puck softly into the slot is beyond me. Hell, he made Sarich look good out there tonight.

  • Truculence

    PS: If you had told me a couple of weeks ago that the Flames could beat Detroit without Gio, Tanguay, and Borque I would have fell off the couch with hysteria, given that we`re a pretty mediocre team to begin with (and I don`t buy the whole `Detroit was playing back`-to-back excuse, as the Flames have been trekking through wide expanses in North America this past week, and were playing their sixth in ten, and will end up playing their seventh in eleven tomorrow).

    All in all that was a pretty good performance by the forwards and JBo.

    We`re still gonna get killed 2morrow, though, and that just makes me feel sad for Irving. Hopefully they don`t destroy his confidence by utilizing him only in back-to-backs, in which the Flames usually suck.

  • Truculence

    For some strange reason the Calgary Flames tend to beat the more hgher ranked apponents. Not sure why this is but fortunetly there are more good teams in the nhl this year then their are bad. If the Flames can pull off a win on Thursday against a weaker team perhaps the Flames will have killed this on-going trend.

  • Dr. Nick

    Why do the Flames always feel the need to go into a shell in the third? You are up by three, why not try to help out the guys in fantasy pools. But no, Detroit scores one and into the shell they go and us fans are left praying that the Flames can hold the lead. I would like to think there is a chance the Flames could score more, but it seems once the third hits, that’s it that’s all.

    On another topic, while I don’t think players should get credit for empty net goals, I would like to know which person and team has the most empty netters in the NHL and where the Flames rank.

    If anyone can help me with this query I would kindly put in a good word for you with Jolly Ol’ St. Nick…. he’s my cousin.

  • Dr. Nick

    Once again I have to ask, were the Flames really that dominant in the 1st and 2nd or was Detroit just that bad? Because when Detroit woke up in the 3rd Calgary fell apart.

    The Flames have taken great advantage this year of teams coming in on back-to-backs.

    This win changes nothing in my mind. I refuse to partake any joy from it.

    • ChinookArchYYC

      Wow what a surprise, another negative post. You have 3 basic posts when the Flames win. 1. The win proves nothing because the competition sucks. 2. That was not really a win, because the elite team played badly. 3. Iginla sucks and is only capable of empty netters.

      Being a pessamist takes very little effort and brings nothing worthwhile to a conversation. This is why people tune negativity out, and seek to find a more balanced viewpoint. Posting on FN must be a great venue for you, at least when you are trying to be the smartest person in the room here, people can’t leave. It is amazing how you constantly reinterate the same theme about the Flames being a “middling team”, while giving the Flames no credit. Does’nt a .500 team need to win 1/2 their games, and still in your mind they don’t deserve to ever win.

      Find some balance in your thoughts, or go and join the Jock Wilson and Ryan Lambert fan clubs. I’m sure they are both looking for a founding member.

      • ChinookArchYYC

        Oh, poor baby….did I upset your hero worship?

        I’m sorry, you’re right, the team that’s gone past the 1st round once in 22 seasons is amazing.

        Finishing 10th every year is awesome.

        It never ceases to amaze me how many people turn to personal attacks when others don’t agree with them.

        Tell me, have I ever insulted you? Disrespected you views? But because you know I’m right, yet are such a fan boy, you get personal.

        Btw, people can leave this site any time they want. Or they can just choose to not read my posts. Obviously, you must enjoy my commentary if you read them all of the time.

        And thanks too, I often find when dealing with people like yourself, that I am indeed the smartest person in the room. Though I’ve never claimed that in any of my posts so I’m not quite sure where you’re getting that from.

        Unlike you who hops on and off the bandwagon with each win and loss I’ve held th esam eview consistently. If you’re tired of reading it, well, I don’t really care.

        As far as effort, I often put a lot of effort into my negative posts. Why is it easier to be negative?

        So, it doesn’t matter if an opinion is 100% spot-on, better to be a bag licker?

        Also, wouldn’t a .500 team constitute “middling” by definition? Please, be positive all you want, but think a little bit before you post something so stupid.

        As well, there are in fact games when I’ve said Calgary does deserve to win. I never said they didn’t deserve to win, they obviously showed up for more of the game than Detroit did. So yeah, they deserved the win. Doesn’t mean that the Flames are now a better team than Detroit. The 3rd, IMO, proved that.

        Amazing too, how when Kent Wilson posts something negative you don’t write him a post like that. I don’t remember a comment after the post about how even when Iggy is scoring, more goals are going in the other way, for example. Again, bag licking.

        Do I want this team to fail? Yes. I want them to be forced into a rebuild that requires drastic moves regardless of the pain so that a team can be properly assembled. After the foundation is in place, then you can try and stay competitive. Trying to scratch into 8th place every year is joke.

        And who the hell are you to tell me to change my posts? Sorry, are you a moderator?

        You should check out CP. You’d be in good company there.

    • ChinookArchYYC

      Wow, getting a lot of backlash for your posts, eh? I don’t agree with you on some of your points, but I don’t think you deserve this much backlash. You got the right to your own opinion.

      Really, the game should’ve been 3-0, 3-1. Both Detroit goals were fluky, (1st one, horrendous giveaway by Smith, 2nd, fluky White shot). Oh well, they won, that’s all that matters. Not looking forward to tonight’s game though. Could be a loooong night.

      • ChinookArchYYC

        Thanks Schevvy.

        Hey, believe it or not, but at one time I was the guy looking at Hnat Dominichelli and thinking he’d be our 1st line centre for years because look how well he played with Iggy on the Blazers! And that Jonas Hoglund would be scoring us 30/year on 2nd line for a decade! Etc., etc.

        I’m bitter and jaded dude.

      • ChinookArchYYC

        Was at the game just to the right of Kipper, 3rd row, & holy smokes, as much as that 2nd goal was oh no Kipper, what was that??? the saves he made to win this game were just amazing up close. The 3rd was totally exciting & ironically, it was Detroit totally dominating us & enjoying the Kipper show. Detroit easily could have tied that game & the Flames just really didnt know how to handle the Wings when they stepped up their game like 3 notches. It was like 2 different games out there. First 2 periods, Calgary played well but also Detroit just werent ready for a game like Calgary threw at them. I think they were still stinging from that Vanc. game. 3rd period they realized they cant walz and brought their A game. Just not sure what to think of that 3rd, a/ were the Flames outskilled that badly. b/ Sutter and players did not make adjustments to react to what Detroit did in that 3rd. c/Or this is the ultimate fine line of parity in the league. Bottom line, if that was a playoff game & Detroit played with the same intensity for the whole game, it would be a very short series. My question to anyone, have we seen the Flames raise the level of their game to dominate the way Detroit did to us in that 3rd? Do we have that level to compete against that?
        Thrilled about a huge win for us. I dont mind Wolf’s posts, I’m questioning the same things & trying to look at the long term future & what the best moves for the Calgary Flames should be today. Not quite at the same chapter of the book Wolf is on. I enjoy the different perspectives because everyone is usually a little bit right.

  • jeremywilhelm

    The point these other two guys are trying to make is that perhaps on a night when Detroit’s second goal was undeniably fluky, it might be a bit too much to suggest the Flames ‘fell apart’ in the third.
    You are very negative, which is your right, but hoping your team tanks so that they get a better spot in the annual crap-shoot err, entry draft does not make you smarter than those who want to see their team get the credit they deserve for the wins they earn.

    You are also right to point out how dismal our history is since ’89. No one thought we’d go far in ’04 either. None of us knows how the rest of the season will play out, “that’s why they play the games.”

    Keep posting bro, but expect to get some backlash when you suggest that you “refuse to partake any joy” from watching your Flames win.

    As for my two cents (actually only worth half that much). Smith did look bad on the first goal, but that does not negate what a surprise he’s been this year. Hands up who picked him to even last through the first wave of cuts during this year’s training camp? Glencross’ contract looks pretty good right about now too.

    • jeremywilhelm

      You see, now this a reasonable post that I can appreciate. I know I’m negative, but I’m far from the only one. But even if I were, as you point out, that’s my right.

      I have no problem with being taken to task for what I write. You, for example, make a valid point re: the 2nd Wings goal.

      On the other hand, I have never laid claim to being smarter than anyone on this forum so I don’t know where that’s coming from.

      I’ve never said my strategy is “smarter,” just that I beleive in it, obviously. I’ve also stated numerous times that by being a little drastic now, we can avoid more pain later. I don’t want to be forced into an Oilers style rebuild, I want to avoid it. It’s my sincere opinion though that we keep getting closer to that cliff every year.

      Calgary did deserve to win last night. They showed up more than Detroit did, but the 3rd period demonstrated just how far we have to go to be able to beat a an elite team when they actually bring their ‘A’ game.

      I take no joy from it because I want to avoid management overrating the club again. Remember, Darryl had a 5 year plan to rebuild and it basically went out the window as soon as the 2004 run was over. A run I cheered for as much as anyone btw. You’ll recall what’s happened since however.

      What I don’t like is the “I disagree with you so I’m going to call you names and hurl insults your way.” That’s just juvenile.

      Btw, I disagree on calling the draft a crapshoot. While there is an element of chance good clubs find ways to consistently acquire talent. The Flames do not.

      But we once did. Look at that ’89 team and how many of them were draft picks and how many were late draft picks. Even afterwards, with the German Titovs and Robert Reichels of the world we were still finding skill. But those scouts left for various reasons. The Flames need to get some of them back, talk to Cliff, something, but find out what they did back then because it worked.

      Frustration dude, that’s the long and the short of it. Another 20+ years of this is unacceptable and fan support, IMO, perpetuates the problem, not solves it.

  • ChinookArchYYC

    @ The-Wolf

    I love your posts man. They are direct and to the point. I agree with almost every point you make. I don’t need to make any more posts because you always beat me to it! I get sick of all the people who are just glad to have an NHL club in town to watch. I want a team that is competetive and actually puts in an effort for 60 minutes/ 82 games a year.

    Would enjoy sittin’ down with you with a cold bottle of crown and watching a game. Keep up the good work.