Postgame: Iginla

In a game where the Calgary Flames were hoping to snap a season long five game losing skid, they got a special gift along with accomplishing their goal.  Jarome Iginla scored goal number 500 at 8:33 of the third period in a game where all the scoring came in the final 20 minutes; all in all, a fairly decent effort from a depleted Calgary lineup on a special night at the Scotiabank Saddledome.

What Happened

We had a fairly low event first two period of play, with Minnesota really running things in the first five minutes, racking up a few quality scoring chances.  But some key saves from Miikka Kiprusoff kept this game scoreless, with Minnesota winning the scoring chance count 5-3.

The second was much the same, with the chances slanting exactly the same way in Minnesota’s favour, and not surprisingly, we had a close game after 40 minutes of play.

The third period saw Calgary open the scoring just after the two minute mark, with Lance Bouma finishing off a Lee Stempniak rush at 2:02.  Bouma’s first ever NHL goal was a nice precursor to Iginla’s 500th at 8:33, seeing his shot bank off Marek Zidlicky and Mikko Koivu on it’s way into the net.  You could tell Jarome didn’t recognize the feat when it happened, until Curtis Glencross let him know that, yes indeed, the 500 mark had been reached.  The entire team came off the bench for the moment, which was something pre-approved by the league prior to tonight.  Glencross’s 17th at 11:15 on the powerplay gave Calgary the insurance they’d need, helping to cover off Dany Heatley’s lone Wild marker at 13:41.

One Good Reason…

…why the Flames won?  They really forced the issue in the final frame.  There were times when they had things ran by Minnesota, and had some good spans of hockey where things were pretty even.  But scoreless after 40, Calgary did a nice job taking the bull by the horns from the very get-go in the third.  Kent had Minnesota with just two scoring chances prior to going down by three, meaning the Flames really were the team driving things in the third.

Sum It Up

It snaps a five game losing skid, so a win is a win for the Calgary Flames.  But the most important thing is Jarome becomes the second member of the organization to reach 500 goals, and the first to score all of them with this franchise.  Overall, Jarome is the 42nd player to reach the 500 mark and he joins a rather illustrious group to do it all with the same team.  I remember his first and I was in the building for his 500th, so it was pretty cool to see it happen tonight.

  • Not only was the Dome foam good in the third period but it was great to see the young kids step up and play some quality hockey! Koodooos to Kipper,Sarich,Brodie,Backlund, and the rookie scoring his first nhl goal. All of it made the Iggy goal special tonight, Great to see some energy in the team tonight

  • RKD

    IMO, Iggy is the greatest power forward of our time!! I’ve been watching Iggy since 1995 when he made his playoff debut against the Hawks. I’ve seen him play with all sorts of guys from Fleury, Titov, Stillman, Savard, Bure, Huselius, Conroy, and now to Jokinen. 500 goals is an amazing accomplishment and all with one team.

    Only the 42nd player in NHL to do so, 15th player to score 500 with one team, 8th player to score all with one franchise.

    He’s done it primarily without a #1 center. 80 game winners, ranks only behind Jagr(113) and Gretzky(91).

    Classy ceremony for Jokinen, that silver stick is really cool. Congrats to Brent on win #100.

    Bouma was our energy guy today, Stempniak and Backlund also looked pretty good. I liked Jones and Wilson tonight.

  • Vintage Flame

    Good to see Iggy get #500 at home. The fans were great for him.

    From the start with Olli’s 1000 game ceremony to Lance Bouma’s 1st NHL goal and to culminate that with Iggy’s milestone… Great evening.

    Kipper also had a fantastic game as did Mikael Backlund. Lots of jump tonight!

    Fun Facts: Iggy is 1 of 8 to score all 500 with the same team.
    He is also third behind Jagr and Gretzky with 80 game winning goals.

    • SmellOfVictory

      Teehee, oh you.

      On Jones: I noticed him in a lot of good ways tonight. I doubt he’s the second coming of anything, but he looks infinitely more useful than Mikkelson, so I think the trade is a minor victory for the Flames.

  • CitizenFlame

    Congrats to Bouma on #1, Olli on game 1000, Brent on win 100 in Flame silks, and most of all congrats to Iggy for goal 500. Best Flame of all time.

  • CitizenFlame

    What an awesome 3rd period. That was so much fun. First 2 periods were a little dry but we were looking at the brightside that it was 0-0.
    Then boom, nice goal for Bouma. I like that kid & I feel he is just about ready for 3-4th line duty regularily. Iggy’s 500th & that Kipper save right in front of us were just freaking unbelievable. I thought that Jones & Wilson played pretty good considering. Think about it, Wilson & Smith & Brodie versus the Babchuk & Sarich & that can possibly be a lot of cap space to make some significant moves on a star player. I think after next year we start offer sheeting Eberle & Hall & Parjarvi:)

    Last point was we found it weird that the team after the game prior to the 3 stars, went to centre ice & saluted the fans with their sticks. We were wondering why they did that, is what like OK thanks everyone see ya later as we’re all probably traded but it was only game 43. Nice gesture, I think they appreciated the fans more than ever tonight after that last game. Must have been a hard thing going out there after being embarassed like that. Just found that strange but appreciated it from the players.

    Oh well what a game to be at. Doesnt change what this team has become. Sure wish we had a miracle fix & we can keep Kipper & Iggy. Just dont think that is going to be possible. Tonight just seem to churn up nostalgic feelings like what we had in 2004. But what did General Patton once say, all glory is fleeting. Now to go sleep off those Dome beers.:-)

    • Wanyes bastard child

      Most teams (I think) salute their fans after a win at centre ice like that, I know the Oilers do every home win… few and far between as they are…

      Congrats to Iggy! Hope you get to play out your career in Calgary.

      Even though I/we all hate the canucks I still think this is my favorite Iginla highlight outside of the golden goal where we hear Crosby shouting “IGGY” before he scores!

      • Vintage Flame

        Most teams (I think) salute their fans after a win at centre ice like that…

        I think so too WBC. It’s something that has really started to catch on and as a fan, I have to say that I like it and hope it’s something that continues. Sort of like when the players on ice started running down the high fives along the bench after a goal was scored. It used to be something you only saw in Junior hockey.

        Nice to see the kids teaching the vets a thing or two.

        • First Name Unidentified

          Ugh that Dome beer gives you cobwebs. I know what you are saying but I hadnt seen that in previous Flames games & I’m not one to leave with 3 minutes left. I stay to the end, they go down, congratulate the goalie, salute the fans & head into the dressing room. It was something else, they did that then they milled around at centre ice, & I guess it was because of Iggy’s 500th & did it at centre ice. I just felt something different, thats all, but Iggys 500th would be the obvious reason. Was a pretty electric crowd after that goal.

          Sorry VF, when I went to jump the boards after the goal that potlicking security guy told me to put your friggin clothes back on & sit the frick down. Glad I did or I would have missed Kippers amazing save:-)

          • Vintage Flame

            I know what you are saying but I hadnt seen that in previous Flames games & I’m not one to leave with 3 minutes left. I stay to the end, they go down, congratulate the goalie, salute the fans & head into the dressing room. It was something else, they did that then they milled around at centre ice, & I guess it was because of Iggy’s 500th & did it at centre ice.

            It is something new for the Flames, but I have seen a couple of other teams do it on TV. It’s definitely not the norm, but has happened. Odds are you’re right, that it was just for his 500th though.

            Maybe like all other things, it just needs time to build some momentum. Maybe the Players are trying to suck up to the fans with the new CBA negotiations coming up?

          • ville de champignons

            This realignment sure looks like the first shell being fired in the CBA negotiations. Seems to me, shooting this down is going to bring out the hawks from some of the owners who wanted the reallignment really bad. Cant help but think the owners didnt see this move coming. A lot of subplots are probably going to surface. I think there are some pretty significant issues at stake & I think this amortizing contracts & front end loaded bonuses may even start some internal issues amongst the owners. This CBA is going to be anything but a slam dunk extension. I see a shortened season next year.

            Was reading on the 4th period talks of Hartley being the coach next year & Feaster enbracing the rebuild, not feeling like Brent is the guy for a rebuild. Not sure how I feel about Hartley.

          • RexLibris

            First time the Oilers did it, that I can remember, was during the 09-10 season near the end. They had a military family appreciation night and I think it was also to say “thanks for sticking with us, we know this hasn’t been easy”. It’s become a sort of trend amongst teams now. I think they even wave to the fans in Dallas now. Both of them.

            If the players try to force a stoppage to claw back some of what they lost the last time around, the fans will be even more in the corner of the ownership than they were last time. The big issues to work out, in my opinion, will be ownership solidarity around the cap floor and the revenue-sharing as well as relocation vs expansion (my vote is for relocation). For the players, well how would you feel if your union just vetoed a agreement that would cut your mileage by a few tens of thousands of kilometers a season (Winnipeg) just so they can use it as a negotiating chip? I think unions have a place, and I wouldn’t want to work in a world without them, but often they can get in their own way. The NHLPA is doing just that, by throwing it’s Winnipeg members under the bus just to tick off the ownership. When the fans want it, the owners want it, and frankly the television rights holders want it, what can you possibly gain by standing in the way?

            Here in Edmonton there is a strange intersection on the south side, close to Southgate mall and the University. In the middle of this intersection is a small triangle of land. Right now there is a MacDonald’s on it, but before that, there was just a house. The city was building a major intersection and was buying up the houses at market value in order to demolish them and build the road. Except one guy thought he’d hold out until he got his exorbitant asking price. Well, the city said “No” and built around him. So instead he had this god-awful stitch of property in the middle of an intersection that was now virtually worthless. That is the position that Donald Fehr risks putting the PA in during these next negotiations.

  • flamesburn89

    I guess I picked the right game to fly up from San Diego and see with my brother. And thanks to my brother we were guests of Peter Maher and got a chance to shake Iggy’s hand after the game. The 500 couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. And thanks to the Fan 960 crew, all great guys.

  • Captain Ron

    Congratulations TEAM! You showed a lot of class, so many fun minutes in this game. Going to a Wild game is usually a boring affair, but this had SO many high-five moments.
    Next Canadian edition of Trivial Pursuit, Category Sports: Which Minnesota Wild member actually scored Jarome Iginla’s 500th goal, and how?
    (Marek Zidlicky. Off the skate. Non-reviewable kicking motion!)

  • RexLibris

    Few things:

    Kids looked good. I realize they were playing the Wild, but both Jones and Wilson actually look like they have brains. Both also seemed mobile.

  • RexLibris

    Quoth I: “The Isotopes win a game! The Isotopes win a game!”

    The Flames are essentially 4 to 5 pts out at the halfway mark. I’m not certain, but weren’t they in a worse position at this time last year? With some luck, and a few more divisional games, they could put themselves back in the hunt very quickly. They’d need to beat out Phoenix, Colorado, L.A. and Dallas, all teams that have shown a great deal of inconsistency this year (of course that’s the reason those teams are all in those positions). Basically, out of those five teams (Calgary included) the first one to start solidifying their performance and put together some runs will likely squeeze into the 7-8 spot.

    At the very least it could mean a reason to watch for fans over the next two months. That wasn’t looking likely a few weeks ago.

    • ville de champignons

      I think you can add Minnesota to the list of teams battling for the final playoff spot and its also worth noting that all of these teams have games in hand on the Flames. Flames were actually better at this point last year, I believe (too lazy to actually check). Their chances this year are very poor. The word sffoyalP is now verbotten.

      Thanks for the optimism, I think. From your posts here and at ON it is obvious that you are a knowledgeable and thoughtful student of the game. But, like Wanye, your pedigree is stained copper & blue.

      Makes me think you’re trying to ingratiate yourself to us in the hope that we will be more sympathetic to the plight of the Oilers. Not likely to happen but, in truth, they are so hard to hate right now, humbled as they are. And they have been very generously gifting points to the Flames lately. Not to worry; in time, these points will be returned to you with interest.

      Cheers. Warriors live and die but Salutate! Bellum Aeternus!

      • RexLibris

        Yeah, I have no desire to ingratiate myself with Flames fans. My interest is in being a good neighbour and a fan of the game. Don’t get me wrong, I loathe the Flames and the image of Fleury sliding across the ice is probably the root of several of my deeper pathologies in life. But while I will never cheer for the Flames to win a Cup, I did cheer in ’04, right up until they got into the final. Why? because, like the Oilers Calgary nearly lost it’s team, and nobody, not even the Canucks, deserve that.

        Also, it may come to pass that the Oilers do turn this rebuild into something special and when it happens I want to make sure that, with all the bandwagon blowhards that come around any time a team hits it big, Flames fans know that Edmontonians aren’t all like that.

        I don’t think I’d use the word “optimistic” for my belief about the Flames, more fatalistic. Because I don’t believe that going on a run is in the team’s best long-term interests. However, I have watched long enough to know that, aside from death, taxes and the corruption of government, Flames and Leafs teams always go on late-season runs.

        So we’ll see what happens this year. But my guess is the Flames end the year slightly more outside the playoffs than last year, but without a decent draft pick position to salve the wound. No Man’s Land. Welcome to it. Oilers have been there for years. Try the veal.

        • RexLibris

          Hey Rex. I think Flames will be picking top 8. Big difference is we have injuries Oiler style & man the roster looked awful scary despite the win. If I were a Minni fan, I would be just sick losing to that Flames lineup. That lineup probably isnt going to win at a .500 clip let alone a .650 clip to get into this playoff race madness that happens every year. I also think moving Kipper & Iggy just before a CBA showdown may have even more upside than the return we could get for these players. There is probably more long term thinking with Ownership & Management than we think. Might also be the reason why ST hasnt pulled the trigger on a move you would think he would have when the Oil were in the thick of it. One thing for sure, when they hired Fehr to represent the PA, I thought oh oh, that cant be good from a fan point of view.

          • RexLibris

            I have the Flames pegged to pick 6th at the highest, 10th at the latest. I know, that’s a wide gap, but with the “parity” of teams-that-aren’t-very-good right now, it’s a crap shoot who finishes last. Last week I was sure that Anaheim and Columbus had 1st and 2nd locked up, but now with Whitney, Eberle, RNH, and Barker all out at once and with the imminent departure (presumably) of Hemsky as well…

            There are even some discussions about Tambellini asking Smyth if he would want a chance to go to a contending team to see if he can win a cup. He’d have to play until he’s nearly 40 to win one here, so the offer would be up to him to accept. Nevertheless, if we were to trade Smyth for a 3rd round pick or higher, how big would the explosion be from Dean Lombardi’s head?

            My thoughts exactly about Fehr. As soon as I read a little bit of his background I figured we would be in for a showdown. My guess is that the NHLPA’s stance is highly dependant on the outcomes of the NFL and NBA negotiations though. With the % of revenue paid to the players in each of those leagues going down, my guess is that Fehr will either die on his sword or try to stick it to the ownership on some other detail, although aside from free agency I can’t think of any particular one right now. Fehr could end up being the worst possible thing to happen to the PA since Eagleson, if he causes another shutdown. It could kill some of the American markets and the fans would revolt against the players.

            Funny, about Kiprusoff and Iginla, my thoughts go in the exact opposite direction: that a GM would likely be more cautious about taking on any long-term contracts before they know what the financial landscape is going to be. Who knows, we could both be right. Some GMs could be gamblers others might be more conservative.

        • ChinookArchYYC

          I make a point of reading your posts Rex, and I have come to appreciate your point of view. I don’t think you are trying to ingratiate your self to FN, but I also have noticed a talent for left-handed complements. For example, “I have watched long enough to know that, aside from death, taxes and the corruption of government, Flames and Leafs teams always go on late-season runs.”. Nice work in drawing a parallel between the Leafs and the Flames, and thereby promoting the narrative that the Flames will follow the same path as Canada’s most pathetic franchise. Don’t get my tone wrong, I love it. Like you I also cheered for the Oilers all the way till game 7 of the 2006 run, and then drank the most refreshing beers at a local Boston Pizza watching the Hurricans lift the cup.

          The rivery is only good when it becomes personal. Touché.

          • RexLibris

            Aw, shucks. I’m blushing.

            I made a point of reading this for roughly two years before I made any comments. I was never interested in trolling, but VF and I do sometimes exchange the QE2 salute. Out of respect, of course.

            No, the comment about the Leafs and Flames runs are actually sincere, not backhanded comparisons of the two. You don’t need me for that, there has been enough of a history between the two franchises in terms of player movement to let anyone find a link if they wanted to. The difference between the Flames and Leafs is that the Flames don’t have the massive beauracracy the Leafs do to get in the way of the management. Not that the management for any team is intrinsically smart enough to do their jobs well, but having a corporate atmosphere surround every decision isn’t going to do the team any favours.

            Thanks for reading my comments, though. At least I know I’m not just ranting into the wind.

            So would you be happy with a pick in the 8-10 range, or would it be just that much more frustrating to finish low without having a better pick to show for it? I’m just curious what the feeling is in the fans with the draft becoming more of a centre of focus there now than perhaps it has been in recent years.

  • ville de champignons

    Thanks for refreshing the Fleury memory but it conjured up an image that gave me nightmares for years as a kid: Dave Semenko standing over Tim Hunter – Hunter doubled over, head clamped between Semenko’s knees – and big Dave looking up at the crowd with a wide-eyed smile, holding his punches.

    As an adult, I now see that as a metaphor for the Flames-Oilers relationship: No cheap shots and despite the hatred, you don’t beat the other guys head in when he’s down.

    As a bottom line, I trust that our mutual fan-bases will be forever united by our mutual loathing of the Vancouver dive team.

    The veal, you say?

    • RexLibris

      When MacIntrye knocked out Ivanans last year, same thing. He’s down. Stop punching and skate away knowing that you beat him. No showboating, or belt-miming.

      Vancouver I loathe for the bandwagon braggadocio that their more unpleasant fans seem to embody. As well the utter lack of class from the organization, from Vigneault and the roster on up. I mean, they threatened to sue a car dealership in Vancouver for showing a sign with the logo that said “Go Canucks”. Ridiculous.

      Yes, with some sauteed asparagus, it is to die for. Humble pie for dessert is a can’t miss item in these parts.