Postgame: Come On, Man



Only the most hardcore optimists can see the Flames making the playoffs now, as they drop a 4-1 decision to Dallas this afternoon. A game mostly controlled by the Flames, they weren’t able to get the luck they have depended on for the majority of the season today.

The Recap

The game got off to a rough start as Jamie Benn buried his 23rd of the season less then two minutes into the game. The highly annoying Adam Burish facilitated the goal with a pretty nice pass from behind the net. Dallas would strike again at 12:43 with Michael Ryder continuing his excellent season; getting his 33rd of the year. Calgary would pull within one when Anton Babchuk somehow threaded the needle directly to Mike Cammalleri, who then proceeded to go all retro Squid and put the one-knee one-timer right into the back of the net. Shots in the period were 7-8 for Dallas. Chances were similarly spaced out, with the Stars winning the battle 5-6.

A nice save by Miikka Kiprusoff around 9:30 capped off a rather uneventful first half of the middle frame. The second half wasn’t any different, but a little excitement was caused by perimeter shots turning into scrambles in front of each net. There was a bit of violence at the end of the period, originating after a bit of Olli Jokinen-Sheldon Souray jostling. Shots in the period were dominated by the Flames, coming up 14-6 while chances were 4-3 in favour of the good guys.

The Flames started the third on a power play, but weren’t able to convert it into anything tangible. Give credit to the Flames, though, as around the 15 minute mark they really started to push the issue-a couple of great flurries in the next 3 minutes produced many “oohs” and “ahhs” at Shanks South, but resulted in nothing scoreboard-wise. Of course, even though the Flames were the ones driving play the entire third period, they were victimized for two goals in the final five minutes to basically eliminate them from playoff contention for the third year in a row.

The Stars

1.Kari Lehtonen

2.Mike Cammalleri

3.Jamie Benn

The Final

I just don’t see any realistic way that the Flames can make the playoffs based on both their schedule and their play of late. It’s seriously done.

I know Scott Hannan will get a lot of crap for the third goal, but the way I saw it on the big screen was a little different then the public perception-Hannan was going behind the net to cut off a reverse to the other side. As Benn was streaking in, the centerman should have realized what Hannan was doing and covered Benn. Of course, all of this could have been prevented with a proper change.

But yeah, that noise you hear in the distance is the Fat Lady’s train rolling into town. The Flames play next on Monday, when Dallas follows them back home. Gametime is 7 PM Mountain on Sportsnet and ye olde radio.

  • Get The Puck Outta Here

    I got an idea.

    Hopefully Flame management resigns ALL the same free agents, and re ups the coach in the golf season and we can all meet back here, same time, same place, next year and watch this circus roll into town one more time.

    O and Jay, if I buy something at Home Depot that has a guarentee and its broken I get my money back. No playoffs again this year Jay. Money back please.

  • RexLibris

    Just a note about the complaints of the MSM in Calgary. In Edmonton there are essentially two sports radio stations. The Team 1260 and 630 CHED. CHED has the rights and airs the games for the Oilers and Eskimos. Until Bob Stauffer (and some would say continuing under his involvement) CHED was often criticized as being the mouthpiece for the Oilers organization, never critical and always optimisitc, as the team struggled year-in, year-out to make the playoffs, never improving and always seeming to run in place. !260 started up in the early 2000’s, I think, and basically offered a counterpoint where fans could voice their opinion, often critical. For the most part today, 1260 is considered the sports station in Edmonton while 630 is the station that has the games and a few commentators on the game (Stauffer, Tencer).

    Does a similar option exist in Calgary or is all of the Flames talk get channeled through 960? If so I’m not surprised that there is such displeasure over their coverage as the rights holders are often very reluctant to openly criticize the product they have purchased.

  • RexLibris

    Not surprisingly, fans of the Flames and Oilers share an unbridled passion for the game and the home team. After read of both Nation sites, well….just change the names, the fan solutions are the same. Tear down, rebuild, purge the president and all his henchmen. As an Oiler Fan I have the utmost empathy for the anguish that appears evident in Cowtown. Reality…..there is no urgency to knee jerk a response to the clambering of the fans. As long as both franchises continue to sell out, which is a by product of the economy not the on ice product, there is no real pressure to ………….contend. Pressure? Ask the south eastern managers whose survival is gate driven. They are hanging on by a thread. That’s why those guys are willing to make player moves to get better. In good old Alberta the loss of playoff gate receipts can be tempered with savings available within the salary cap. This is business, big business, the entertainment business. Sports results…….merely an amusing by product.