Postgame: What To Say

We’re going to forego the traditional recap tonight.

I don’t care that these guys make a stupid amount of money. That’s fine, the market determines the price, whatever.

I can’t even bring myself to damn the effort tonight-69 Corsi events, 25 scoring chances and 39 shots. The effort was certainly there-sure, the finish wasn’t, but that happens sometimes. 

The thing that pissed me off more then anything else is the acceptance of defeat. The listless looks on the faces of the players immediately after Iginla’s goal showed us all they know it’s done just as much as we do. It was further evidenced after the game-I’ve seen happier people at morgues then they were at the Dome tonight.

There was one point in the third period with about 14 minutes remaining where a defenseman-Sarich, Hannan, Giordano, doesn’t matter and I don’t really care which one it was-but there was an opportunity to keep the puck in the zone by taking one more step. The guy backed off of the puck.

I just can’t understand that thought process. There’s 14 minutes left in the “most important period of the season”, yet you’re still playing not to lose. If you’ve ever played any sort of competitive sport, you know the difference between playing to win and playing not to lose. Sure, most of the time the result will end up the same, but there’s always a few games where it doesn’t. Those, oh, five or so games will be what gets you to the playoffs or what makes you pick 11th. 

I don’t know if that’s coaching, if it’s the players, if it’s the environment created by the guys at the top…but it needs to change.

In that same vein-and I’m sure I’ll look back at this in the morning and swear at myself-but I’m now teetering extremely close to the edge regarding the possibility of trading Jarome Iginla. I’m sure there will be much ink spilled regarding that in the coming weeks.

The apathy is hitting hard, and if the Flames wish to curb that-for both the good of the business side of the team and the perception of them by fans-things need to change.

Evidence? Check out this and this.

Oh well. They play again tomorrow.

  • First Name Unidentified

    I used to advocate bringing back Olli for no more than 2 years at the same price, but no NTC. Not anymore. Dito for JBo, but now, if there comes a taker, good bye.

    If no other reason, the vets need to be moved out of here just for the sake of a complete culture change. And I do mean COMPLETE.

    Right now the only vets that seem to really care are Gio and Kipper. Maybe Moss, but given his injury history, no big loss.

    Agree with other commentators, we need some winners in here. More youth, speed and hunger.

    Are we really better than the Oilers? Missing the playoffs is missing the playoffs IMO. Except they’re closer to winning a cup than we are.

    Seriously, I’d rather watch my team try and lose than this sorry lot. Iginla looks he’s actually trying to NOT make the playoffs. Interferes with his summer time with the fam in Kelowna and all that. Besides, he’s got ‘his 30.’

    Just so sick of this same old song and dance. Hoping that Jay is smarter than I think he is and is basically holding the team up to the owners saying, “look, they suck, it doesn’t work! Can I do what I want now?!”

    I’ve gone from wanting scorched earth to a much more moderate approach right back to scorched earth. And then some.

  • everton fc

    Does anyone really think that Feaster has the balls trade iggy, or kipper?

    I Agree with the wolf in that Ollie should not come back.

    I think feaster will talk about how injuries are what did it for the flames this year and that this is actually a playoff team. 2 or 3 wins and they’d be in.

    I don’t agree with this mentality at all, but that’s what I see happening. No big changes except a new coach

  • everton fc

    good point dave, but feaster better get a pair and do what is neccessary for the long term health of the franchise. kipper and iggy have been left on the vine for 2 extra seasons. yes fibbster will site the tough luck the team had with the injury bug. but really who missed big stretcjes of the season other than gio who is truly an impact player? moss does serve a purpose however its not like you lose a 25 goal guy. the revolving door of 5 th through 8 th defensemen. imagine if kipper had been lost for say a 20 game stretch, the flames would be fightin the jackets for the lottery prize. agreed brent is dead man walking, but edwards has to be getting flak for allowing rev ken king of the church of perenial 10th place to have the big chair.