The KHL’s Back! And Malkin Nets a Hatty


The KHL has returned from its December break, and Evgeni Malkin opened things up with a bang!

We have five games for you right now, and we’ll be working on more of the games from December 19th tomorrow, as well as the pair from Thursday the 20th.


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Malkin is disturbingly good.

SKA taking on Novokuznetsk is kind of like the Canucks playing the Blue Jackets.

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Remember Alex Semin? Well he does stuff in this video!

Avangard should have killed Spartak, but the game was pretty close. Unfortunately, Spartak made some pretty bad mistakes.

The Ukraine Train chugs along as Donbass beats Yugra.

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And errrrthang all in one.

  • Does any one know what the bribe amount per referee per game is in the KHL? Lots of sloppy calls all over the place in almost all of the highlights.

    Also, where does one find shooting stats for these guys? I’d like to see how good Malkin’s shooting will be in the KHL 3 years from now.

    P.S. Thanks for the highlights.