If we were still a kid we would yell "HOCKEY IS BACK IN 1 SLEEP" because that is how we measured things back in those days. Now we are far more mature and the return of the NHL season means it is time for us at Nation HQ to get to steppin! More articles, more writers more games! More everything! Try things! Hurry!

To that end we are proud to introduce the first annual Nation Draft presented by United Cycle.


"Why Wanye, what is a Nation Draft?" you may be asking as you lounge about your glorious mansion in some sort of fur pant suit. A Nation Draft is your standard pay to play hockey draft where you pick a top scoring player from a group of four 28-mind-testing times thinking it is so easy. Only to later find out that Brett Lindros retired years ago and couldn’t possibly outscore Dane Byers.

Then you submit your team and we email you every Monday breaking things down for you and then you win an avalanche of prizes.

Think that Ovechkin will outscore Fistric? That kind of genius is exactly what we are looking for. Say, have you been working out lately? What a package deal you are beauty and brains

(insert other flattery here until sufficiently buttered up)


Uh ever hear of Prize-a-Palooza? Cause that’s right here friend. We have rounded up over $10,000 in prizes including a $5,000 shopping spree at United Cycle or FIRST PLACE, Prepaid Visas raining down from the sky, crested Jerseys, Pint Gift Certificates, Oodle Noodle GCs, Jiffy Lube Oil changes, iTunes cards and much more!

That’s right, show us your hockey knowledge and you win a $5,000 shopping spree at United Cycle.

We will be releasing the final number of prizes and denominations in total once the number of entries has been finalized but we already have 100 prizes in a pile marked "DON’T TOUCH" here at Nation HQ. And if we don’t give them all away we will be forced to change the oil in the WanyeMobile dozens of times in a row.

Please don’t let that happen.


A portion of the proceeds from this draft will be going to the MS Bike Tour and the Inner City Children’s Program as so awesomely supported by the pair of Jasons –  Mr. Gregor and Mr. Strudwick.


Over $10,000 in prizes remember? HOLY ATTENTION SPAN


                                     Just click here to enter!


Final note: You must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of Alberta to play