Best of the Nation – 2.3.13

Trade talk, draft talk, and the early season’s whipping boys! All that and more after the jump!

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The 2013 NHL Draft: 1) Looking at the consensus rankings 2) putting together a mock draft based on where each team would pick right now and 3) the Oilers Nation top-10 and 4) the special possibilities available to Columbus this year (since they can probably start gearing up for the draft right now). [NHL Numbers/NHL Numbers/Oilers Nation/NHL Numbers]

When Vancouver traded away Cody Hodgson, they had a list of six young players that they targeted. They ended up with Zack Kassian – but was he the best of the bunch, and which teams didn’t bite? [Canucks Army]

Trade talk: to the Flames have a defenceman to move? [Flames Nation]

Fun question for Flames fans still smarting over their team’s last trade with Toronto, or actually for anyone who just doesn’t like the cut of Dion Phaneuf’s jib: is he a buyout candidate? The Fan 590 in Toronto asks the question. [Leafs Nation]

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Are power play opportunities up, or does it just feel that way because Tom Kowal or Tim Peel or – actually, it’s probably best not to name every lousy NHL official individually – has refereed a recent game involving your team? Looking at power play opportunities league-wide. [NHL Numbers]

Strombabble: 1) Looking at potential trade targets for Roberto Luongo 2) explaining why the Canucks don’t care which of their goalies ends up starting the most games and 3) on that season-ending hip surgery to third-stringer Eddie Lack. [Canucks Army/Canucks Army/Canucks Army]

Nation Network founder Wanye Gretz talks Nail Yakupov, Nation Gear, some of our charitable initiatives, and why to fear his 535th-ranked Nation Drafts team in his own inimitable way. [Oilers Nation/Oilers Nation]

The surest sign that hockey is back is the Toronto media excoriating favoured whipping boy Phil Kessel. Where is he shooting from and is he actually struggling? [Leafs Nation/Leafs Nation]

Five early surprises for the Flames. Pay special attention to number five, where Kent Wilson chirps the Oilers – a team eight spots and twice as many standings points ahead of Calgary. [Flames Nation]

It didn’t take very long for a vocal subsection of the Canucks’ fanbase to turn on free agent signing Jason Garrison. 1) Does he miss the net too much (and is missing the net connected to losing games) and 2) should Vancouver fans be suspicious of every ex-Panther Mike Gillis brings to town? [Canucks Army/Canucks Army]

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Ever wonder what 1:11 of ice-time looks like? An entire game of Darcy Hordichuk, broken down frame-by-frame. [Oilers Nation]

Mike Komisarek gets injured “doing something he regrets.” [Leafs Nation]

The grand finale of Rex Libris’ 100-part plan to rebuild the Calgary Flames. [Flames Nation]

The So You’re an Expert Podcast, covering everything Canucks and some things Don Cherry this week. [Canucks Army]

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  • The early season has shown us lacking still in some areas. 5 on 5 play. Defensive zone coverage. And our 3rd and fourth lines ability to generate offensive support. On the other hand DD looks solid.The PK and PP look solid and the emergence of the Yak is pleasing.

    Down in Calgary. Still in denial.Jay Feaster is. What to do? What to do? The signing of Jiri Hudler is IMO a good one. Keeping Bowmeester not so good.If there ever was an opportunity to rid himself of that contract this will be the year. Jerome should be a Ranger at the trade deadline.

    Vancouver. Past thier due date.

    Winnipeg. A move to the western conference please.
    Ottawa. No Spezza.No chancea.

    Montreal. The Super G’s have taken the city and the team by storm. I wonder who Subban picks a fight with this year on his team?

    Toronto. Who cares.

    I would like to see MP playing up here. I would rid myself of Hordichuk or Eager to make it happen.

  • RexLibris

    To be fair, my plan was 20 points, with an 80-point optional appendix.


    Mmmmm….draft. I expect these standings will change significantly over the course of the year. Flames fans looking forward to a high pick may have their hearts broken with a late-season surge, as the Flames are wont to do.