POST-GAME: #SpoilTheOil


Today started off much the same as any day when it’s the Battle of Alberta. A conversation with a few of my friends that just happen to be Oilers fans (What can I say, I’m a charitable guy). The conversation involved much of the same banter that inevitably comes when the Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers square off.

What really stuck in mind this time was when it was made pefectly clear to me that, "After that 8-2 beatdown, Hell would freeze over before the Flames were going to win this game tonight." I didn’t really know if I should get too in depth on this one, after all, Calgary was dressing six, yes SIX, AHL minor leaguers tonight, and the Oil was bringing the full measure of the "draft pack".

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Well later that day the snow began to fall here in Cowtown; and it kept falling. Could it be? Could Hell actually be freezing over? Let’s see how it played out…

The Rundown

Well before Oilers fans could settle into their lazyboy recliners, with their Red Bull and Pork Rinds, they were down 1-0. TJ Brodie has been one of the few shining stars of the Flames this season; 26 seconds into this one, he would show us again why.

As the Oil tried to clear the zone, Brodie would jump in and beat the puck to the blueline. Keeping the play alive, he would make his way to the high slot before dishing the pass to Sven Baertschi. Sven would make the cross crease pass to a waiting Mikael Backlund, who would waste no time putting the puck over Re-Habby’s shoulder, while Nik was still trying to remember where he stashed his wineskin.

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The celebration would be short lived as Ryan Jones would steal the puck behind the Flames net. He would then find an unmarked Lennert Petrell in front of Joey MacDonald. The unmarked Petrell would get the Oilers first mark on the scoreboard and this one was back on equal terms

Shortly after, the Oilers thought they had taken the lead on the heels of "Yak City". The only problem is that someone should have told Yakupov that you’re not supposed to or are allowed to kick the puck into the net. The review went to Toronto and they agreed, no goal. However, reports during the intermission were that Toronto FC were waiting for the end of the Oilers season so that they could sign Nail for the summer. They would only have to wait about 40 more minutes.

Calgary out-shot Edmonton 15-11 on the strength of three power-play opportunities. The Flames haven’t much to brag about this season but their PP has been solid; hanging around the top-10 of the NHL all season. The Oilers late parade to the penalty box had the potential to come back and bite them.

Early in the second TJ Brodie would pick right back up what he started in the first. Starting the Flames PP rush, he would spring Tim Jackman up the left side. Jackman going hard to the net, wouldn’t score, but a pinching Dennis Wideman would be Johnny-on-the-spot to jam home the rebound. Unlike Yakupov, he would use his stick, so the goal would stand and the Flames were back on top.

Your Calgary Flames wouldn’t look back after that. It was time for the kids to have some fun.

Still just five minutes into the middle frame, Dennis Wideman would recognize an ill-timed line change for the Oilers. He would throw the puck up the boards to a waiting Lee Stempniak, who got just enough of the puck to tip it into Edmonton’s zone. Ryan Smyth would be first back into the play and would do his best impression of a helicopter do its impression of a Nail Yakupov celly.

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By the time Smytty spun his way out of the play, Sven Baertschi would pick up the puck and snap it passed a soon to be passed out Khabibulin. Though Sven’s first of the year was unassisted, it was all started by the Flames picking up early on the Oilers seemingly cascading errors.

Shots were even in the second, but the Flames put up two on the board and were in full control of the game.

By the time the third got under way, there was one team that was just paying out the motions; and it wasn’t the southern team. A loss for the Oil dropped their playoff chances from 2.3% to 0.3%. If it wasn’t fun enough for Flames fans watching what turned out to be a Svensational game, it was time to give this win…



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That’s was the kids first of his NHL career and it was a beauty way to score it. He may not score a lot of those, but what a way to follow up his first NHL assist.

Why the Flames won…

There may not be much left to play for this season, other than the draft pick, but going forward, the Flames need to know what they have coming up in the system. Plain and simple, that’s why these kids are up here; well that a whack load of injuries to their regulars.

That being said, the standing mean nothing in a game like this. The Oil are your provincial rivals and you just can’t lose to them. Tonight was redemption for the last time these two met, and it had to have a different outcome.

That was the ending to this story that was the 2013 Battle of Alberta, it was up to the players to write the final chapter to make it all make sense.

It may not have had quite the same scoring quantity, but the quality was the sweeter for the fans and for your Calgary Flames. The goals from Baertschi and from Reinhart will be of far more importance to management than if they had dropped an eight ball on the Oilers.

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Why did the Flames win? Because six kids from the Abbotsford Heat are expected to make a difference for this club in the years to come, while the Oil’s beloved "Draft Pack" are firmly entrenched in what the Oilers are all about , which after this game, adds up to  just a whole lot of…. Nothin.

Because the Flames and Oilers went head-to-head with their back-ups and Calgary’s played like he didn’t want to miss out on what this team was going to be about next year; while Re-Habby played liked he didn’t want to miss out on last call.

Red Warrior

There are so many possible choices to go with tonight.

Do we go with TJ Brodie, who started it all off tonight with key plays to give the Flames the lead on two ocassions? Maybe Sven Baertschi, who played 17 minutes and registered his first two point game with a goal and a helper?

What about Max Reinhart? The fact that his first of his career was the one that rubbed salt in the wound that was the Oilers playoff chances bleeding out like a Kosher ritual; that has to be good for his first Warrior honours, right?

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Joey MacDonald perhaps, in one game, erased the #MacBackup tag, and is now possibly in the running as #MacStarter. Time and time again in this game foiling the Oil, sucking the life out of Edmonton’s game and all their fans that were forced to watch the debacle unfold before their very eyes.

Nay.. Tonight we’ll just give it to the whole team. In one of the most complete games they’ve played this year, it was a night that meant nothing to the rest of the NHL, but everything to two cities and their fans that love to hate each other.

Sum It Up

I can’t say I’ll be disappointed if the Flames lose every game from here on out; they played well tonight and they did it with an AHL lineup against Shelbyvill and all it’s hopefuls.

The Oilers are obviously taking the cliche, "Hope springs eternal", a little too literal and as a Flames fan, I (as are the rest of you most likely) couldn’t be happier.

It’s amazing how a game like this can wipe away the bad memories of something like losing thirteen straight on the road. Hell, now they’ve won two in a row… #GoingForIt??

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It’s been fun to see the kids come up and not just play, but play well. From Horak, to Reinhart and Baertschi, even Carson, I don’t have anything negative to say about the way they have played as a group, and as a team.

… And then there’s this!

Wanye, Wanye, Wanye, you really asked for it!
What got into you? Surely you must have realized early in the season that the Oilers’ roster was as full of holes as Swiss cheese? That the Flames have had the Oilers’ number almost for ever. And I say this as a long time Oilers’ fan.
What is so hurtful is that the Calgary rebuild that started 10 days ago is now ahead of the Oilers’ rebuild that started five seasons ago. Jay Feaster will now smile and not worry about having to wander aimlessly in the desert as some other team that we know will continue to do.
Orchestra, cue the music…Turn out the lights, the party is over.

Things will continue to get more interesting for fans, as it seems they are going to be treated to yet another new face.

With St.Cloud being eliminated from the semi-finals of the Frozen Four, Newly aquired, and signed, Ben Hanowski is making his way to Calgary and from all reports, it looks like they are going to give the kid a chance to play.

I think that’s a pretty exciting thing, and so I’m looking forward to that. No word on when he officially gets into the lineup, but I have to think Feaster and Hartley won’t wait long, as they will want to parlay some of that intensity he’ll have from the NCAA tournament and see what he can bring to the big stage.

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Maybe he gets to make his debut in front of all of us, as your Calgary Flames take on the Minnesota Wild Monday at the Dome. Gametime is 7:00 pm. Catch it live on SNET-W or the Fan 960.

  • schevvy

    Rex got haters! Haha.

    Rex is a lot more tolerable than most Oiler fans (cough Quintana cough). I don’t agree with everything he says but that’s ok. If everyone agreed on everything the Nation network would be very boring.

    Also, I must say I was disappointed with the length of Rex’s response. I was hoping for a whole novel. Pick up your game, Rex! 🙂

    • RexLibris

      ~Sorry to disappoint, Schevvy. It gets hard to write with all these Cup rings on your fingers.~

      There everyone. That was a troll post and the sort of thing I specifically avoid.

      And please note the sarcasm tildes before and after.

      So schev, cheering for the Hitmen or the Brossoit-led Oil Kings? Divided loyalties.

  • loudogYYC

    I think i finally get it.I’ve been a little slow in my thinking. Rex and Wanyne are one and the same.Not sure i get the anonymous handles,but whatever ,they post as cartoon character’s.They do add colour,and lighten things up.

  • Vintage Flame

    Rex is the furthest thing from a troll.

    If I had to pick any Oilers fans to come a comment as frequently as Rex does, it would be a very short list, but he’d be on it.

    I don’t always agree with what he says, but then again no one agrees with me all the time either.

    I’m not sure why we are spewing so much vitriol towards Rex though.

    I’d hate to think that I wasted all this fine material on an Oilers fan (Sorry Rex), rather than aiming it at the team or it’s players.

    • Captain Ron

      Rex may not be a troll,but i’am pretty sure Wanyne is,if in fact they are one and the same.
      As far as vitriol being spewed,not sure why it would’nt be directed at Rex/Wanye/cartoon man.

      You writer’s created this scenario,and appear to be trying to deflect the response on “sensitive” fans.

      Are Rex Libris and Wanyne one?

      • Vintage Flame

        Rex may not be a troll,but i’am pretty sure Wanyne is

        Ummm no. Wanye is the boss dude. As in of ALL the Nation sites. He gets to say whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

        Are Rex Libris and Wanyne one?

        No, they are not the same person.

    • RexLibris

      The question is, would Danis have been a worse option than Joey MacDonald at this point?

      It also would have been a direct swipe at the Oilers when they are relying on an aging, and injury-prone, backup.

      That being said, I have no qualms with your opinion on it. I know others felt it was a bad idea as well.

  • Eddie Shore

    In 2008 the Oilers had a “kid line” that consisted of Andrew Cogliano, Sam Gagner and Robert Nilsson. These three players showed very well down the stretch that season and up here in Edmonton thought we had something special brewing. Unfortunately, that lines success ended with that season and in 2009 the Oilers went 27-47-8.

    Enjoy the win, your players earned it no doubt. But I would be cautious with all the basement dwelling jokes given the current set of circumstances. Hopefully, for your sake, your management isnt as inept as ours. Actually, hopefully they are.

  • RexLibris

    I am not Wanye. Never met him. Sorry to ruin the Clark Kent/Superman dual identity storyline.

    There was an interview with Jermaine Franklin the other day on 1260 in which Franklin mentioned that the emotions in Calgary were running very high, from what he could see.

    This has been a rough year for the Flames. Old guards failing, iconic members leaving town, frustration over some management decisions and actions, and a humbling record. I may not like the Flames, but I’ll always have sympathy for fans who have to live through the tough times.

    If I haven’t always been as respectful of that this year, then I apologize. But if you want someone to blow sunshine up your backside and tell you that everything is going to get better from here on out, well, probably best to skip past anything I write.

    When I comment on the Flames I usually try to take my Oilers’ fan hat off. It may not always work, but I am aware of the bias and at least try and correct for it. My opinions are harshly critical of the Flames management right now and it has nothing to do with where the team plays. It has to do with their decisions and actions. They could be working for Florida and I would have the same opinion. If I recall correctly I did actually put up an article partially defending Feaster’s trade of Iginla and Bouwmeester, at a time when the majority of the fanbase would have hung him from a lamp post.

    BTW, why is this thread all about me? Didn’t the Flames actually beat the Oilers the other day? Shouldn’t the discussion be about the statistical merit of that victory and what good things came about from that win?

  • Vintage Flame

    Rex and Wayne are definitely different people. While both have the stink of week-old unwashed loins and armpits and have impressive flowing mullets, Rex has a gigantic bald spot above his.