Post-Game: Your Calgary “Ocean’s Eleven” Flames!!!


If you factor in the additions of Hanowski, the re-signing of MacBackup, the earlier additions of the likes of Sven and Max Power… even the season long astonishing rise of TJ Brodie, there are are actually like eleven new faces to track throughout the line-up.

We’ve all said this before, but really? What realistic chance do these "kids" have at beating the like of Parise, Backstrom, Koivu and Suter, not too mention a few others? Oh, and the game is away, not the friendliest of environments to your Calgary Flames this season.

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The only things is, no body has told thes kids that the Flames don’t play well away from the Dome. Or that this team is just playing out the string now with the likes of Tanguay, Glencross and tonight Wideman, out of the line-up. No, they were told to just go out and do their best.

Okay.. Let’s see what their best was all about…

The Rundown

The first period shouldn’t have come as a surprise to, well, anyone.

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Minnesota with a heavily laden vertern line-up dominated for not just the better part of the period, but almost all of it. Despite that, Calgary managed to hold their own without giving up many 10-bell chances.

With the recent success Calgary has had with their call-ups and new aquisitions, all eyes would again be focused on the newest of the new.

Mark Cundari was one that immediately caught the eye of those paying attention this afternoon. A smooth skilled skater that also demonstrated the ability to clear the opposition from the appropriate areas, Cundari looked to make a lasting first impression on those evaluating him in the ivory tower.

He didn’t disappoint. While passing the midpoint of the period, the Flames would go to their first power-play of the afternoon. Brodie and Cundari would play keep away from the Wild penalty killers with some finely timed passes of their own. Until the moment where they caught the defenders lagging on the play, perhaps anticipating the return pass to TJ on the point, Cundari was left alone at teh top of the circle.

Taking his time and keeping his head up, Cundari would take a few steps in on Backstrom and then snap the wrist shot high over the Keeper’s shoulder and just inside the post. A great shot from the new blueliner, Joining Ben Hanowsk, and the 23rd Flame of all time, in the "first goal in his first game" club, and your Calgary Flames were surprisingly up 1-0?

That lead would hold until the near end of the frame. With just under a minute and a half left, and the Wild circling, Zach Parise would walk out and around a spralled out Joey MacDonald and level the score with a wide open net.

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The score may have been tied, but that was the only surprise of this one. The Wild out-shot Calgary 14-5 and like I mentioned before, was pretty much able to keep the play in the Flames zone for the opening 20 minutes.

The second period did not have such a refined beginning for Calgary. Minnesota came down early and applied pressure immediately. In the opening shift, they put two shots passed MacNewContract, folied only by the post.

However, the Flames were again able to stave off the onslaught of the Wild’s push. Long enough for this…

Somewhere around the eight minute mark, Mikael Backlund did what Mikael Backlund does for this team, regardless of who he plays with… or against.

This time he would show that he can play the body in his own zone as he stripped Kyle Clutterbuck of the puck behind the Flames net. He would then move out into the left face-off circle, make a small hitch move, then pause for a slight moment before dishing a saucer pass to Sven Baertschi; Baertschi would make a nice pass of his own to spring Lee Stempniak.

As Stemps moved in on Backstrom with Baertschi supporting on the edge of the crease, Backs would slowly move in, watching. Watching the play and the puck. Putting himself in the right place at the right time, Backlund was right there, when the puck popped loose from the crease, to put the Flames back in front 2-1. Just a great play from start to finish as Mike shows more and more of his potential with leadership by example.

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Despite being out-shot again in the second (11-7), it was your Calgary Flames that went to the dressing room one up on the scoreboard. As always with games between the Wild and the Flames, the result would be determined with one telling period. Had Calgary just played it, or would it be left to the third?

The first half of the third could have been a tape replay of anygame, any period ever played between the two clubs. A whole lot of nothing much going on. Play was fairly even and the shot totals were pretty much following suit. Maybe this was not going to be the telling period.

The Flames would go back to the PP at the 12 minute mark, but it wouldn’t last long. Just 39 seconds in Mike Cammalleri would receive a broken-play slap pass from Mark Cundari. Backstrom would throw himself across the crease, pads stacked, but Cammy just waited him out and wristed the puck into the open upper net. Cundari’s second PP point of the day, both being initiated by great plays by TJ Brodie.

With just under a deuce left in the game, Calgary once again enjoyed the man advantage. In an effort to pull out some sort of miracle, the Wild decided to pull Backstrom, while short-handed.

As the boos rained down from the fans, Jiri Hudler calmly skated over center ice, steadied himself and potted the empty-netter. And with that, the Flames run as spoiler continued with a 4-1 victory.

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Why the Flames won…

When you have 11… ELEVEN fresh faces in the line-up, you have a roster that knows only one thing, and that’s to go full out for sixty minutes with nothing to lose, and let the chips fall where they may.

That’s what this line-up is doing and they are getting results. Big results.

These kids don’t know what losing is right now, because every night is nothing more than opportunity. They aren’t playing for today because they know it doesn’t matter. They are there because they are playing for tomorrow. A tomorrow where they are going to dbe relied on for so much more than an audition or an emergency call-up due to an injury.

They also won because they won the special teams battle. Not only did they go 3/3 on their own power=play, but they were able to keep Minnesota at 0/3 on theirs. That’s a power-play that boasted the likes of Parise and Suter, while Calgary put out Reinhart and Horak.

Each kill was like a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart. Each goal they scored on their own PP, led by Brodie and Cundari was another litre of gas for the accelerator. Plain and simple…

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The Flames were able to take and take from the Wild and when the opportunity presented itself, these kids were there to pounce on it. etching themselves in the memory of the Flames management.

Red Warrior

I’m going to go with TJ Brodie tonight.

With Bouwmeester gone and Dennis Wideman out of the line-up, this was Brodie’s defensive corps tonight. He led all defensemen and all skaters on the Flames with 28 minutes of ice-time.

He had two hits, two blocked shots, one takeaway… oh and two huge points for Calgary. Points that paced his team to victory tonight.

On any given night, Brodie is a serious consideration for the Warrior. He has been that good for the Flames this season. His ceiling seems unset right now as he continues to develop with astonishing upside. Even now, still young in his career, he is viewed as an untouchable for your Calgary Flames and has remained the constant silver lining in this clouded season.

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Scoring Chances

 Here is all the fun stuff that scientifically should just make the Wild feel nothing but shamefull humility after dropping this one tonight…

Scoring Chance Summary

Team Period Time Note Home Away State
Away 1 18:05 Street 7 10 16 5 46 32 32 38 22 3 44 35 5v5
Away 1 15:56 Jackman 21 96 29 4 77 32 18 15 58 7 42 35 5v5
Home 1 15:28 Koivu 9 63 11 20 25 32 11 13 47 5 6 35 5v5
Home 1 13:16 Parise 9 29 11 20 46 32 32 22 13 7 42 35 5v5
Home 1 13:11 Suter 9 29 11 20 46 32 32 22 13 7 42 35 5v5
Home 1 13:00 Clutterbuck 17 21 22 4 77 32 32 22 13 7 42 35 5v5
Away 1 6:24 Cundari (Goal – PP) 21 22 4 77 32   11 13 47 7 42 35 4v5
Home 1 1:17 Parise (Goal) 9 63 11 5 46 32 24 59 51 3 44 35 5v5
Home 2 16:47 Mitchell 7 10 16 4 77 32 32 38 22 42 44 35 5v5
Home 2 16:13 Koivu 9 63 11 20 25 32 24 59 51 5 6 35 5v5
Home 2 13:48 Koivu (PP) 9 29 11 20 46 32 11 13 5 7 35   5v4
Home 2 12:49 Parise (PP) 9 29 11 20 46 32 11 13 5 7 35   5v4
Home 2 12:48 Parise (PP) 9 29 11 20 46 32 11 13 5 7 35   5v4
Away 2 11:14 Stempniak 17 21 22 5 77 32 11 22 47 3 7 35 5v5
Away 2 11:13 Stempniak 17 21 22 5 77 32 11 22 47 3 7 35 5v5
Away 2 11:12 Backlund (Goal) 17 21 11 5 77 32 11 22 47 5 42 35 5v5
Home 2 9:19 Cullen 17 64 16 46 77 32 59 15 58 7 42 35 5v5
Home 2 6:05 Clutterbuck 17 64 22 20 25 32 18 15 58 3 44 35 5v5
Home 2 3:55 Parise 9 63 11 20 25 32 11 32 13 42 44 35 5v5
Away 3 17:45 Backlund 7 10 16 20 25 32 11 13 47 7 44 35 5v5
Home 3 16:45 Granlund 17 64 22 20 25 32 18 15 58 42 44 35 5v5
Away 3 14:47 Baertschi 21 29 16 4 77 32 11 13 47 42 44 35 5v5
Home 3 13:15 Parise 9 63 11 20 46 32 18 24 58 3 5 35 5v5
Away 3 12:08 Stempinak 21 96 29 4 46 32 32 38 22 3 42 35 5v5
Home 3 11:50 Bouchard 21 96 29 20 25 32 32 38 22 3 42 35 5v5
Home 3 11:34 Koivu 9 63 11 20 46 32 11 13 47 7 42 35 5v5
Home 3 11:32 Koivu 9 63 11 20 46 32 11 13 47 7 42 35 5v5
Away 3 7:20 Cammalleri (Goal – PP) 9 63 11 20 25 32 18 15 58 3 5 35 5v5
Away 3 5:17 Stempniak 21 96 29 20 25 32 32 38 22 3 5 35 5v5
Away 3 2:41 Byron 21 96 29 25 77 32 32 38 22 42 44 35 5v5
Away 3 1:26 Jackman (PP) 7 17 25 77 32   18 15 58 5 7 35 4v5


Home Team Player Summary

# Player EV     PP     SH    
4 STONER, CLAYTON 14:36 2 3 00:00 0 0 01:06 0 1
5 CLARK, BRETT 06:56 1 4 00:00 0 0 00:00 0 0
7 CULLEN, MATT 13:49 1 2 02:02 0 0 00:34 0 1
9 KOIVU, MIKKO 16:53 9 1 03:38 3 0 01:18 0 0
10 SETOGUCHI, DEVIN 12:19 1 2 02:02 0 0 00:00 0 0
11 PARISE, ZACH 17:08 9 2 03:38 3 0 01:18 0 0
16 ZUCKER, JASON 09:45 2 3 00:39 0 0 00:00 0 0
17 MITCHELL, TORREY 08:35 4 3 00:14 0 0 00:34 0 1
20 SUTER, RYAN 25:19 11 3 04:09 3 0 01:18 0 0
21 BRODZIAK, KYLE 15:10 2 8 00:14 0 0 01:06 0 1
22 CLUTTERBUCK, CAL 10:57 3 2 00:14 0 0 01:06 0 1
25 BRODIN, JONAS 20:34 6 4 01:45 0 0 01:06 0 1
29 POMINVILLE, JASON 12:47 3 5 03:38 3 0 00:26 0 0
32 BACKSTROM, NIKLAS   15 11   3 0   0 2
46 SPURGEON, JARED 16:06 7 2 04:09 3 0 01:25 0 0
63 COYLE, CHARLIE 16:45 7 1 00:41 0 0 00:00 0 0
64 GRANLUND, MIKAEL 05:59 3 0 00:42 0 0 00:00 0 0
77 GILBERT, TOM 18:45 3 6 00:00 0 0 01:01 0 2
96 BOUCHARD, PIERRE-MARC 13:19 1 4 01:45 0 0 00:00 0 0


Away Player Scoring Summary

# Player EV     PP     SH    
3 CARSON, BRETT 14:24 6 4 00:21 0 0 00:12 0 0
5 GIORDANO, MARK 19:56 3 3 00:54 1 0 02:37 0 3
6 SARICH, CORY 08:00 0 2 00:00 0 0 01:16 0 0
7 BRODIE, TJ 21:55 4 6 02:17 2 0 03:47 0 3
11 BACKLUND, MIKAEL 11:16 5 4 01:32 1 0 01:53 0 3
13 CAMMALLERI, MIKE 13:14 2 7 01:32 1 0 01:42 0 3
15 JACKMAN, TIM 12:22 2 3 00:38 1 0 00:00 0 0
18 STAJAN, MATT 13:55 2 3 00:34 1 0 01:07 0 0
22 STEMPNIAK, LEE 13:22 7 5 00:39 0 0 01:19 0 0
24 HUDLER, JIRI 13:15 0 3 00:13 0 0 00:00 0 0
32 BYRON, PAUL 13:34 4 6 00:39 0 0 00:44 0 0
35 MACDONALD, JOEY   11 15   2 0   0 3
38 STREET, BEN 12:42 4 2 00:39 0 0 01:32 0 0
42 CUNDARI, MARK 20:34 5 10 02:04 1 0 02:16 0 0
44 BUTLER, CHRIS 17:27 4 5 00:20 0 0 01:40 0 0
47 BAERTSCHI, SVEN 11:28 5 3 01:28 1 0 00:12 0 0
51 HORAK, ROMAN 11:52 0 2 00:13 0 0 01:49 0 0
58 HANOWSKI, BEN 13:11 2 4 00:34 1 0 00:00 0 0
59 REINHART, MAXWELL 13:07 0 3 00:13 0 0 01:30 0 0


Home Team Period Summary Scoring Chances

Period Totals EV PP 5v3 PP SH 5v3 SH
1 5 3 5 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0
2 8 3 5 3 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
3 5 7 5 6 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0


Away Team Period Summary Scoring Chances

Period Totals EV PP 5v3 PP SH 5v3 SH
1 3 5 2 5 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
2 3 8 3 5 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 0
3 7 5 6 5 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0





Sum it up

Tonight’s game wasn’t a game where you saw a bunch of kids got called up to play against a team that was mailing it in because their ticket had already been punched to the post-season.

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This game meant something to the Wild. Minnesota sits a mere 3 points out of falling into 9th place in the Western Conference and both DAllas and Detroit have a game in hand.

The fact that the Calgary kids came out and took this one away from the Wild means they deserve full credit for the effort tonight.

The Flames are doing well in playing the role of spoiler… too well maybe. With every victory, they push themselves further down in the draft order, and give themselves less of a chance to win the lottery for that illustrious #1 position.

It’s great to see them winning, especially with almost every established vetern either gone or in IR now.

There is a very distinct possibility that your Calgary Flames can finish this season .500. That would probably mean they would once again finish above the Shelbyville Oilers. As much as I would laugh whole-heartedly at Edmonton for their disgrace, I would also be worried about the draft pick selection and the uncertainity of that lottery.

Calgary faces Nashville on Tuesday. This is another game that is very winnable for your Calgary Flames. Will they? Could they actually run the table here to close things out?

Game time is 6 pm. Catch the action on SNET-W and the Fan 960.

  • schevvy

    why are they winning? management commits to the rebuild and ships out players, and then we win 5 of 6? either commit or don’t, but this is getting silly. we’re passing up on the best draft potential we’ve had available to us in several years. i can’t wrap my head around it.

      • Willi P

        Goaltending is definitely on a hot streak, unbelievable luck we have been soundly outshot lately and have found ways to win, aside from the Anaheim game but still out shot by a couple in that contest.

        It’s my belief that pushing us into the 7- 10 draft slot, sets us back 2 years. We are missing a top line, any piece and top 2 D.

        • McRib

          How does our young talent stepping up, showing they are capable of contributing to wins in the NHL set us back two years….. LOLOLOL. People are focusing on drafting in the Top. 3 waaaaayyyyyyy too much!!! Monahan, Lindholm and Nurse would all be Top. 3 picks any other year!!! Monahan was a top 3 to start the year … But unfortunately for him his OHL club traded away any decent vet playing on the worst team in the CHL in the second half tanked his draft status!!! He could be the number one centre we have always wanted, this is the deepest draft in a decade for good reason. Tanking the rest of the season would set us back two years!!!! If you want to have a culture of loosing go cheer for the Edmonton!!!

          • McRib

            The wins are great, but it’s not sustainable we were out shot by 20 vs. Detroit, and out chanced 26 to 17 tonight. Tanking the season and culture of losing? By that do you mean the 4 remaining games we had cause yea I would be ok with that and I don’t think that builds a culture of losing. I would rather have the top three pick in the deepest draft than a top three pick. The flames were in the bottom 3 to 4 teams most of the season which is more reflective of our talent level despite this resent run. Compared to the other bottom 8 teams I feel we have the least amount of talent going forward.

            I know that there was going to be a strong possibility if we picked in the top three, we draft one of MacKinnon or Barkov, drafting 7- 10 I don’t think there is same level of talent, could I be wrong yes but as of right now that’s where we are at. I say it set us back two year because as pointed out the kids do have fight , and I suspect we will again draft in 7 to 12 range next year, and it will be a couple of drafts for the sum of the parts to equal a top 3 pick this year.

          • McRib

            The Flames have outshot teams for the last five years with aging veterans…. I AM DONE WITH THAT!!! We are beating teams with energetic young players who can fill the net, no matter how many “shots” we get!!! The Type of goal Cundari scored tonight is a “skilled goal” you only need ONE shot to score with that type of quality!!

            You clearly don’t follow prospects if you think you need a Top. 3 to get good players!! This is the deepest draft in a decade and we have three picks, if we draft well thats a very solid building block. Not to mention Hobey Baker runners up already coming up through the ranks. As the thing with deep draft years is often the players playing in less favorable situations are over looked because of the dept of talent it is hard to define, so lets breakdown Seth Jones & Darnell Nurse numbers and MacKinnon and Monahan:

            Jones (6’4″- 206lbs/14g/42a/56p/+46/33PIMs)
            Nurse (6’5″-192/12g/29a/41p/+15/116PIMs)

            Fairly similar when you consider Jones is FIVE months older more developed and played on a much deeper team. Also MacKinnon has 1.70 PPG, Monahan has 1.34PPG, one plays on the best team in the CHL the other plays on the worst also Monahan plays in a much deeper league and has better size. So why can’t we get as good of a player again?!?!?

            In the 2003 NHL Entry Draft Jeff Carter went 11th, Ryan Getzlaf went 19th, Zach Parise went 17th, Mike Richards went 24th. While Nikolai Zherdev went 4th and Milan Michalek went 6th. Honestly if we pick well with our the first rounders thats as good of a core of prospects as we will ever have had.

          • McRib

            For us to be a good team, and one day contend we will need that ” skill goal” to repeated many times, you think this roster is capable ? Shots equal goals, and I am positive shot differential is a sign of an elite team, of that you wont convince me otherwise.

            You seemed to be sold on Monahan, which is fine. What I am trying to say that there is a greater chance to draft a franchise player in the top 3 than outside , which we were in a position to do. Can you find talent outside top 3 sure. For every bust you find on the top of the draft I could point out a Hall of famer.

            Makes no difference now, we are in the position to draft 7-10 here is hoping it turns out.

          • McRib

            Absolutely loved Monahan the summer before last at the Under 18 Camp in Calgary, he was the best player on the ice period where Reinhart, Rielly, Dumba, Pouliot, Ceci, Laughton, Subban, Matheson, Gaunce were all first rounders last June from that camp. Monahan most likely would have been a Top. 5 last year, if he was not a late birthday.

            Honestly this years draft is soooo deep its ridiculous, where guys like Matheson, Gaunce and Laughton wouldn’t even be first rounders this year!! I’ve heard nothing but great things from Nurse as well and he would be a surefire Top. 3 any other year!! We will get a guy with less fanfare but any other year they would have A LOT more fan fare. Deep years are the exception of finding elite talent outside of the Top. 5.

            Even guys like Adam Erne, Lazar, Bo Horvat and JT Compher would be Top. 10s other years and we could probably get one of them with our second pick this year at 19-20. In 2003 SHEA WEBER went in the middle of the second, Loui Erikson and Patrice Bergeron also slipped out of the first!! Look at Madison Bowey he would be Top. 20 other years and will be lucky to go in the first this year.

            I would love a Top. 3 don’t get me wrong but the young guys we already have stepping up is a great start in rebuilding the right way. Look at Sven he has six points in his last five, but he easily could have double that if he buried a couple more, he just missed again tonight. Talk about grabbing a solid player outside of the Top. 10. Haha.

          • Truculence

            Yeah, I agree with McRib. You play to win. Every part of your organization must be wedded to this philosophy if you want to be a successful organization in the long term. Too many people hold up Pittsburg as an example when Detroit (for pretty much the last twenty years) and Boston (recently) should be the paragons of success. Neither organization boasted a top five pick, but, nevertheless, their cores were made of players they drafted. Lucic was drafted at 50, Marchand (71), Bergeron (45), Krejci (63). Only Horton, who was acquired via trade was a top three pick in 03 (and he was considered a disappointment in Florida, hence the trade)

            Hell, even look at the latest team to win, the Kings. Outside of Doughty, who went 2nd overall, the team`s core up front was made of Kopitar (11), Carter (11), Brown (13), and Richards (24). Carter and Richards were acquired via trade, of course, but the fact is that they were not top five picks.

            In sum, there are a number of ways to create a contender, all of which require a certain amount of good luck in drafting and hot goaltending on the ice (look at the Bruins and Kings the last couple of years).

            Above all, however, you need a competent scouting department that can identify NHL-level talent more often times than not; a good coaching staff that can develop and consistently inspire the players to play up to or exceed expectations; and good management to augment drafted players via trades and free agents.

            Theses three tiers of the organization have to create an identity for the team to be successful, and I would rather that they strive to make it one predicated on winning at all costs, no matter what the circumstances. I prefer the hard-hitting and bruising style of the Bruins and Kings, but if the organization wants to emulate the Red Wings, then fine. But such tastes are secondary. Above all, you have to instill a winning attitude (yeah, Charlie Sheen, I`m looking at you! Winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

            So instead of hoping to be the Penguins, and running the real risk of becoming the Islanders or the Oilers -that is, stuck in a perpetual rebuild or at least one that is painstakingly long -why not strive to be the Bruins, Wings, or Kings?

  • McRib

    Mark Cundari played great apparently the Flames found ANOTHER underrated gem no one knew anything about until tonight!!! There was a great comment about how he was buried behind St. Louis young defenceman (Pietrangelo, Shattenkirk, Ian Cole) and he just wanted an opportunity, thats a pretty good young defence to be buried under!!! Our Top. 4 for next season could all from Ontario, Lol.

  • Willi P

    If it ended today, they would draft 7th (correct me if I am wrong). Can’t blame the coach or the players for wanting to win. We have all seen what happens when teams “tank for the draft” (so has the NHL, thus the new last place Oiler rule)

  • Jeshko

    Not the prettiest win, but I’m all for the Flames winning and finishing ahead of the Oilers (and not just because I’ve got a jersey bet with an Oilers fan :P). I dislike the draft order because it’s ridiculous to be cheering for your team to lose. Period. It should always be in your interest to win.

  • stretch14

    Man you guys sure talk about the Oilers alot over here, jealous much? There’s not a single one of you who can say you wouldn’t trade rosters with the Oilers in an instant. If you do you’re a bloody liar, either lying to yourself or to the rest of the world. Nobody at Oilers Nation ever wastes their breathe talking about you bums. You guys are hilarious….start losing and you begin to salivate over a top 3 pick. Start winning and you come up with a million absurd excuses about why this is better than getting a Jones/Mackinnon/Drouin/Barkov.A delusional, chaotic bunch you chaps are.

    Suck my dick ja, ya fucking faggot -stretch

    • Franko J

      I find this VERY offensive… I can’t believe you have the NERVE to call us CHAPS!!… ANYWAY..

      I am really enjoying watching the young kids playing for nothing more then to earn their spot on the team! No pressure to make the playoffs.. Very refreshing…

      It’s nice to see the return of SVENSATIONAL..

      We all know the first overall pick is reserved for the Oilers, but honestly I’m not too worried, I would still be very excited for LINDHOLM, MONAHAN OR SHINKARUK.

    • Avalain

      I am better with the Flames group than the dysfunction up north. Small, soft, entitled players who are heading into their 2nd contracts and are still a lottery team. Yikes!

      • piscera.infada

        I agree. But I would trade rosters in 1 second flat. I mean Taylor Hall alone is probably worth our whole roster…. Even Iggy wasn’t top 10 in league wide scoring 3 yrs into his career. But I do agree that I don’t envy their dysfunction, mgmt, coaching, city, rink, veterans, goalies or logo.

  • McRib


    Jealous? Nope!
    Just watching the Oil right now and I can’t say Flames fans should have anything to be jealous of. Anaheim scored twice at the end of the first two periods and have dominated the entire game. I personally would like to see Edmonton win more games but unfortunately you guys are only good at winning draft lotteries. It’s so sad to see such a bunch of “big names” tank every year.

    There’s nothing to be jealous of here south of highway 2

  • McRib

    McStarter looked very comfortable and steady. His play and the kids resolve to weather the storm and produce some offence reminds me a bit of the 04 team when tending and all round play was optimal. I have not seen this kind of promise since then. There has been more positive consistency even in the losses than we have seen in a while.

    MacDonald is never going to be Kipper, but if we can get that kind of performance more often than not from a tender in the future we could have a team. Despite the Detroit approach (good enough tending) that position really is so important.

  • loudogYYC

    Seeing the kids outscore Minnesota’s stars is nice and all, but I can’t get excited about games that don’t mean anything. These kids are playing pressure-free hockey, they’re not actually facing too much adversity.

  • piscera.infada

    I’m sure if ol’ Feaster really thinks it’s in the organization’s interest to move up to the top five, he could make it happen.

    For example, Carolina might be willing to part with their first rounder for (say) our seventh overall (assuming that’s what it is), the Penguins pick, and an asset.
    Carolina is likely in a much better position then they are right now if Cam Ward is healthy. Just sayin’.


    • piscera.infada

      Carolina is definitely where they are because of weak goaltending. We are where we are because goaltending sucked to start the year. And now were moving up cause the goaltending is respectable.

      It’s frustrating but either way it’ll be an exciting draft. We have a lot of options.

      I heard Feaster say he thought there was at least 4 elite players in this draft.

      I’ve also heard Wiesbrod say they saw Lindholm up there with Jones and Mackinnon.

      Maybe they’ll still end up with the guy they wanted all along.

      I wonder if there are in fact any drafts where the order was accurate in that the 1st is the best player in that draft class the 2nd is the next best and so on…

      I’m not happy with screwing up a top 3, maybe a top 5 pick, but these things aren’t fool proof and in a deep draft with 3 picks, one in the top 10, and young guys looking good and taking big strides is a pretty encouraging sign.

      Lindholm is my guess to be in Flames digs come draft day, and I think that’s who they’ ve been targeting all along…

      • piscera.infada

        I agree with you.

        I think it’s actually very promising if Feaster and Wiesbrod know who they want and go get him. It shows that they are thinking about the future makeup of the team. Not just “we need to go out and get the guy TSN (or Bob Mackenzie) hyped”.

      • piscera.infada

        I personally like Lindholm a lot, and could definitely see the Flames being a little higher on him than most, given how much they value hockey sense.

        Will he be available when the Flames draft? We’ll see, but I fully expect him to go 5th or 6th (depends on Darnell Nurse). Even so, if Nurse and Nichushkin move up, the Flames might get lucky with Lindholm. There’s also Monahan to consider.

  • loudogYYC

    It does hurt to see the clubs chances of top three pick slipping away every game , I just hope the recent play isnt a complete mirage, i can see them come out next october and lose 8 of the first 10(hopefully not) Or maybe this is the first steps of the “rebuild” paying off. So confusing right now. Time will tell.

    What are the early thoughts of where Iggy signs? After scouring capgeek there seems to be very few teams with the cap space to sign him even if its for 5 mill/per.

    • schevvy

      Re: Iggy

      If I were putting money on where he goes, I think he stays in Pittsburgh. I know they have cap issues but I think they will make it work. If not there, I could see him in LA. I think he would fit in there with Sutter. Option 3 is back here in Calgary, but it’s a very distant 3rd. Only way it happens is if he wins the Cup this year and takes a hometown discount. Very, very doubtful though IMO.

  • Franko J

    The off season will be very interesting. With this team there is never a dull moment. Always something to talk about.

    After next Monday when the NHL announces the draft order, then the debating will begin who should this team draft. In the meantime I’m enjoying watching this team play. After the shellacking from Edmonton I questioned the heart and commitment, and most of all professionalism. I wanted the team show me some character and hard work. While each win slides our pick out of the top 5, Hartley and the young guys have proved me wrong. It doesn’t help that the goaltending has done a full reversal from the middle point if the season. As a fan, I just want a team I can be proud of and enjoying watching. While there is no magical 2004 run in store for the team, I like the fact this team is playing for each other and building a cohesive bond on the ice.

  • Franko J

    @ Seancharles

    Depending where they end up selecting it will be most interesting to see who they will select. Last year on draft day I didn’t expect or see the Jankowski pick by the Flames. I just hope between the end of the season and draft day they can obtain a few more selections in the second and third rounds. Like TJ Brodie and Johnny Gaudreau this team has had better luck drafting in the latter rounds.

  • Franko J

    as much as i would want a high draft pick, for next season i’d much rather a locker room culture that produces wins like this. hartley deserves a huge amount of credit, and i surprise myself by having faith for next year (even when i know better). if we can keep this heart until we’re out of the woods as a franchise i’ll be happy.

  • piscera.infada

    Losing out on a top 3 pick really, really sucks. Typical Flames, winning when it doesn’t count.

    What most people aren’t considering is that every year a team (usually the Flames) goes on a tear when it no longer matters, whether it’s vets or rookies auditioning.

    And the following season, when it matters again, they come crashing back to the planet Earth.

    In other words, any who is expecting this group to have this success next season are only fooling themselves.

    So it’s great to see a lot of these young kids showing their potential and playing well and picking up their career 1st NHL goals, but it’s not going to last and it screws the team out of a potential superstar.

    The only good news is that Calgary should still be able to nail a franchise cornerstone player because the 1st round of the draft is deep.

  • Avalain

    Realistically, I’m hoping that this proclaimed “deep draft” is going to be like 2003 and we are going to make out like the Ducks getting Getzlaf and Perry.

  • piscera.infada

    Like most of you, I’m sick & tired of seeing teams tank to get that high pick.

    How about this: right after the end of the season, let’s have an eight-team tournament for the eight worst teams. The prize is the #1 draft pick. Each team plays one game against an opponent. If they win, they move on to the next round.

    We can hold the tournament in the week between the end of the regular season and the start of the playoffs. Round 1 can go on Monday, Round 2 on Wednesday, and Round 3 on Friday. The playoffs can start Saturday.

    The team that WINS three straight games will get the first overall draft pick. The team that finishes second gets the 2nd pick, etc..

    This way, a team can’t lose its way to the top pick, or even the best chance to get the top pick. And a truly awful team will still end up picking no worse than 5th.

    • Avalain

      No, I really like the idea that was posted here before.

      Basically, once you are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, you switch over to a new ladder. You still get 2 points for a win and 1 point for a loss, but now these points count towards your placement in the draft with the highest points drafting first. Worse teams are eliminated sooner and will have more games to pick up points, while teams fighting until the bitter end will be in about the same drafting position that they were in with the old system. This means that once eliminated the players still have something to fight for and the fans are always going to cheer for a win (except for potentially a few games where the fans may just want their team to be eliminated sooner).

      Now, my personal addition to this is that I’d also consider that the team gets a single point for every game remaining once they’ve been eliminated. This way terrible, horrible, no good, very bad teams will still draft quite high even if they don’t win a single game all year.

  • T&A4Flames

    1st off, any Oiler troll that wants to come in here and say we are jealous of them is fooling themselves. The one main thing you guys lack is a winning attitude and nature. I think the Flames management are working hard to maintain that; losing is unacceptable.

    That said, I think Flames fans should temper excitement and expectations for next year with this win streak. The kids are playing with very little pressure to make things happen for this year.

    As for the draft, yea, I had high hopes for MacKinnon but there are several options in the top 10. My 2nd choice all along was Barkov and with him having suffered a shoulder injury, he may just slip to us. Also, we could just as easily move up in the draft over the next 3 games. We could end up with the 5th pick, maybe even 4th.

    People here are talking alot about Nurse but there are 2 other very interesting D men that should be around when we pick; Ristolainen (my choice for D after Jones) and Ryan Pulock. Both are right shooting, puck moving defenders. Risto is a beast as well; plays with a nasty edge. Monahan, Gauthier, Lindholm are other options for C. I’m sure we will be ok. I hope that we can some how add another 1st rounder somehow. Maybe we can move Tanguay or Cammi. Either way, I’m really excited about the draft.

    • piscera.infada

      Post applauded.

      I agree with tempering expectations, however I’m not too sure people are really drinking the Kool-aid quite yet. But as I’ve stated ad nausea, there really isn’t anything bad that will come of the team playing this well, other than the higher (or lower) pick.

      That being said, as you stated, a top ten pick is nothing to scoff at, and there’s always a chance that if the team really wants someone in the top five, we move up.

    • T&A4Flames

      I too am disappointed with the chance of a top 3 pick now down the toilet with a plunger to make it move faster. Still a good year for a top 10 pick & I still would like to see feaster upgrade for a 2nd top 10 pick. Players are going to fall & would be nice to get 2 catchers to gobble them up. Moving up up to a top 3 is not only too expensive but we dont have the assets to spare. Philly or New Jersey may be a targets. With Kipper being gone this summer + Iggy + JBO+ Babpuke+ Cerevenka3.8mill cap hit all gone, we have 25 million in cap space from just those 5 players & no one to throw an average $5.0mill per at, wow, thats a lot of cap space. Would love to see VF or someone do a realistic & solid analysis of what Flames could do with that cap space. Offer sheeting RFA’s really to me is not an option & obviously eating salary on some of our existing players doesnt seem to be a realistic approach after what we saw this last trade deadline. I would be interested to see what realistically Flames could do in the “Post-Apex” world.

  • We have THREE first round picks!

    Our last 3 span over 4 years (Janko, Sven, Erixon).

    While the 3 picks may not be as high as some had hoped, we still have the opportunity to draft multiple high impact players.

    I am going to choose not to complain at this point. For many years, we all demanded Ownership to “restock the cupboards”; this is what’s happening now. It won’t happen overnight, but I for one have been pleasantly surprised by some of our young guys over the last stretch.

    We may not have any superstars like our friends up north, but we have some character players who are finding ways to win. Good on em.

    Can we fast forward to the draft!?

  • Calgary’s first pick is not the issue they will be fine as long as Feaster does not have a brain fart and draft someone off the charts. What really maters is what they do with the other two first round picks. That determine weather Calgary wins or loses in this years draft.

    Hopefully they will do their homework!