Oh You Better Believe We’ve Got Your Podcast



Okay, so last week, at a time when everything discussed in today’s podcast was relevant, unlike today, where it is not, Arik, Azevedo, and yours truly sat down (uh, totally in the same room) and discussed the sujet du jour surrounding your Calgary Flames.

We, with open minds and noble hearts, discuss heavy topics such as the Flames’ new third jersey, whether or not Dion Phaneuf knows how to dress himself, the baffling usage of the Thug Twins and Mikael Backlund, Curtis Glencross’ leadership ability, and whether or not Tim Harrison really does exist.

Furthermore, there are some now hilariously irrelevant predictions for the week ahead (as in, games that have already been played)


Now here’s the thing. This was definitely very much a trial run, and while it is something we do intend to do more often, here are some disclaimers for you.

  • It gets better
  • There is a degree of hurtful or not nice words over the course of this broadcast, mostly from young Mr. Azevedo, who is a vile and filthy boy, but we’re all to one degree or another guilty here. If it offends you, you can go *expletive deleted* *expletive deleted* your *expletive deleted* in’ *expletive deleted*  with a *expletive deleted* pineapple, and when you’re finished, you can *expletive deleted*  *expletive deleted*  with Stevie *expletive deleted* Nicks watching the whole thing and *expletive deleted*  *expletive deleted*  until you see new colours.
  • Whoops
  • The name is almost certainly going to change. We were going for accuracy more than cleverness just off the hop here.
  • While it might sound like Arik’s daughter is making some noise in the background, keep in mind that it actually is just Christian Roatis, who it turns out is even younger than we already thought.
  • Kent hasn’t even listened to this yet, so like…whoa holy leap of faith there, Wilson (I believe in you! – ed.)
  • I PROMISE YOU it gets better

Also this:

Now I haven’t listened to the completed product. There is a lot of stuff we sidetracked into that has no business on a Flames podcast, because ADD and all that, so if there is some stuff that made it in there that seems off, yeah, that is totally on us. And you’ve been warned,

Big thanks to Taylor McKee, who provided us with the music at the beginning of this one. I guess just sit back and enjoy, or don’t or whatever. We don’t care if you live or die.

Yes we do.

We need the traffic.

Er…without further adieu:

Alternatively, download it here. iTunes is not a thing yet, nor should it be until we’ve taken over the world.