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The Flames are two days removed from an emotional game against the Bruins on Tuesday, that saw the return of Jarome Iginla to the Saddledome for the first time since he was traded last Spring. After the emotions settled after a raucous ovation to start things off, the Bruins eventually got their game going in the 3rd period, beating the Flames 2-1.

Tonight, hoping to get back into the win column, the Flames (11-15-4) host the Brothers Staal and the Hurricanes (13-13-6).  The game is the first in the post-Jay Feaster era, after he was let go of the Flames GM role this morning.  Brian Burke has taken over as Interim GM for now.  While the impact won’t be felt tonight, player movements will certainly ramp up in the coming months.

As for the match up tonight, the Flames and Hurricanes play in different conferences and have only played each other a handful of times. As a result, the rivalry is essentially non-existent. However, one thing to watch tonight is to see how Elias Lindholm performs for the Hurricanes. At the 2013 draft, Lindholm and Sean Monahan were both considered high-calibre prospects that would go early in the draft. In fact, both prospects were estimated to go between 5th  and 7th overall in the first round of the draft.  The two prospects were so close in their skill sets that the Flames fans were not sure who they would rather the Flames choose come draft day. 

The Hurricanes made the decision easy for the Flames by choosing Lindholm in the 5 spot, leaving Monahan to the Flames at the 6 spot.  As of today, Monahan’s leading the votes for who got the better prospect with strong two-way play and 15 points in 24 games. Lindholm, although looking more comfortable lately, had a slow start with the Canes and hasn’t looked nearly as good.  He has registered only 7 points in 20 games.  Nevertheless, with Monahan out with an injury, many eyes will be on the Hurricane’s prospect tonight to see what the Flames might have missed out on.


As always, thanks to our dudes at dailyfaceoff.com for the combos.  Here we go…

  • Cammalleri –Stajan –Stempniak
  • Galiardi –Backlund – D. Jones
  • Baertschi Glencross – Colborne – Hudler
  • B. Jones – Byron – McGrattan
  • Smid –Giordano
  • Russell – Brodie
  • Butler – O’Brien
  • Ramo

TJ Galiardi is going to get back in the line-up after being out a couple weeks with back problems.  It looks like he’ll line up with Backs and D.Jones while Lance Bouma will come out of the line-up. Also there’s a chance that Glen-X is going to be back in the line-up tonight as well.  As a result, Blair Jones, Paul Byron or most probably Sven Baertschi (I hope not) will come out and the lines will be completely different.  As such, the above will be irrelevant. We will adjust as we get more news this afternoon.

That D, I don’t hate it. The Russell – Brodie pairing has looked good for the most part.  Gio and Smid as the shutdown duo ain’t too shabby.  Butler and O’Brien rounding out the bottom pairing isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen either.  Once Wideman returns we’ll really have a nice looking group.

Ramo appears to be getting the start tonight. 

Note: Alrighty then.  Looks like Sven’s heading to Abby.  So there’s that. Gonna guess Glencross is back in.


  • Skinner – E. Staal – Ruutu
  • Gerbe – J. Staal – Lindholm
  • Tlusty – Nash – Dwyer Semin
  • Westgarth – Dwyer  – Malholtra – Dvorak
  • Faulk – Sekera
  • Murphy – Hainsey
  • Gleason – Harrison
  • Ward

The Hurricanes top six, even without the always talented and rarely engaged Semin, who’s out with an injury, looks pretty good. That being said, the Staal brothers don’t appear to be their usual selves this year, offensively speaking. Jordan Staal, who came to Carolina to play with big brother Eric a few years ago, is on pace for 33 points this year.  That would be his worst total since his sophomore year.  Conversely, Eric Staal, usually good for 70-80 points, is on pace for 62 points. That would be his worst total of his entire NHL career. 

Note: I spoke too soon.  Looks like Semin will be in the line-up tonight after missing 12 games.

Carolina’s D looks pretty mediocre. Faulk and Murphy are young with significant upside and Sekera brings some good things.  Other than that it’s pretty rough. The Flames, while not having quite the offensively gifted forwards as the Canes, certainly appear to have them beat on the backend. 


The Flames are looking to get back on the winning side of things and continue their decent run of late, having won three of their last five games. Based on Burke’s comments this morning, to get in his good books, the Flames would be best served to not give up a late lead tonight. The teams are relatively equal. They stand only six points apart. 

The Hurricanes might have more offensive weapons but the Flames have a superior defense core so it should be an even match up. The Flames and the Hurricanes have not met too many times but in the past two games between the two teams, both very close games, there were 23 goals scored in total. Hopefully we’re in for a night of old school river hockey!

  • MonsterPod

    Ahhh, this site is so wonderful. I’ve been wasting time on the NHL.com boards today being called all kinds of names by juveniles. It’s so school yard and boring. Love the genuine discussions here.

    My take? Feaster made us small and wimpy. I’m excited to watch BB turn this ship around.

    • supra steve

      Thumbs high Monster! The dastardly BB wants big, talented, skilled forwards to physically dominate hockey games. What a horrendous thing!!!! How on Earth can you be big, strong & talented? Anyone see Backlund take a run at Lucic & literally bounce off him. I don’t think Lucic even realized he was hit. But who would want guys like Lucic on your team???

      I have no problem with what Burke wants, getting what he wants, well that’s a different matter.

      • mk

        The problem isn’t that people don’t want big, tough players – its that they don’t want player evaluations to be based on size/toughness alone.

        One way to look at it: results matter. I’d rather have a smaller player if the results show that they produce more offense and play better defense than a big player with potential and grit who does not.

        Chicago’s 2 Cups in 5 years didn’t care about the size of their impact players, and nor do I (if the results are good).

        Of course Parallex beats me to it…

      • Parallex

        The problem is that of the three aspects you mentioned (Big, Strong, Talented) the most important one is talented and I wouldn’t say with any degree of confidence that Burke would say the same and consequently if he had to choose between big or talented that he’d pick talented.

        Size is nothing without the skill.

        • EugeneV

          Power to weight ratio.

          A small, weak, skiled player can only fill one role.

          A small strong skilled player can fill many roles.

          If 2 players were equal in skill, but one was 5’10 & 210lbs and one was 6’2 & 210 lbs they are still equal.

          If 2 players were equal in skill, but one was 5’10 & 180lbs and one was 6’2 & 210 lbs they are NOT equal.

  • flamesburn89

    LOL at the people who thought Burke was just gonna come in, sit in the background, and let Feaster go about his business. This move was destined from the day negotiation talks with Burke started. The guy is power hungry/an alpha-male, depending on whether you like him or not, and he’ll never be happy with being the second in command.

    May the force be with the Flames, we will need it lol.

  • Baertschi was playing some pretty good hockey recently. He and Hudler could have had 3 points each versus Boston.

    Im scared Burke’s already decided Baertschi doesn’t play “Burke” (now, “Flames”) hockey.

    • MonsterPod

      I have tons of respect for your opinion but not sure I agree on this one.

      Ken Holland talked recently about the importance of developing players in the minors. (with a few exceptions) Based on his usage and play I think that sending Sven to the minors to develop and gain confidence makes sense. I would argue that Burke thinks that Sven is too important to have up here playing limited minutes and ruining his confidence/ development.

      I also am leery of spending too much time worrying about things that may or may not happen.

      Based on Hartley’s usage/ Sven’s play, if you were GM would you send him down?

      • flamesburn89

        I really hope that you are right, but I agree with Kent. I personally believe that Burke doesn’t like SVEN one bit, and with the stuff he said about him at the start of the year, its easy to see that. Some people will chalk that up to him wanting “more” out of Sven, but I just see a guy who screams “PLAY WITH SOME @$%@$N TESTOSTERONE”. He seems to have his mind pretty much made up about Sven, and I believe that a reason Feaster and Weisbrod are currently unemployed is that sometime recent, there was an internal discussion about trading Sven Baertschi, with Feaster and JW against it, and Burke pushing for it. Ownership sided with Burke

        The one thing I am now VERY skeptical about is the Flames future drafting and their handling of the draft picks themselves, particularly in the next 2 years, as its now 100% clear who’s running the asylum. The Flames are probably gonna finish bottom-5 both this season and in 2015, and if Burke trades those picks for #PHANEUF or some other established NHLer, I will probably lose it. Not to mention the fact that he might be more inclined to ignore smaller, more skilled players to focus on bigger, stronger players.

        • MonsterPod

          Respectfully, it just seems like too much speculation to me. I prefer to spend my energy on things that happen rather than things that may have happened or may happen in the future.

          (Fully agree that speculating is a fun part of this site and being a fan though!)

          • flamesburn89

            Fair enough. We’ll see how things shake out. Let’s just hope this doesn’t jeopardize the rebuild, cause I wanna watch some Flames playoff hockey! (seeing all those Iginla 04 clips has really depressed me lol)

    • Graham

      agreed kent, wondering if burkoff deals backs and or bart to the leafs for jake gardner. jake is a favourite of the bombastic one, drafted him, traded for him in taranna.

    • Graham

      I hate absolute statements like this. If SVEN gets traded for an amazing return then pitchforks out is ridiculous. Seriously we are in a rebuild and all chips are on the table. Now if Sven gets traded for a bag of pucks (Orr) I’m with ya. I just never understand when people on here talk about, “if this guy ever gets traded I’m losing my mind”. How bout we wait and evaluate the return… I actually think this was a mistake by Feaster. Glencross is the one untouchable on this team. Really why. If GM’s call and ask about him then it’s your job to listen, ask for the moon and hope you get it. To take a player off the table is absurd.

  • Lordmork

    Just heard Baertschi got sent down. I’m not overly upset with this as I think his confidence is in the toilet, and Troy Ward is a good development coach.

  • Lordmork

    Which isn’t to say it’s a bad move, because I think Hartley has destroyed Sven’s confidence, but I also worry that it means Sven is going to be gone, and soon.

  • the forgotten man

    When is it going to dawn on BBB and some others out there that Calgary doesn’t have a “penchant” for blowing late leads because of something they’re doing……

    The team is not very good (not surprising given it’s year 1 of a rebuild) and when the competition, especially teams like Chicago and Boston, turn it on, the Flames are simply no match.

    Here’s hoping desperately that the new GM is Paul Fenton and not Nieuwy (though I’ll always love him as a player and will take him as Ast. GM) or that French dude from the Leafs.

  • piscera.infada

    I thought Feaster did very poorly in way too many areas. Getting nothing at the deadline 2 years ago for guys like Jokinen when 1st rounders were being thrown around, jumping at a deal for Jbo way before the deadline when the Detroit package was better, the Iginla trade mix up, chasing ROR which could have had long term negative results and the Brad Richards chase to name a few.I had no faith in his ability to move the assets we have now for an acceptable haul when the trades this year will be so important. Hope Burke can do a good job in getting some assets.

  • piscera.infada

    Listen, from this Oiler-fan’s perspective … this is a bit of a scary move. We can all make fun of Burke and his bombastic, truculent style, but the guy’s won in this league and I think he knows how to build a team.

    He made Vancouver a contender (his legacy is still there) and he won a Cup in Anaheim. The Leafs, although up-and-down a bit this year, turned a corner last year and it was largely with players he drafted or acquired. He drafted (and later traded for) Chris Pronger and pulled a bunch of complex strings to get the Sedin twins together. His career as a GM makes many others pale in comparison nowadays (which is probably a bit sad, but that’s not his fault). He’s not Cliff Fletcher, obviously, but he’s been pretty damn good at the job for a long time.

    We all knew this was coming, of course – although who knew it would take this long? Feaster couldn’t bring himself to even utter the word “rebuild” until sometime last year and that’s obviously set the franchise back at least two years. The O’Reilly almost-signing was an almost-disaster of epic proportion. In the first round of the draft, he took a high school kid from a hockey country where high school hockey has ZERO upside (Canada). He dithered on Iginla for too long and got little in return. He got nothing for Kiprusoff, who probably could have helped two or three playoff teams last year.

    And all of the above in the last 12 months!

    No doubt, it will certainly be entertaining as Burkie squabbles with the Calgary media. But, from up here, you’ll hear no crowing from me. A spinoff of Burke’s Calgary takeover is that it further turns up the heat on Oilers management which hasn’t accomplished anything close to what Burke’s done in this league. As far as I’m concerned, MacT and the Oilers are now REALLY on the clock. I’m just hoping Burke doesn’t pick it up and hit them over the head with it.

    • ChinookArchYYC

      Burke deserves very little credit for Anaheim’s cup, and you should look no further than Brian Murray for 90% of the credit. He left Vancouver in shambles and again credit for righting the ship goes to some nice moves by Nonis and a very good coach that they mistakenly fired in Vigneault. As for Toronto, last years playoff appearance was temporary voodoo. The Leafs are a terribly overrated team that will not make the playoffs.

      I didn’t like Feaster much, but I HATE Brian Burke. I’m really mad now. Year 1 of a rebuild and now thanks to Burke 7 Years of rebuilding to go.

  • piscera.infada

    burkie apparently just purchased a 2 bedroom cardboard box beneath the flyover, complete with 2 shopping cart garage, and a collection of 3 aces 2013 wines. brian starting to dial in the gerry busey look.