Is Dave Poulin The New Flames GM?



Well that was quick. Or was it?

Shawn Simpson of TSN 1200 reported earlier today that Joe Nieuwendyk is no longer a candidate for the General Manager position in Calgary and that Dave Poulin – current Vice President of Hockey Operations in Toronto – has landed the gig.

Well, there you go. It all seems a little too fast to me, though. It hasn’t even been 48 hours since Brian Burke stood at the podium and stressed the importance of getting the right guy for this job. Did he really he have the time to conduct proper interviews with the candidates on his list? I guess we’ll find out soon, but I’d take this report with a grain of salt.

But, if Dave Poulin really is the guy, are you happy with the choice?

  • loudogYYC

    Some very interesting comments here. If this indeed the hire it makes sense; someone Burke knows, someone who will do as they are told, someone for Burke to blame i things go wrong, someone who will let Burke take the credit if things go well.This is a win win for Burke, but is it the right move for the Flames.

    King and Edwards must be happy, they got their man
    “Burke” and avoided (King) any responsibility for the problems created by their previous choices. Now they still will have to pay Feaster & Wises plus two of Burkes pals when it is done. It must be nice to have money to burn. (I predict they will fire that whole lot within 3 years because the rebuild that Burke proposes will not work)

    Interesting that some former Flames names are being discussed and these two Mcinnis and Newy might be good. Going back to the past seems to be working in Colorado but not so much in Edmonton.

    This years rebuild should not be altered. We need to trade the UFA’s for assets, we need to allow the AHLers to develop, we need to sign our college prospects and draft well. Then and only then should Burke pursue his plan. Which I am sure will include signing Free Agents to fill the gaps he has identified, trading those assets that he does not fell fit his style(Backs, Sven, Granlund to name a few) and firing Hartley and staff and hiring his pal Wilson to coach.

    We will get to see the Leaf remix for the next 3 years, yahoo I am so excited. If I was a season ticket holder I would be sending my tickets back directly to Mr Edwards, if I was a sponsor I would be advertising somewhere else.

  • Get The Puck Outta Here

    So the last time I checked BB had been involved in winning the same number of Cups as Jay Feaster. Humm. Parade? PARADE??? Are you kidding me?? (things that make me laugh!)

    Looks like they are even in the Parade Marshall category.

    New GM? Again, whoever “master” picks better make sure he can say “Yes” to whatever BB wants or he will be applying for a “Mac Job” too.

    Make no mistake about it now. BB is the little dictator over this organization.


  • loudogYYC

    Well time to give my two time cents on Brian Burke. And my short take is that his track record has shown him to be simply just a good GM rather than a great one. He has never build a Stanley Cup champion from scratch. Without spending a lot of time researching his history of managing a team, it appears he definitely got lucky with the Ducks winning the cup.

    Burke was lucky to step into the Ducks’ GM role after Bryan Murray decided to head back to Ottawa after drafting Ryan Getzlaf and Corry Perry in the 2003 draft. Murray also signed Chris Kunitz as a free agent in 2003. I also think Murray signed Dustin Penner before he left the Ducks.

    Burke was also lucky that Scott Niedermayer wanted to join his brother Rob in Anaheim in 2005 after he became a free agent. Similarly, Burke got lucky when Chris Pronger ran into marital problems and wanted a one way ticket out of Edmonton. Admittedly, Burke made a great move dumping Federov’s contract and getting Francois Beuchemin in return from the Blue Jackets.

    So it looks pretty clear to me that “Bryan Murray set the table and Brian Burke ate the food”.

    Admittedly, Burke left the Canucks in pretty good shape before he was shown the door after drafting the Sedins and Kesler but in the end they never did win the cup thanks Luongo freezing up the finals.

    So that’s my two cents, Burke has shown that he is a good GM but not a great one by any means. God just look at the Leafs, they are barely a marginal playoff team yet. Yeah Burke made good trades getting JVR for Luke Shenn (the latter he traded up to draft) and getting Joffrey Lupul (who he traded away in Anaheim) and Jake Gardiner for Francois Beuchemin. Otherwise, I still think he overpaid for Kessel (damn Seguin looks great) and picking up duds like Komisarek, Liles Connolly shows that ability to identify talent has fallen even when he had the help of Rick Dudley on hand.

    If history is anything to go by, look for Brian Burke to get a goalie in the fold quickly, which should help Calgary, unfortunately, climb from around from the 27-29th spot to around 21-24th spot in standings this year. I recall Burke picking up Martin Gerber to make a late push in 2008-09 season.

  • Get The Puck Outta Here

    As an Oiler fan I can only be jealous. I’d gladly trade you Kevin (six cups) Lowe for Brian Burke upstairs.

    BB will no doubt be the REAL gm so it doesn’t really matter who he hires to be the “official” gm.

    You guys are automatically ahead of Edmonton in the rebuild.


  • Get The Puck Outta Here

    Enough talk about the old boys club and ex NHL’ers…….that’s the reason we are in this mess. We need someone with a solid understanding of the players agreement and someone who has worked well within this system. We need someone that has worked for a winning organization. I think Laurence Gilman of the Vancouver Canucks would make an excellent GM in Calgary. He is smart, well respected and has worked with some of the finest mentors in the NHL. That’s what we need in Calgary! Enough of the NHL retreads!

  • McRib

    In 10 seasons as the head coach of Notre Dame, Dave Poulin had two seasons with an above 0.500 winning percentage…. Average winning percentage over that time was 0.422. For such a storied school that likely has very few problems recruiting that track record isn’t very impressive at all. Fortunately this seems premature lets hope we choose a Benning or Fenton. Burkie did mention that this is a perfect opportunity for a first time guy and that we were in competition with Buffalo… Considering Poulin is not getting any consideration for that Buffalo job from what I have heard, maybe we are looking more closely at Benning and Fenton than what a biased Ontario media scribe thinks….

  • loudogYYC

    BTW, this Simpson guy is the Ottawa equivalent to Ryan Leslie here on the Fan960. He interviewed David Poile from the Predators on Nov. 21 where Poile said this:

    ‘I’ve reached out to Buffalo to suggest it would be in their best interest to interview Paul and they’re going to get back in due course. Paul has put in all of his time. … I can’t think of a guy who’s never had a GM job that’s more qualified than Paul. … It could be a terrific situation for Buffalo with all their draft picks.’

    After everything Burke said in his press conference you’d think this could be brought up again, but instead he talks about some guy getting no consideration from anyone for the Calgary GM position like it’s a fact.

    Sounds to me like Simpson is fishing for attention, clicks and follows, etc. No need to get bent out of shape.

  • redricardo

    Apparently we have permission to talk to Jim Benning, assistant GM with the Bruins.

    Does anyone remember seeing anything on this guy on that “Behind the B” series they’re doing? Was he one of the guys saying inane things like “Seguin doesn’t play Bruins hockey”?